Saturday, December 20, 2008


The bailout of the "Big 3" (with Ford ever in the shadow of dipping their hands in at any moment) has been approved! Some people have been advocates while others bitter proponents. Time will determine whether or not this decision was worth pursuing. What has this decision's consequences mean to the future to Rucking Fidiculous?

I am old enough to remember waiting on lines during the oil embargo of the early '70s. Nightmares of getting up 4AM in order to line up for whatever gasoline might be available. Illegally parking in the streets until the station would open. As a pre-teen, I was shocked to see fist fights over drivers accusing one another of cutting the line. The chaos caused by the embargo had sparked society's awareness that this path of fossil fuels compromises our way of life in many, many ways. The American car companies were staples of industry and were a clear barometer into the economic situation.
During the later 70s, pollution control became a higher priority. Caught off guard, the auto makers were incapable to transitioning their assembly lines quickly enough to address the new standard. Also, the desire to increase gas mileage became paramount. The auto companies coped while Chrysler croaked. In Chapter 11, Chrysler eventually pulled through to become successful enough until now.

The Middle East conflict was never far from anyone's mind since the Arabs felt the embargo would coerce the West to support their cause. Many college students were perplexed about what direction their support should move. Many of their parents views were shaped by the generation involved in WWII. Everyone knew someone from the wartime. Support for Israel was unquestioned because of the Jews plight from Nazi Germany. The 1960s brought out the hippie view which brought Civil Rights into everyone's living room via TV. Any oppressed people become the focus of the movement. When the Palestinians took radical steps to generate attention, they were influenced by the reaction society was having from the Civil Rights. Riding the coattails of radical 60s icons, the terrorists put their cause to the forefront of the evening news during the 70s. People took notice and started to question support for Israel. The oppressed people must be the Arabs since they are so moved for their cause. Oil became the fuel for the Arabs for political gains. Today, Arab oil has lost its luster and is solely used for supporting terrorism and bolstering the population boom in the Arab world.

Throughout the 80s, the US auto makers constantly played catch up. Troubling years and low gas prices led to little memory of the hardship the embargo caused. Technology was moving forward, but not at the pace the Generation Y members are accustom to. Advances in anything today are done at sprinting speeds. One can rest assure that next year computers will be faster. That internet programs will have upgrades. That the iphone will only get better!! I love the iphone!

The car companies today are giving people flashbacks of a more troubling time. Tired of the reported turmoil between Unions and the CEOs, the current frontpage news is leading a backlash towards the fighting. Most people have been listening to Al Gore soapbox the green future. He was a global warming cohort. As the environment becomes an ever important resource, he yelled the US is the big criminal in spilling environmental distress. Deliberately igniting anger towards the US, Gore fueled feelings of disgust around the world to an audience which already had tremendous contempt for this country. When gas prices skyrocketed, he shouted at US automakers for not keeping up with Toyota and their move towards hybrids. All evidence showed the vehicles Toyota made were not financially viable for most. When the Big 3 were asked about what will they do to compete, they answered the technology is not good enough to create an all electric vehicle with financial responsibility, reliability, and responsive to the American driving patterns. The Big 3 have made some hybrids in the meantime. The biggest argument for answering the financial viability was the increased gas price. The high cost of oil sparked a revolution in green tech. It became a potentially profitable alternative. This sparked Wall Street interest! But now that gas is plummeting...

The interest in investing in green tech is disappearing because it is no longer financially attractive. The world has fallen from good times to a new recessionary period, possibly leading to a depression. Money for research is drying up fast! No one will ever settle for the status quo. Therefore, green tech is the future. But maybe not appropriate for the present. Maybe the Big 3 were right all along about the tech for the green car not being ready today. The Chevy Volt shows they are taking the direction seriously and will make it available when its timely. Until then, I think Gore should shut his pie hole. I think Obama should stop telling the coal industry and power plants that run this country that unless they convert to green tech he will fine them. Maybe when the US starts referring to a car czar for fiscal responsibilty, we can start seeing that when the business world is ready to present the green tech we want, they will. Leave the Czar in Russia! The bailout is done, like it or not. Leave the government out of their business.

RIP Paul Weyrich (Founder of Heritage Foundation)

Following the 1925 Scopes Trial, Christians in America vowed to never foray into politics again. Fast forward to 1962, their political timidity deepened after the Supreme Court in Engel v. Vitale ruled school prayer unconstitutional. Only Paul Weyrich demurred. In fact, he set his life mission to create a political majority made up of "moral" Americans. The Moral Majority was coined by Weyrich, but given currency by Jerry Falwell. 

Weyrich today is probably best known as the co-founder of the Heritage Foundation, arguably the most influential conservative think-tank in the world. But perhaps more notable is his awakening of the Christian Right. He was confounded by the Christians' reticence to become active in politics - they made up such a huge potential voting block. His problem was that he was not a pastor, and he himself was a Roman Catholic. He didn't have the Christian credentials to be an effective spokesperson. 

Weyrich turned to Jerry Falwell, then a Virginia preacher who hosted a popular evangelical TV show and founded a Bible college. Together, Weyrich and Falwell raised enough money to conduct some national polling asking Christians whether they'd tolerate their pastors becoming political and whether they'd contribute to faith-based political action committees. The polling was overwhelmingly positive. 

