Thursday, January 29, 2009


You read the headline correctly. I support job cuts for companies that have problems which could jeopardize their stability. If the companies are on the verge of completely folding, then this is the king of measure everyone should support.
NOW, if you actually read this article this far, you will see the real purpose of the headline. American companies can start their job cuts......overseas!! They were forcing employees several years ago to train foreign workers in anticipation of their job being cut here. That's right! You company executives thought all Americans have a short term memory! We DON'T! All through the Clinton years and some Bush, people were losing their job to cheaper wage new trainees overseas in countries like Indonesia, PAKISTAN, AND others. Countries which hate the United States and support terrorism. Countries which have terrorists in them. Countries which are now known for creating computer scams and conduct mass Internet Identity theft. How did these illiterate people learn how to infiltrate computer programs. Oh, we taught them because we wanted to spread the wealth around the world that we were enjoying. We wanted our companies to continue to increase the bottom line and to make annual reports to stock holders pleasing. So, we fired American workers, taught foreigners, created a new criminal industry, and now to continue to keep these companies viable....we must now believe our poor, poor companies must fire (who..?) ...the AMERICAN WORKER!! The American worker gets screwed again.
American companies can finally show some chutzpah and fire FOREIGN WORKERS! Keep the American worker even at the higher cost. In the process, follow the Republican position and cut the damn taxes. Show American companies we want them to stay here. Stop punishing them which only encourages moving out of here. High taxes and regulations have created an environment impossible to compete in a world economy. Instead of stupid Democratic policy, punishing companies with regulations and taxes...Oh, I am sorry! Did I piss off the environmentalists. Well, you Assholes are now losing your jobs too. I don't know if the environmentalists really want people to lose their jobs to cause a chaotic revolution around the world in some inane attempt of taking over the world with a Socialist agenda or what. I like to believe they aren't that contrived. Anyway, a policy of giving tax breaks and using TAX monies to help companies become energy efficient and environme tally sound would have made them more competitive and more profitable over time. Then they could pay the tax payer back over time like a loan from the bank at a very low interest. This would be available through the government because the government passed the regulation. When government sticks its nose in business, it should be in a temporary partnership, nor create government red tape and appointing a Czar. Jobs would have been kept here.
It's apparent that job losses will continue all year. It is also apparent that companies will cut jobs here first versus overseas because of the bottom line. The change Sheik Obama and the Communists of the Democratic Party plan on bringing is Socialist style government. The change is absolutely no change at all or total change in taking over whatever they feel is necessary. The younger generation doesn't even know how to recognize Soviet style government. I grew up during the Cold War. It is scary how close we are coming to their government. The same government that failed. Did you see the ridiculous Bill the Democrats ( and only the Democrats) just passed? If you feel we are going in the right direction, enjoy getting your pink slip.

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Wow,you are in rare form tonight and bold too!!!!
Keep it coming!!!!