Monday, February 16, 2009


It's Valentine's Day weekend and the Islamic terror groug the Taliban have decided to celebrate in an unusual manner: Beheading! The religion that has brought us terror, threats, bombing, inequality for women, intolerance of others besides their own, Sharia Law, and all the other great things belonging to Islam, has now decided to remind us of the humanitarian attitude it takes towards its prisoners. The Taliban, who are arguably the closest real entity exemplifying Sharia Law, have beheaded their captive. The video of a Polish citizen being beheaded proves to the world the tactic preferred by the Taliban. Here is the United Press International article.
The outrage and shock from the Human Rights organizations is deafeningly......silent. The Islamic world's outrage over the Polish man's civil rights being violated are ..... silent?! Where is the proper react by everyone when a man is beheaded..on video?! The voices of the ACLU, the anti-war groups, etc. who screamed the prisoners at Gitmo were being tortured (TORTURED!!) are strangely silent now. This should make perfectly clear that an agenda is being forced upon society that deliberately picks and chooses when it in their best interest to sound the alarm.
What is the reaction on the biggest Muslim media organization? Well, the sound or inclination of their reporting appear to blame the Polish for not meeting the Taliban demands. No criticism about the violation of this man's civil rights. No mention of the violation of the Geneva Convention. No mention of the West's disgusted reaction. No quotations from officials.
Look at the article and decide for yourself.Here.
I hope and pray that the traditional media treats this immoral horror with the conviction it deserves. If the beheading simply passes with inaction, we can expect lots more to come. What can we expect from the enemies of the West? More death, terror, war, and instability. We can count on it! They are preparing everyday. Here is an article about how they are preparing right now to prove the point. Weapons cache found by Australia in Australia


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Anonymous said...

This behavior has been going on for years. Under Obama's watch the war will migrate to afganistan and Pakistan. It' hard to stop behavior like this when the enemywelcomes death. Sometimes it's best to ignore and not play into the terriorists hands. The free world deplores this insult to humanity. Ultimately, it might have to come down to nukes if this warfare continues to cause an escalation in the numbers and activities of the Islamist fundinentalists. The entire world, including most Arab nations would welcome a last ditch effort of genoside to eradicate to vermin that threaens the entire modern world. Sad but true.