And thus the Moral Majority was born. The Moral Majority overtly pressed the Christian evangelical agenda in the political sphere to great success. In 1977, four years after the infamous Roe v. Wade in 1973, Weyrich founded the Heritage Foundation. Many of the ideas, principles and policy positions disseminated by the Heritage Foundation served as the arsenal with which President Reagan won the Presidency in 1980. 

Weyrich, perhaps single-handedly, sparked the Christian Right's political ascendancy that won us Presidents Reagan the Bush I and II, not to mention Gingrich's 1994 Republican Revolution that pushed the nation paradigmatically to the right. 

Weyrich and his contributions are enduring. 

Friday, December 19, 2008

Bush and the Bailout: The Politics of Betrayal

President Bush announced today that he is offering $17.4 billion in loans to Chrysler and GM because letting the automakers fall would send our economy into a "deeper and longer recession."

This girly-man move goes against a central pillar of western capitalism - creative destruction. The Austrian-school economist Joseph Schumpeter popularized and used the term to describe the process of transformation that accompanies radical innovation. In Schumpeter's vision of capitalism, innovative entry by entrepreneurs was the force that sustained long-term economic growth, even as it destroyed the value of established companies that enjoyed some degree of monopoly power.

I've always maintained a solemn respect for President Bush and the belief that history will judge him favorably, particularly his decisions involving the war and, more generally, the global war on terror. However, on probably one of the most important issues of his Presidency, he has decided to let the voices of his conservative base fall on deaf ears in order to prop up the uncompetitive U.S. automakers.

Essentially, he has folded like a cheap lawn chair, and my respect may fold alongwith.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I heard that Obama intends to state his full name when he accepts the Presidential chair. He is insistent on pronouncing his middle name in a gesture to improve the outlook with Islamic nations. Well, who gives a shit what they think? Is the Christian view going to be insulted if he uses his Muslim name? This is a Judeo-Christian country. I remember the Democratic Jews bolstering Obama's image by spreading the gossip on his FIRST name. They said his name was Barack, which sounds just like Baruch. And Baruch means blessed in Hebrew. Give me a freaking break. Jews lying to other Jews!! These deceptive people should be lawyers. They maliciously left out the fact that Barack is Arabic for blessed! Some Jews voted for Hitler. It is not so far fetched that they would have voted Arafat in as Prime Minister of Israel if they thought he was in the Labor Party (the Democratic Party equivalent in Israel). The Obama machine duped everyone into believing he will support Israel. NOT A CHANCE IN HELL! He will bring about the demise of Israel. And the Jews will once again be responsible for their own destruction. As a Jew, I am annoyed at the self-righteous attitude of the Liberal Jew. He will justify his stand even if it is self defeating. Never willing to listen to any other view.
My articles on Obama's political stand towards Israel and how he intends to deal with the Mid East Peace Process are about as thorough and accurate as any expert could possibly imagine. I hope readers look through the articles we published and the future articles. When this Presaidency starts, I will post nearly daily on how he does. So far he supports Israel's response, supports tax cuts, and is considering raising taxes 10 cents on gasoline. So far he sounds more Republican. Now if he could just stop thinking about taxes....

Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Channukah and Happy Holiday!!

To all the readers of this blog, I took a short break from writing to enjoy Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday! Thanksgiving ushers in the season and the usual issues arise. What do you say, Happy Holidays or Christmas of Channukah? Say whatever is appropriate! Why shouldn't we celebrate our diversity? It is always pushed when addressing current issues. If it's "all good" then I finally agree.


Why are all the "leaders" insisting the solution begins with MORE credit? Businesses do rely on availability of credit in order to operate. When this is not a viable option, the business strategy must be altered to the current situation. Increasing debt is the reason citizens are feeling strangled now. Therefore, having access to more is only going to exacerbate the problem in the long term. I own a business and my day-to-day operation is based on what money I have in the bank. I purchase supplies according to need and cost control. If I put my business in debt by borrowing money, it would leverage my competition in a downturn. Private funding for new businesses thru investors leaves government out of business.
The bank bailout provided funds to prevent a collapse of the financial industry. In fact, the Congress proudly passed the Bill singing their own praise about preventing a Depression. Well, with no stipulations given to the banks, they gladly spent the money on frivolous shenanigans and umbrellas while simultaneously hording the monies to solidify their positions. The government is failing to pursuit the bailout money because no legislation has been passed to add stipulations now. Improper conduct is rewarded by the banks with taxpayer money? It's never too late when taxpayer money is involved. The Democrats have been involved in the deceit which strikes me as perplexing given the election results.
The Bush administration has done nothing to address the issues responsible. He could have brought investigations into the fiasco which would have squarely placed the cause on high ranking Democrats. Instead, he remained silent which now puts his inaction as a supplement to the problem.
One solution the Congress should implement is every bank which received taxpayer funds must immediately provide every person with a mortgage an interest rate half of what the current rate is or that is in contract currently. This would allow everyone to free up sums of money to use on necessities they currently have. Also, this would allow people to pay down their mortgage faster if they choose.
I would like readers to make suggestions in order to write their Congressman here on this page. Any feedback would be appreciated, good or bad.


