Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Stimulus Bill means building a frisbee park and funding contraceptives!! That is not very stimulating. How many permanent high paying long term jobs can that produce? I could throw litter on the floor in my neighborhood and have the local sanitation company pay someone to pick it up. I could litter everyday and encourage everyone I know to litter. That would create multiple jobs, and I didn't spend any time or money in the process. No debate in XCongress was necessary.
Didn't Sheik Obama make campaign promises that helped get him elected people are started to forget about. Today, I focus on the promise to get off coal burning and oil. He promised to heftily tax the coal mining industry in order to encourage them to stop. And didn't he promise to fine any power companies that didn't stop utilizing coal and oil to generate power? This subject was criticized upon initially being said but has since been put on the back burner due to the economy and housing. The jobs associated with these industries are definitely in no financial condition to convert operations to alternative energy production. Therefore, Republicans were right all along.
While I believe it is possible to move towards alternatives, allowing the industry to move in a fiscally responsible manner is the only way to avoid the pitfalls now plaguing the financial industry and the housing. These are all fine examples of government interference causing havok unnecessarily. The word Czar used by the Sheik Obama's administration should be the indicator to warning the public that the government is over stepping its bounds. (EX. Autos!)
If the stimulus bill is supposed to create jobs in a failing economy, let's keep the jobs we have that aren't in jeopardy. When the economy reverts back to a plus side growth, the investment in new alternative energy tech will be produced by the private sector to achieve the goals we want in a fiscally responsible manner.

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