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You didn't know we have been dumping tons of toxic garbage in Guantanamo Bay for years without any concern for the environment. Yes, the Islamic terrorist garbage, which is the most toxic substance on the planet, has been getting dumped there for years. Like nuclear waste, anywhere it goes should it be moved will contaminate everything it comes in contact with if not properly stored. The Liberal Conspiracy (Hey, don't forget Hillary calls us the Right Wing Conspiracy) has been so adamant about closing down the site, there must be a higher calling or ulterior motive to the purpose. Strictly speculating, what is it?
First, the ACLU has fired 10% of its staff due to the economic situation. Do I need to elaborate here?
Second, the Left Wing base has an agenda against cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners. The water boarding policy used by the Bush administration to extract intelligence is believed to be "torture." The policy has been accused of being against the Geneva Convention, argued to be making us no better than or equivalent to the behavior terrorists have exercised with their prisoners. The information has little value because of the manner in which it has been obtained.
Third, the base has been used for military exercises which has had an impact on the environment locally. The Environmentalist Agenda closing the facility for this purpose overrides any other purpose. The issue here is lead in the firearms materials, the poor record the military has had about how it treats the environment while using a site and the policy not to clean up a site after leaving. I believe once closed, the next lawsuit will be against the government to clean the area up at the cost of the taxpayer who has never ending pockets.
Fourth, the Islamic constituency in the US is a major contributor to the Democratic Party. The party owes every constituency after winning the election. Suing the government for a policy deemed racist because all residents are Islamic will be seeked by certain organizations I shall keep nameless. As a side note, I admit I wholeheartedly believe Sheik Obama is a Muslim. Further, this will be argued to be a Civil Rights matter. Furher, oops, I mean further, getting Islamic terrorists sympathy will add to the Palestinian plight and help feelings of maltreatment to gain support for Sharia implementation. When foot baths are need to be added to every bathroom across the country for the remote possibility a Muslim may visit said area, this will be cited as past wrongful treatment. Equating this past treatment to "white only" or "black only" water fountains here is no coincidence. Also, clearing the name of Islam in the public domain removes the Scarlet Letter it has been blemished with throughout this terror war.
Fifth, getting released into the US prison system will allow endless amounts of logistical litigation. The filing of appeals will be endless. This will cost taxpayers gobs of cash and constipate the system to the point no laxative could possibly liquid plumber.
Sixth, access to unprecedented amounts of legal representation once on US soil. The judicial system will have to furnish all the rights of the average citizen has. They are NOT citizens but prisoners of war. They are not candidates for these rights in our civil courts.
Seven, the Islamic terror message has been spread like a plague through Europe in its penal system. This is the avenue where the message festers. The test run in Europe has been successful and the same route will be used here.
Eight, the Jews of this country love to show solidarity with those that hate them. Mark my words: The Jews will be tripping over themselves to help represent the same Islamic terrorists that can't wait to help destroy Israel.
Nine, the argument has been made that the act of closing the base would restore our reputation around the world.
Ten, the designation of enemy combatant will be extinguished. That status will be gone. The politically correct terminology of misunderstood peaceful religious advocate freedom fighter will do.
Eleven, the disgust and discontent for the military in general has been well documented by certain groups sympathetic to the prisoners.
Twelve, insight into the government policy of information gathering will be obtained through bringing them to trial. The government will have to divulge how they obtained classified information. This will open access to a slew of techniques of intelligence gathering that will now be open to scrutiny. Telecommunications companies forking over citizens records like cell phone calls will be open to criticism. Companies like Google will be able to refuse cooperating with the government with records involving suspects. Getting prisoners off if the military refuses to use classified intelligence will be much easier.
The disillusionment perceived to be felt by the persecuted Islamic populations around the world have blossomed into the ritual of suicide bombings. If a people have nothing to feel hopeful about they resort to this tactic. The suicide bombings are a result of the West's treatment of Islamic people wronged. Israel, India, and others have created this environment. To prevent suicide bombers, they need to have some hope for the future. No longer is suicide necessary. If one participates in mass bombing populations, they can now feel secure knowing they will be treated kindly by their capturers.
Any lawyer who gets the opportunity to represent the detainees (HINT:this is another politically correct and preferred designation) will be credited with "getting them off." This will elevate them to "O J Simpson lawyer representation reputation status." What an honor!! This infamous title is on the lips and memory of those lucky enough to witness the trial of OJ trail forevermore.
Fourteen, closing the base would facilitate the label of wrongdoing by the Bush administration. This would help litigate charges against the Bush administration which the Left has been masturbating over since Bush left office. It would continue to tarnish Bush's reputation and legacy.
Fifteen, the ultimate goal has always been to release the detainees completely. This would prove how liberal the US generally is. The Left constituency against capital punishment and the belief in rehabilitation of all felons in the US penal system is a widely held goal. How do I make such a claim? In the Left Wing organization called the Center for American Progress, the goal is made clear is the article "How to close guantanamo." In phase 3 of the proposed 5 phase plan, it states the following agenda:
"Phase Three: Create a resettlement and rehabilitation program in partnership with allied countries and international organizations to find homes for detainees that can’t be returned to their home countries and to smooth the re-integration of detainees into society. This program should be based on similar programs currently used by the U.S. military in Iraq and the Saudi Arabian government to assist in the transition of militants from detention to release." Here
It clearly states a resettlement and reintegration program. Rucking fidiculous if you think these people are candidates for this.

Anybody waterboarded for intelligence gathering will have their information thrown out of court. This will prevent this tactic from ever being used again. Another strike against the military by the Left. How can they say they support the military and are pro-military.
The calls of alleged abusive treatment have been the cause of hunger strikes and suicides. The Halal food which is provided to the detainees is never mentioned by the same sources who report the alleged abuses. They never call the abuses "alleged."
According to Wiki,
"The term is widely used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. It is estimated that 70% of
Muslims worldwide follow Halal food standards"
In other words, they are being catered to with their own culinary concerns. What torture. Oh, the shame! The ping pong tables
are obviously a calling for hunger strikes and suicide. The paddles are probably used or the balls are probably too soft to use. I wonder if the Chinese would feel the same way if detained in such a manner. (World champs in the sport)
The prisoners have a medical care system better than our own veterans have. Should the murderers of Americans get good medical care or the protectors of Americans get good medical care? Should the care be equal? I believe the veterans of this country should go on a hunger strike!! They have advocates and legal representation. They have organizations regularly visiting to review the conditions there. The international Red Cross has been watching the facility. Having everyone in the base tried or released in a quick manner is reckless and unsafe. Yet, like the economic stimulus bill, quick knee jerk policy passage and practice without scutiny seems to be the operation of choice for Sheik Obama.
Where is the media criticism of Islamic extremism? Is the Geneva Convention being upheld by the terrorists? Or are the prisoners being beheaded? The Sheik Obama campaign should be rewritten from "Change you can believe in" to "Change you can behead in." Then being used for propaganda purposes such as recruitment...further terror..incitement..torture!
Where is the UN condemnation!! Where is the Islamic world condemnation of such tactics? Nonexistent!! Israel is equated with Nazis!! Do you see the undeniable brainwashing and one sidedness.
If the purpose of bringing the prisoners to justice, why did Sheik Obama stop all legal action being conducted now on Jan 22 by executive order? Here

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