Wednesday, November 19, 2008


The US election is over! The race between Obama and Hillary was a hotbed of words. Obama may have won, but the Clintons are running the show!! Why do I feel this is apparent? The inexperience of Obama sometimes showed during an impromptu "question and answer" session during the campaign. His charisma and composure was remarkable throughout. Once he solidified his position as the new President Elect, he suddenly became very quiet. The media kept his momentum in the public eye, but every decision made by him has been reminiscent of the Democratic "Camelot" of the '90's, the Clinton Administration!
Obama was picked for the Democratic ticket because he held the cards for motivating the apathetic and uninspired Black voter block to participate in unusually large numbers. The Democrats saw the upcoming campaign as particularly crucial due to the Supreme Court appointments (which will determine the make up for the next 20 plus years) . Also, the Democrats knew they were poised to win seats in Congress. If they have a controlling majority, the passage of typically controversial bills would be less hindered in getting their passage. The only hurdle left would be the veto authority of the President. This would lead the Congress in a stalemate between them and the President. They would fall into being labeled another do-nothing Congress as a result. Therefore, the only way to assure an unobstructed administration is to win a Congressional majority, the Presidency, and a (Left Wing Ideological) majority in the Supreme Court. The Politically Correct establishment would be giddy over an empowered Presidency.
Once Obama had been given time to recuperate from the stressful turmoil of the election, he was poised to take center stage but apparently found himself in a quagmire. The quagmire was "reality settling in" and he now must deliver on his campaign promises. Also, the responsibility of running the highest office in a responsible manner with an economic depression looming is intimidating. In addition, the expectations of the public, both here and abroad, have reached unattainable heights by anyone's measure. I can see it now: Obama and his family close the door of their home and let out a loud cheer in celebration of his victory. When the rejoicing seetles down....
Enter the Reality Check: "What the Hell do I do next?" Where can he look for guidance? Who has experience running the federal Government? Much to his chagrin, the only person with the experience, popularity, strength, and charisma is his former rival, now savior, Hillary Clinton.
Acting out of obvious fear and desperation, his predicament is leaving him little choice. Therefore, he must have made the call. He probably delayed the choice, but I suspect the party must have foreseen it. It appeared when she started to bolster his campaign, she had already arranged for a high position in his administration in exchange for plausible support for him. She took the backseat to the presidency and the party allowed her to run the show.
McCain actually appeared to be relieved after losing the election. His demeanor was radically altered afterwards when he appeared on late night TV. His composure seems to have returned. If he had won the election, I believe he might have picked Hillary to be in a cabinet post. HE NEEDED HER FOR THE VERY SAME REASONS!
My next prediction for the radical Left is to flood monies from this coutry into the Israeli early elections to unobstruct the "Peace Process" passage of the old Clinton regime.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

1968 Republican Memory

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Nixon is quite a character. He will always be remembered in history for good and bad. I saw him interviewed on TV years ago and he was always remarkable. I appreciate how past presidents get involved after their terms. When they aren't putting their career on the line, they always seems to present themselves better. Notice how the term in office makes them age so quickly.

1968 Republican Memory

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I love the glass shaped as an elephant. It stands about 7 inches tall. Don't know much more about it. I posted pictures of Israeli elections on this site to see more materials. I would love to hear what other people have collected over the years. I never ask if it is for sale unless you offer, so don't be reluctant.

1968 Republican Memory

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I am an avid collector of political memorabilia. I collect US and Israeli election materials. This is an item I recently added from a dear friend. She was at the convention and met Ronald Reagan at the same time. This is the box given out to the supporters at the campaign. True to my Independent status, I try to collect Democrat and Republican material. I have Ross Perot materials from 1992.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Even though the people of the great States of California and Florida rejected gay marriage at the ballot box, militant homosexuals, continued their assault on society by staging coordinated attacks on radical right wing establishments (known to average Americans as churches) in California and Michigan. Even a little old granny was not immune to the wrath of the practitioners of buggery. Watch her get man-handled as one of the sodomites rips a cross out of her hand and stomps on it at an anti-Prop 8 rally in Palm Springs, CA.

It seems radical homosexuals feel quite brave when it comes to attacking churches. They make easy targets, given the Christian concept that when one is confronted with violence to “turn the other cheek.” (If there are any gay readers out there, that’s not what you think it means). Considering the punishment for homosexuals in Islamic societies is death – execution by all sorts of unique methods I must say – I invite these same militant homosexuals to express their rage inside a mosque. Or better yet, given the fact that at least 70% of blacks voted against gay marriage in California, go ahead and push Aunt Esther around at a black church and see what happens.
We at RuckingFidiculous realize homosexuality is as old as time. And quite frankly, we don’t care what you do with your junk in private. However, Militant Homosexuality is a relatively new phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that aggressively manifests itself when a nation is in precipitous decline. Just like certain diseases thrive in filth, it’s only when a society has begun to rot from within that Militant Homosexuality can find conditions favorable enough to subject society to the full force of its intolerance and depravity. Militant homosexuals are the shock troops of the secular progressive movement; it’s only a matter of time before the General of this movement, Sheik Hussein Obama and his corrupt minions (activist judges) thwart the will of the people and overturn these pro-family amendments.

