Friday, February 13, 2009


The Islamic fundamentalist extremists that have America in their crosshairs have accomplished their goals. Delusions of grandeur over Islams rightful place ruling the world with Sharia Law under a Khilafah have perpetuated enemy governments and citizens alike to take action to fulfill this dream. The image of the destruction of the "Little Satan" (Israel) and the "Great Satan" (America) is believed to be paramount in the baby steps in this direction. Have they nearly achieved their goal? What can be used as a barometer to determine how close they are?
The destruction of the economy of America would be quite impressive. The destruction of the world economy would be unfathomable. An effort to strike fear into the citizenry, break down world economic power, and the destruction of an iconic symbol would accomplish everything in one felled swoop. Did the 911 Islamic terrorists bring all three to fruition? YES!
One, the terrorists have caused the populace to be deeply concerned about the stability and security of the future, even fearful. Everytime someone goes to the airport, one is reminded of the 911 incident. Everytime a plane crashes, the thought of terror being the cause is never far from anyone's mind. In countries routinely having attacks, India and Israel for example, the citizens are living daily with the threat.
Second, the destruction of any and all symbols representing anything besides Islam. The symbol which was 3000 years old representing Buddhism was blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan. This made international news but resulted in little outcry by any of the usual groups that respond to such Barbary. The tactic to replace these type of symbols, permanently with Islamic ones, has been practiced for ages. A more renown example is the Dome of the Rock. It has taken the place of the Jewish and Christian symbols that have been there. The destruction of the World Trade Center was a tremendous venture. Its downfall struck terror into the hearts of all Americans. Was this the first attack on American soil? If it wasn't, why didn't we wake up? Did prior attacks create a numb attitude allowing this act to happen? The first attack on American soil was against the great leader of the Jewish Right Wing, Rabbi Kahane. Everyone downplayed the incident. Everyone was steadfast in covering up the attack, finding any excuse except the real reason(s). He was killed because he was feared, like all great leaders. He was attacked by a terrorist because homeland terror was never in the limelight in regards to Muslims like it is today. The attacker was considered mentally sick, not racist. Hate was never entertained as a motive! Has nearly 18 years since Kahane's murder past changed attitudes? No. The LAX attack by a Muslim against El Al airlines passengers was the exact same perception! So recognition of all attacks would be beneficial because the extent of the problem needs to be properly surveyed first. Until we do that, we are always at risk. Not acknowledging it also creates the numb reaction by the public, bordering on condoning it in a sense. Getting back to the Trade Center, it is the backbone to the US economic essence and prowess. It is a symbol of a Paganistic Western religion practiced by infidels . A capitalistic government which is in opposition to a Sharia led state. Also, it would cause the economy tremendous cost. The catalyst to bring monies not readily available for rebuilding into the fray. The money would not be available for anything else, either. This was the very tactic used by .......Ronald Reagan. That's right! Ronald Reagan, who I admire greatly, inadvertently gave the idea to the terrorists. RR(Ron Reagan) built up the military in the US to the point that the Russians couldn't meet us dollar for dollar. This overwhelmed the Russian economy and undermined its society to the point that the government failed. The almighty KGB and Communist Bear had an image of being an immense behemoth, virtually unstoppable. When I witnessed its downfall, I was utterly stunned! So, if I were told the Cold War would be over without a missile ever being shot, I never would have ever believed it. The same tactic used to bring the Communist Block down is obviously being conducted in a covert manner to us by the terrorists. The fall of the banks and other financial institutions arguably started when the employees working in the World Trade Center were killed in the attack. This started the collapse of the banking by compromising their staff overseeing financial transactions. Additionally, the other businesses which were attacked compromised their positions in their industries. The monies used by our local, state, and federal branches that were diverted in the aftermath, were earmarked for other priorities beforehand. This further bludgeoned the marketplace.
The ripple effect was vast amounts of "changes" in the society, in general, about how we conduct business and how much it would cost to adapt to stifle the new fearful situation. The money was spent on intelligence, security initiatives, military, restructuring and more. The public was willing to do anything. So, money was okayed for everything deemed necessary. Americans wanted to return to prosperity and business as usual ASAP. A housing boom and market rebound was distracting enough to allow the consumer to put things behind them. I find the US has a very short term memory. At this point, we were compromised financially to the point where if anything else went wrong, we were helpless to stop it if it required money thrown at it. Well, the market tanked. This led to a governmental change to the liberal theology of Sheik Obama now. The imminent failure of the stimulus bill will be realized in the coming months. The fall of capitalism as we know it is over. The world invested in the "market" with insatiable lust and greed. The Europeans like to blame the US for the worldwide financial crash solely, but other countries, like Dubai and others, simply had an irrational outlook to future growth, too. The world slump will motivate a "revolutionary" change and action, not unlike the riots starting up in France now. Further downturn will lead to more disgust and make the environment right for the change. The chaos will distract the West's attention and allow terrorists the opportunity for furthering their agenda, unlike any other time in history.
Recognizing the problem will allow prudent changes by responsible representatives. This will tangentially throw bad policy where it belongs. Slow and painful years upcoming will have to take its course. Eventually, capitalism will champion growth properly. The future could be economically stronger than ever before with the modernization of the 3rd world and restructuring of Western democracies. Let's hope we have the foresight to go in the right direction expeditiously.

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