Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It Is obvious to everyone that job losses are affecting every industry and that no one is truly spared the anxiety that everyone is susceptible. Well, nobody likes to think about the negative aspects of this societal upheaval. Maybe, just maybe....something good, some sort of silver lining is also taking place.
I think employees appreciate their jobs for the first time in nearly half a century. The right's of workers was an admirable goal since thee onset of the industrial revolution. Fat Cats, Big Wigs, or any other metaphor for "the man" have had a poor history of how they treated their employees. As the last century closed, worker's had turned the tables on the employers on some issues. Issues had been troubling the labor market for years from maternity leave, to women in the workplace, equal pay, gay rights, child care, wages, bonuses, stock options, and prejudice, harassment, and more still. While these are all worthy issues, the general workforce has started coming to the realization that it's good just to have a job! That has started the phenomenon of better customer service. I can't walk into a supermarket without employees asking me if I need help, saying hello, or just going that extra step.
I find my own employees are doing their work better, more diligently, and with more enthusiasm than in the past several years.
I thank my employees because I want them to know I notice a good job and not just when an issue arises to the contrary.
Also, I noticed during the last holiday season that many people were foregoing expensive gifts for simply spending time with family and friends. Many spoke to me about the holiday being the most enjoyable in years. The most valuable gift for the people we care about became the time we spend together. Yes, a little corny sounding. Yet, it is this sentimental event that deserves the recognition it deserves.
Many of the articles written here have a somber tone to them. I feel sometimes a positive article needs to be written in some attempt to try to give a glimmer of hope. I think the future will be brighter for all of us. It's always darkest before the dawn. Let's hope the near future brings good things to all of us and when the clouds clear, we are all better for it!


missionrn14 said...

I couldn't agree c you more on this article. It's the first time in years I'm hearing people say well, at least I have a job. Gone are the days of "that's not my job",and too much self centered thinking....what's in it for me??????
Welcome back customer service!!!!!!

TabiCat said...

I agree. People are proud to be able to hold on to a job. In the past people were ashamed of their $8 per hour job. Now people who were once "too good" for the lower paying jobs are scrambling to find ANY job. Humble Pie tastes good.