Post By El Sid


It appears the Democratic Party hasn't congealed its constituents? The party has formulated an appearance of togetherness The Turtles would be proud of. Yet, it doesn't appear that the words to their most famous hit mimic the Democratic Party after all. Black voters and Gay voters are arguably two of the biggest outspoken supporters. These groups were happily and generously displayed on TV in a homogenious manner. When it came to gaining the power of the Presidency, winning was impossible without cooperation. The homosexual lobby was fervently outspoken about civil rights pertaining to all groups. The Black darling
(Obama) overcame hurdles deemed unattainable by anybody other than a Whaite male. The umbrella of Civil Rights is believed to be that solely or in large part, to the Black community. As a Jew, I have seen the wavering appreciation of the Black population for the Jews that gave their lives in the darkest times of the movement. In fact, many Black groups preach undying hate and contempt for Jews without basis at all. (For older folks look to Malcolm X and Jesse Jackson. To younger minds and the uneducated, look to all leaders of the Black Liberation Ideology.)
The public has seen a display of unrest by the Homosexual population across the country towards any groups associated with resistance to Gay marriage. Yesterday on Fox, the Gay activists have decided to execute boycotts and demonstrations against any opposition parties. Displays in front of Churches and Synagogues have erupted. Businesses that have been directly or indirectly linked to opposing views have been "Scarlett Letter"(ed).
It appears to be a well orchestrated campaign to drum up support for long term resistance until passage of Gay Marriage is achieved. Is the campaign malaligned? ABSOLUTELY.
Black voters do not equate the Civil Rights movement to the Gay Marriage movement. It has become much too personal for them. The Gay voters obviously see them as exactly the same. It has even been called the Civil Rights Movement of the 21st century. By supporting the Black candidate, the Gays now feel betrayed by the Blacks as evidenced by their total and utter surprise when the agenda was completely crushed by a landslide vote. The landslide could directly be attributed to the overwhelming +70% Black vote against it.
Boycotts and protests in front of businesses and institutions that have never voter differently in the matter is an off-tangential approach. A normal pursuit would be conducted towards their own people who have deliberately strayed from support. Black churches, in particular, should have been (and now should be) the first to feel the bitterness. Mosques should be targeted and are strangely ignored. The Black Moslems have crossed a two-fold agenda in taking issue.
Where would the protests be targeted to make the most noise? Where is the debt of gratitude owed mostly to the Gay vote? Where would the action be most effective in getting this issue on the forefront of society, in the open, and on the front pages of every news media in the world? ..........If you haven't come to the conclusion yet, the answer is Obama!! The inauguration would be the best time create the circus needed for a national "town meeting."
Where is Hollywood? Where are the musicians? (silence...) Where are the Gay politicians that have been outcast from office in disgrace because of "closet" issues? (crickets....chirp...chirp..) Where are the Civil Rights leaders? Where is Obama? Where is Oprah, Maury, The View (Ugh!), and Ellen? Is anyone going to volunteer to leave the country if the agenda isn't passed" like Alec Baldwin said when he was referring to the Republicans? Who will put their ASS on the line? Strangely silent.
How I feel about the matter is not the motivation for this article. How this administration works as it inches closer to starting is puzzling and important to me! Direct the movement appropriately. I am anxious to see what music should have been played at the DNC. Does one pick David Bowie "Ch- Ch- Ch- Changes?" Or Led zeppelin's "The Song Remains The Same?" Or The Turtles "Happy Together?" I know what I would pick!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Tiger Woods is bi-racial. He has never displayed a preferential lifestyle publicly. Yet, the media greets his "Black" side cordially and solely. His Asian half is rarely acknowledged. Here are two minority populations who want recognition in the public eye. The satisfaction of their populations contributing to society breeds proud feelings and sense of accomplishment. Why does the media ignore the Asian side of this sports star.
Obama is another example of an American who is bi-racial. He is the new President Elect in case you didn't here. He has known primarily his White side. He was brought up by his White mom and her parents. His Black side rarely comes public. He is identified as the "first Black" or "first African American" President. He is the first bi-racial President!! The Black background has a more incredible trip to talk about. Coming from a history with slavery to the top position arguably in the world....But maybe the media is shameful for calling such attention only to this race issue.
I think race is an issue for the time being. It won't continue to be an issue because of societal feelings changing. The media needs to divulge all relevant information. When they bring someone's minority background to the forefront, they need to recognize everything! It's shameful that reverse discrimination is expressed and until race is no longer discussed, the media needs to address and glorify the diversity of the American Melting Pot.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I have been a long time advocate for the right to own a gun. Its the great equalizer for the average citizen who feels endangered for any reason. Nothing else can be as effective for self defense in today's society of chaotic misfits. Weak punishment has been the staple of the far Left Wing campaign for decades. With anywhere up to 4 new appointees for the Supreme Court for the next President, the NRA and their supporters have never been this close to being compromised.
I have been meaning to buy more power protection (not the deodorant kind either) for several years. It appears to me that time has run out of the hourglass for purchasing what I want. Therefore, I went to my second show and felt "the big purchase" had to be immediate. I bought the best piece available that I could afford. I appreciate the "collectible" for what it is and have taken the appropriate precautions to keep it away from the wrong hands.
It is interesting to see the average American unable to comprehend the affection and knowledge of the typical gun owner. The fear of the responsible owner has been unwarranted. The mandatory military service in Israel and Italy provide the citizenry with appropriate training in handling weapons and have little problems associated with accidents. Israel has teenagers serving in the military who can be seen walking about the country wherever you visit. I remember I was taking the train from Tel Aviv (mid region) to the town of Nahariya in the North. I was on a railcar with approximately 100 soldiers who were going home. While I am Jewish, I speak little Hebrew. Everyone on the train was speaking Hebrew fluently and was carrying weapons, mostly full automatic. Note: Everyone on the train was Black, too. I was amazed that the young soldiers were entrusted with such weapons in public. Here, the average citizen would be horrified to see the same picture for so many reasons I can't begin to list them. Why is gun ownership and responsibility viewed differently than sex education? Drug education? Driver's education? Surely cars kill more people in this country and accidentally. Learning about guns should be considered mandatory in schools to avoid the pitfalls of foolish owners. Infringing on the rights of the average citizen victimizes the law abiding and empowers the criminals who will always have access.
When you are asked to uphold the Second Amendment, do you picture a toothless redneck inadvertently pulling the trigger at a helpless fawn? Do you picture the redneck pointing a weapon at a minority who is being taunted? Or do you get the image of a citizen who is cornered in a city street dead end with hoodlums surrounding them? Or a woman being raped? Or a man protecting his family when someone breaks in at night? Let Obama make education available for students to learn about firearms in school. Not impede the CHOICE to own a firearm.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

SITTING SHIVA.................FOR THE USA............

