Wednesday, February 4, 2009


All legitimate speculation shows the prospects of bankruptcy looming over the US economy because the worldwide downturn has resulted in a recession with no borders. Iceland has become the first casualty. It has the dubious honor of government failure under this pressure. The domino effect has now been started with the finger push of depression. The next domino is anybody's guess but Mexico and England are neck and neck. Most experts feel with the passage of the "un-stimulus" bill tying up monies in our own economy, the US will be helpless to stifle this catastrophe at our southern border. The failure of the Mexican economy will cause the ripple effect here leading to us becoming the following domino.
What would happen to the citizenry here if the US declares bankruptcy? What has not been felt in a generation, a recession/depression will create a new environment the likes of which have never been seen. What could I be looking at? Well, the bankruptcy would cause food stamps no longer being printed and dispensed to a needy populace. The government services and projects will be halted both locally and nationally. Buildings will not have the money to operate leading to a new type of red tape. Immigration will stop. Social security checks will no longer be honored. Medicare checks to doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health related individuals will not be paid leading to a collapse in the entire health care industry. How will the military operate? Frightening indeed!
If the un-stimulus bill passes, it will be the biggest pile of pork in history. Rewriting the bill with bipartisan participation is not necessarily the answer. Only if the Republicans make their ploy to refine the bill strictly limited to cutting the pork and no ancillary bullshit, it could be the shot in the arm the economy needs. The Republicans stand a chance in calling out Sheik Obama's administration's no change anthem and show their diligence in getting real reform accomplished. Then, this opportunity for their party will lead to the public's disgust with the Democrats and a landslide in the next elections.
On the other hand, both parties have a history of creating pork bills with little merit, this is an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity for the Independent parties to establish themselves as credible forerunners for future elections. The necessity to have a "watchdog" party in the eye's of the public has never been at a more important time. This is a historic time calling for a historic leader. Let's hope someone from any party show responsible, respectable leadership with honorable traits that fulfill the prestigious position of the US Presidency!


tjake13 said...

What the ruck is a Semite?
Who the ruck are you, to tell us what the hell is going to happen next; a fortune teller?
Now that the 2 buffoons are out of office, good things can happen.
Screw the 2 party system; we need more parties.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

If anyone wants to leave a comment, keep it neutral but not offensive. A blogger named tjake13 has a poor way of expressing himself. I am explaining my opinion on what direction the economy appears to be leaning. MSNBC had a special on this subject in particular. Had you been watching it, it would have partly explained where some of my information came from. The expert opinions on the show I listened to prior to posting here. I agree that a 2 party system is failing all of us. New problems arise when the traditional system is abandoned. New pluses arise, too. Before posting, why not research information in order to make constructive criticism. Or make your own blog and share with the world.