Thursday, February 5, 2009


A country who has a history of being a third party independent negotiator for talks between Israel and its neighbors should be reconsidered. Egypt has given refuge to another Nazi criminal. When the Arab World regularly defies convention by holding Holocaust denial conventions, regularly prints Nazi-like literature, and routinely compares Israel to Nazis, where is the justice when it clearly hides real Nazis from trial.
School books, newspapers and the general perception in the Arab world is the Holocaust never even happened. The Nazis had regimens of Arab trained soldiers who actively participated in the War and the murder. The knowledge is swept under the rug instead of confirmed. Credibility of real war crimes performed by these people hiding in the Arab world would finally destroy the Islamic World's propaganda of false claims.
Is it a war crime harboring these criminals? Should the UN condemn any country who has hidden Nazis? Hell yes.
No country should be involved in Middle East negotiation that provided safe harbor to former Nazi murderers. Egypt should be condemned in the UN for allowing tunnels from their country into Palestinian areas. Further, an invesigation should be launch into what activities Heim was taking part in inside Egypt.
Finally, where is the liberal Left criticism of such acts? Why is this heinous act going to be swept under the rug in a few days? Who is responsible for hiding this person? And why wasn't his activity during the war acknowledged by the Arab World and taught in the schools about the horror the Nazis performed on the Jews? The UN should demand proper teaching of its horror. The Muslim protests in Europe saying it is anti-Islamic to learn about the Holocaust in school and had it removed from the curriculum should be no longer taken seriously. How offensive can they possibly make themselves?

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