Today we are not posting! Today we are "Sitting e-Shiva." What is this? Well, in the Jewish tradition, when a loved one passes away the family and loved ones mourn by sitting Shiva. Shiva comes from the word in hebrew Sheva meaning seven. Seven is significant because that is how long it took G-d to create everything we know. The election has signified the "death" of Western Democracy and the beginning of Democratic Socialism. The US will never be the same country.........

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


The Black Panthers decided that after the fiasco of discounting the Black vote in Florida, they would return the favor in kind this time. Intimidation tactics were used to fend off White voters when approaching voting stations. When FOX News decided to approach the intimidators, they responded in the typical fashion.

While the geriatric confused voter might understandably mistaken the men for Black doctors typically seen saving lives on Grey's Anatomy, they would gratefully welcome the proverbial complimentary digital exam (Prostate Exam for the younger reader). They would soon realize that this is no "blue light special" freebie they crave, but the brisk roughhousing or worse typical administered by the nonmedical hands of the Black Panthers. WELCOME TO THE OBAMA NATIONAL POLICE FORCE OF THE FUTURE!!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Monday, June 4, 2007
June 1, 2007 – Muck the Fuslims is launched into the blogosphere. The same day Feds foil a plot by the practitioners of the religion of peace to kill thousands of people and trigger an economic catastrophe by blowing up JFK Airport by detonating a jet fuel artery that also runs through populous residential neighborhoods. Mere coincidence? Hardly. The sad truth is that the poor, oppressed, and misunderstood practitioners of the religion of peace have a lot more demonstrations of desperate social protest to execute.
An Orthodox Catholic lawyer and a Jewish doctor – strange bedfellows indeed, but both ardent American nationalists and staunch Zionists with a strong desire to fight for the preservation of our Western and Judeo-Christian Civilization and defeat radical Islam, along with other forces of darkness (Socialists, Secular Progressives, the Far Left, radical homosexuals, etc). Seeing a dire need in this country for a blog that combines our peculiar blend of right wing politics, unapologetic Islamophobia and humor, Mr. Krabs and I conceived and founded Muck the Fuslims as an alternative blog to fill the gap between the Conservatives who don’t go far enough and the Fascists who go too far.


Friday, June 1, 2007
This page is the intellectual answer to the ubiquitous, submissive, perversion that has become mainstream thinking. In my thirty-some-odd years, this generation has the most information and resources available to it 24/7 but lacks the capacity to utilize it into a rational, profound judgement. The subliminal messages of yesteryears movie theatres to stimulate sales of concession stands have given way to liberal media, cultural, and educational outright brainwashing.

I have been taught, in PUBLIC SCHOOL no less, to think for myself. Whew!! Many a reader will probably search for the next blog after hearing such a threatening idea. When no agenda but factual events were the obligation of the unbiased, this country created the greatest ideas in education, industry and direction.

I will be keeping this page managed every other day or so with individual, conservative, original, thought stimulating persuasive argument on current events, local happenings, and present/past icons that permeate society.

Also, I have a conservative, hard-headed christian lawyer (yes, conservative lawyer) who will assist in setting Muck the fuslims in its quest to fill the blogosphere with arguably the best ammunition in fighting lazy, zombie-like, numbing complacency of the spineless jellyfish known as the liberal.

I am a JEW. I know, surprised....well, read my bio for a detailed description about me. Subscribe. Check back. And for G-d sakes, email and post us as much as possible. We will answer everyone, period.

FINALLY, WHAT IS THE STORY WITH THE NAME??!! Easy! We love the play on words and we want everyone to know what is in store. Therefore, we will use a beginning web page for everyone to search to get an idea of where we stand in each of our positions.


HEY LIBERALS...Bring it on!!!


Thursday, June 14, 2007
A couple weeks ago U.S. forces raided an al-Qaeda safe house/torture chamber in Iraq. Besides finding (and freeing) several grateful [emphasis added] Iraqi captives, which included a 13 year old child, the soldiers recovered an illustrated al-Qaeda “how-to” manual on torture. The manual depicted colorful and detailed illustrations of al-Qaeda’s subtle coercion techniques such as blowtorch to the skin, eye removal, dismemberment with meat cleavers and wire cutters, electric drill, and the ever popular “drag-a-guy-behind-a-fast-moving-car-technique.” Al-Qaeda’s subdued and humane torture methods are in stark contrast to the draconian and inhuman techniques utilized by American interrogators at Guantanamo Bay. After interviewing Majid Khan, an al-Qaeda operative imprisoned at Guantanamo who was allegedly planning to conduct terrorist operations inside the U.S., the staunchly pro-American BBC exposed U.S. torture methods so horrific and perverse that this author was shocked into apoplexy. These ghastly methods included giving Mr. Khan the wrong prescription glasses, forcing him to shave his beard, and denying him access to the recreation yard. And if that inhumanity was not enough to satisfy the bloodlust of American servicemen, Mr. Khan was forced to play with an under-inflated ball. And finally, the BBC exposed a U.S. torture technique so appalling and atrocious that decorum nearly prevented me from reporting on it. It is a torture method straight out of the bowels of Dante’s Eight Circle of Hell…sniff…sniff…sniff…I’m sorry….give me a minute…sniff…..Mr. Khan….sniff, sniff…..Mr. Khan was forced to use cheap unscented soap.

