Saturday, February 7, 2009


Sheik Obama plans on fear mongering the stupid masses into pressing their elected legislators in blindly passing this bill. Apparently, it passed last night. I didn't get the opportunity to see the detail yet.
The rhetoric about the stimulation vs the spending was flying about the Congressional debate for the past several weeks with little convincing. The new Democratic position was losing support and was puzzled over public reaction. They speculated why from attention deficit disorder to disillusionment to simply not caring are some theories. Maybe a little explaining is in order.
When someone is losing money, their attitude becomes frugal towards normal spending patterns. When things become dire, spending ceases. Now suppose one is in sustantial debt. One doesn't borrow further to fall farther. Furthermore, if one was to go ahead and borrow a large amount of money, they wouldn't deliberately spend it immediately thinking it will quickly get them out of debt.
So the established geniuses of the current administration, both Republican and Democrat have done precisely what I described. Borrowing the largest sums in history to spend it the fastest in history in order to stimulate the economy...or permanently put the US in the poor house the fastest in history. Rucking Fidiculous!!

This is a stimulus package!!!

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