Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Sheik Obama administration ran a successful campaign to win the Presidency of the US. While many people in this country have longed for a minority president for some time, actually having it happen was no accident. Now that Sheik Obama is in, reevaluating how he won is with reviewing. Am I going to rehash the entire process? Not now. It will take quite an undertaking and I intend to do a superb job when the time is right.
Sheik Obama won the election with the mass effort of the organization of ACORN. The internet is riddled with video of this horrible organization. I posted many videos and articles about the organization. I copied the video because I believe as time passes, the organization will systematically and intentionally remove them. Even if hacking sites is necessary (checkout my friend at velvethammer). Therefore, the organization had conducted itself in a manner not only unprofessional, but bordering on terroristic tactics of intimidation and hazing the general public into outburst reminescent of cheerleaders on acid. But the purpose of my article isn't to recall this inane event. No, my beef is the US government is funding this crap. Funding for this organization needs to be addressed by the Republicans immediately. Justification for denying any futher funding could be rationally argued at the juncture because Pork Pork Pork spending seems to be in the media limelight. Argument could be further made by the disproportionate amount of support to the Left Democrats.
If the Democrats decide to pursue the un-Fairness Doctrine which will pass due to their overwhelming majority, then the Republicans need to remember the unfairness of the Acorn terrorist, the overwhelming support of the news media (traditional), and the unfair treatment of total time on any media. How do you think the Fairness Doctrine would be on "The View?"
The Republicans either need to get off their butts and make arguments about what has happened in this past election and tell the public how DISPROPORTIONATE the support for the poor policies being discussed now and prior to Sheik Obama or the third party people have an unprecedented opportunity to gain power into the coveted second place position in politics. KILL ACORN NOW!

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