I’m not making this up. I’m not that creative. This is not a joke. BBC News actually ran the pathetic whiner Khan’s story on May 15, 2007. If you don’t believe me, go to and see for yourself. Although the al-Qaeda torture chamber story came out just a week after BBC’s sniveling Khan story, the BBC found no need to report real torture because it would not serve their leftist, anti-America agenda. Such hypocrisy is not reserved for the BBC. To my surprise and their credit, CNN and Fox News did give limited coverage of the al-Qaeda torture chamber raid. But over two weeks after the story was released, neither ABC, CBS, NBC, The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, The L.A. Times, nor The Washington Post has run a story with the photos of this appalling evidence of al-Qaeda perversion and evil. Oh, and what was the vehemently anti-American and anti-Israel HUMAN RIGHTS organization known as Amnesty International’s reaction? zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…….crickets chirping……. Instead of denouncing al-Qaeda, just a few days ago, this avowedly leftist organization renewed its demand that the U.S. shut down Guantanamo. What about the morbidly obese, degenerate ghoul that used to be on The View? What’s its face? Oh yeah, Rosie O’Donnell. What was its reaction? A big fat donut, as in zero, nada. Instead, very shortly after the al-Qaeda story broke, it posted a video on its website where it and its apparent mate talked about, among other hate America topics, the atrocities of Abu Ghraib.

Abu Ghraib? Compared to the al-Qaeda torture chamber(s), Abu Ghraib, with its semi-nude human dog piles and underwear-on-the head shenanigans, was akin to a drunken frat prank. Yet the media, here and abroad, covered the Abu Ghraib “scandal” ad absurdum. In case you forgot how nauseating the coverage was and if you think I may be exaggerating, I invite the reader to do a Google Search on the words “Abu Ghraib.” I did. Google came up with ONE MILLION FIVE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY THOUSAND hits. Moreover, just a few days ago at the “Presidential Forum on Faith, Values, and Poverty” Sheik Barack Hussein Obama, when asked about “evil” in the world pointed out as examples September 11, Guantanamo, and Abu Ghraib. (I won’t even get into the fact that on the topic of evil Sheik Barack Hussein Obama mentioned September 11 and Abu Ghraib in the same breath).

Was Abu Ghraib American servicemen at their finest? (Perverted devotees of weird softcore gay porn don’t answer that question). Of course not. Did Abu Ghraib deserve the hysterical 24/7 coverage it received. Hell no. Abu Ghraib = frat prank. Al-Qaeda torture chamber(s) = unimaginable horror. To say the media’s coverage of Abu Ghraib was massively disproportionate compared to the coverage given to the al-Qaeda torture chamber raid would be an understatement, even though the images from al-Qaeda’s torture chamber were far more disturbing, shocking and attention-grabbing than anything that came out of the Abu Ghraib scandal. So why the media’s blatant silence? It’s because the media is dominated by Leftist, Effete, American-hating, Cowardly Hypocrites (hereinafter LEACHes). Their silence on al-Qaeda exposes them as the dangerous hypocrites they truly are. If they sincerely cared about human rights and the welfare of their fellow man, they would have covered the al-Qaeda torture story with the same passion as they did with Abu Ghraib. But not only did the Leach media not cover it with the same intensity, the Leach media didn’t cover it all. This deafening silence shows the Leaches could give a flying f*** about human rights. Their self-righteous anger over Abu Ghraib was a complete fraud. What Abu Ghraib was for them was an excuse to attack their main enemy – the United States. Worse than that, however, is that the Leach media’s silence about al-Qaeda’s torture chamber(s) is tantamount to a cover-up. The Leach media did not want the American public to see the pure evil that is al-Qaeda because that might stiffen the American public’s resolve in support of the war, and hey, may even lead to an American victory. The Leaches desperately want America to lose the war. They want to see America humbled to its knees. To the Leaches, a seriously weakened America will not be able to act unilaterally. To the Leaches, a weak America will be forced to act in concert with the United Nations and/or the European Union who supposedly share all the same common, socialist, utopian goals for the betterment of all mankind. This is a laudable goal, but somehow I don’t think the Muslims, China and Russia will be acting like Sweden anytime soon.
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Friday, June 15, 2007
I nearly "Banged my Head" when Democratic presidential hopeful, and apparent fan of cheesy 80's pop metal, Sheik Barack Hussein Obama played the race card at a recent stump speech in Virginia. The "quiet riot" of black rage he claims brewing in black communities is ready to erupt into the streets of all America reminiscent of the L.A. riots. Who doesn't remember the video footage of white officers beating Rodney King, and the officers' subsequent acquittals which set off 3 days of rioting and wanton looting that left the Los Angeles area and its people scarred. The many injustices committed by the officers and rioters (shoppers?) alike made this an embarrassment for all the world to see. Nearly fifteen years later that same level of discontent and frustration is slowly boiling in the black communities and threatens to explode if we don't heed Obama's "quiet riot" warning. Just as Hillary Clinton fancies herself as the "Joan of Arc" for women's rights, Sheik Obama is playing the race card to the same tune. Hopefully Sheik Barack Hussein Obama's pandering and race-baiting will backfire and discredit his campaign. The Republicans have little to say on either issue since they are mostly white males. I am proud to say that white America did not feel the same disdain for blacks when O.J. Simpson was acquitted. Or that Jews didn't feel compelled to take revenge against Muslims when they sawed off Daniel Pearl's head. Maybe every community should be upset with every other community for any reason they feel necessary in order to vent their anger and frustration. Then again, maybe not. Maybe we are mature and civilized. I see hip hop culture as the dominant youth culture. I see more and more mixed race couples everyday. I see homosexuals on wildly popular television programs. I see an open-border immigration policy. I see America much more generous towards the world than the world is towards us. I see the aftermath of the tsunami disaster and the aftermath of 911. America is a good, decent, and tolerant country. We are the envy of the world, not just because of our economic and military might, but because of our charitable and tolerant traditions. Perhaps we have stirred up feelings of resentment and envy in other countries, not only because we are a superpower, but because we are a good, decent and forgiving country, and other societies know this and it reminds them of their own shortcomings stemming from their inability to tolerate and forgive. Jesus died trying to teach the world this. Maybe Sheik Obama needs to listen to a different quiet riot - the Metal Health kind. BANG YOUR HEAD! Before your type of politics makes me bang mine.


For the people who feel Obama is the Messiah....I give you a little dose of reality!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Obama The Muslim Grinch

As if Obama wasn't creepy enough, it should be known that Sheik Hussein does not believe in giving gifts on birthdays and on Christmas. Is he just being frugal or is there some more nefarious reason. Any imam or mufti will tell you that there is no Islamic basis for the celebration of birthdays. As for Christmas, why would a good Muslim offend Allah by celebrating the birth of Christ with the exchanging of gifts, which calls to mind the Three Kings bearing gifts to the Newborn Savior? 

Howard Stern And Obama Voters


Since we now know that inner city blacks support the war on terror and Sarah Palin, do you think if we let them in on the joke, they would change their minds and vote for McCain? Yeah right. It sucks that my vote counts just as much as theirs.

El Sid
First Guest Post

FATAH YOUTH members Recruited To Indoctrinate With Palestinian Propaganda

The sentence in the center of this picture beginning with Sadly shows the disappointment expessed by the coordinators with the inability of Fatah youth to attend their meeting.

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Activist Agenda for the YDSA!

This is the fall 2008 (pic).

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SEE EXCLUSIVE ON OBAMA OCT 31 BELOW ****** ***** *******

This Is The Democratic Socialist (Young) Newsletter Fall 2008

This is a copy you can download from their site.

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This newsletter is from the organization I spoke about in a post just a few days ago about my exclusive. I wanted to show a picture so when anyone looks for it, they will recognize the letterhead. The college wing provides its members with information about events conducted by all affiliates.

SEE EXCLUSIVE SHIT ON OBAMA OCT 31 BELOW ***** ***** ****** ******

This Is My Area Early Voting Station

Voting took four hours. I had the opportunity to talk with several other voters on line. Everyone refrained from disclosing their preferences. Police were present to deter any rebelious campaigners and dubious citizens from committing fraud.

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Vote Vote Vote Vote Vote

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Friday, October 31, 2008


The following post is only an opinion and I am not necessarily stating absolute fact. The following post is stating a possible connection. Do your own diligence in order to confirm anything you read here or anywhere on the web. Thank you.

I have been hard at work digging up dirt and I finally hit a little paydirt. The connection between Obama and The New Party is widely publicized by the great people at To you gentlemen, great job!! I have been following their incredibly good detective work about how Obama was working with their members. According to the newzeal site, the founding members of this party are former members of 3 different groups:
1) ACORN-you know this group by now
2) the Communist Party of the USA-a very dangerous group. They have ties to communist groups through conferences around the world and are surprisingly well organized.
3) the Democratic Socialist Party- another radical group who work with communist socialist fringe groups together that pose a threat to everyone
The Democratic Socialist Party has a college branch which has members on several college campuses across the country. These groups have growing memberships and branch out to other radical groups to jointly perform organized protests. While under the disguise of "better wages", equality for all, immigrants rights, free college education and more, the causes sound credible. Anti war efforts resonate with many people in particular. When someone looks over their agenda, strangely, it sounds more and more aligning itself with the Democratic Party's current Presidential campaign. The latest cause has unmistakable and frightening similarities to the Obama reforms outlined. What is the cause I refer: Renegotiating NAFTA!! "THE RED LETTER" is the Young Democratic Socialists newsletter which is readily available for download on their site at At the site you can review the latest which is FALL 2008. Obama could have been reading directly from this newsletter when he details his direction for the country. What scares me is not only this organizations movement, but who they regularly get to address their members. On page four of the news letter it states in the third paragraph that they intend to have a representative of the Fatah Youth(sounds like Hitler Youth ..Hmmmm...) to address their members at a future meeting. Another connection that divulges Obamas true feelings, his real direction, and what ideology he takes to heart. I don't say I know the connection exists, but circumstantial evidence is impossible to rule out. Welcome to the next four years of sheer terror and G-d knows what.....................

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Prediction 4--Jesse Jackson and the "secret covenant" with Farrahkhan Will Be Reveal

These two infamous poorly chosen black leaders will be stepping into the White House within the first 3 months. Once they are incontrol of the country, they shall workout future plans they have discussed over the years. I won't predict what I believe the details are now. Come up with your own thoughts and comment or email me.

Prediction # 3. What Is The Test Biden Stated in Obama's First 6 Months

I do not want to write the next 500 predictions on Obama a la Nostradamus. I believe the Israeli government is aware of the ties Obama has with Palestinian and other Islamic peoples. Therefore, the most obvious move for Israel is to perform a first strike. The test is his ability to (Obama's) deal with it. Is Obama the third Antichrist? I don't want to know. I believe Israel will not survive an Obama administration. I am working on an article about why Jews are voting for Obama. Jews inIsrael have long been involved in communist organizations. This is exemplified in the establishment of the kibbutzes or kibbutzeem in Israel. Kibbutzeem are small communist-style living communities. While popular during the hippy age, they are disappearing fast. Move On is extremely popular among the inhabitants. I know other Jews that detest the lifestyle associated with kibbutzeem. The secular Jews who are Jewish by blood alone and live like this embrace Obama because the communist theology is higher on the totem pole than their religion ever was or could be. Other Jews feel liberal openness takes precident. This thinking in a BLACK candidate provides these Jews with a high that cannot be attained on any amount of amphetamines. Conservatives Jews are outraged and disgusted by these STUPID Jews!! Period!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Prediction #2 Slavery Reparations

I have been reluctant to put down any of my predictions for fear of criticism from bloggers. Yet, discussing predictions is fair game provided its written in correct fashion. Slavery reparations have been discussed for decades. Obama's redistribution plans could pass legislation to provide this to Black Americans in "fairness." This is ushering in the redistribution and any opposing voices would be chastised in the media as prejudice or hate or labeled another epitaph. The super majority created by the Democratic lead Congress and Presidency would ensure this bill's passage. Further, appointing 3-4 new Supreme Court Justices would prevent any legal action filed in the court system. Scary, scary......


I only wish I published an article when I predicted this. I was examining my 401k last year and finally decided that the Roth 401k is the best choice for long term savings. I started my Roth in January of this year. I left my money in my 401k because the tax deferred money is not transferable. (I had hoped to transfer the money and pay off the taxes now.) When someone pays the taxes on the money going into a Roth 401k, the interest gained over time is nontaxable. When I retire this will be accessible to me completely without counting as income. Money coming out of my 401k when I retire will be taxable and counted as income but the Democrats are toying with the idea of taxing the 401k in another manner I have yet to learn the details about. Today, FOX news was discussing this when Megan was reporting around 9:30 AM. One, I believe Democrats will consider taxing the Roth 401k higher than the normal tax rate because the interest is nontaxable. Two, the interest could become taxable at a later date yet to be determined. Arguably, this could be considered double taxing. This would not provide Obama immediate tax relief dollars but would solidify his position on "money redistribution." Or it could provide a smaller tax rate than the normal tax. Lots of options for Democrats to consider to muster additional monies for Big Government. I am the director of my employees 401k plan. Each year I discuss new options with my financial institution regarding all future investment options. Then, a representative holds a meeting with my employees and myself to review the findings. Recently, we discussed the Presidential election in my office and how it could affect our plans. Two weeks later Obama is talking about the taxing of savings as predicted in my office meeting. I have one Obama supporter in my office. When I return to work on Tuesday, I wonder how they will respond now......

Sunday, October 26, 2008


This is a picture of a recently built condo building at least 30 stories tall. The bottom floor is all commercial storefront. Nearly every unit is empty! Also, the building is almost completely empty. A monument to the irrational direction things were going. With politicians using borrowed monies for bailouts and allowing pork to sift dollars away to other areas of no concern, the person on the street feels robbed and abandoned. Obviously, THEY don't get the picture.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008


Plenty of honking in support was shown. Only a few people had opposition. These people are true Americans! Keep up the goodwork!

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This was on the back of a vehicle at the small group of supporters. This person felt so compelled to voice his opinion he posted on the back of his truck. In case u feel this is a POOR rally, the Democrats had only one person representing there side.

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This is a close up of the cinema in the back ground. Notice it says Laguna Cinema.

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These brave supporters got some signs of support. As people drove by, many honked in agreement. This area may have more Republicans than one is initially led to believe.

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I am currently in lagoons beach, CA. While walking around the shopping area I realized the area is both affluent and a Democrat stronghold. The weekend appears to be the time when people rally for support. This picture shows I am centrally located.

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Friday, October 24, 2008


Office max has been at this location for several years. It will be closing in one week. I will post a picture of it after it closes. Rest assure liquidity was not the problem. Next door is another popular store called Quiznos. Guess how they are doing?

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Thursday, October 23, 2008


Below are scans from New Party News Spring 1996.

They prove that Barack Obama was a member of the Illinois New Party and was endorsed by them in his 1996 Illinois State Senate race.

Front page-scanned from a photocopy

Front page close up-scanned from a photocopy

Front page ultra close up-scanned from a photocopy

Note that the text refers to Barack Obama as a New Party member, while Willie Delgado is only "NP endorsed"

The New Party clearly drew a distinction. Obama was on on the wrong side of the dividing line.

Page 2, scanned from a photocopy.

Page 2 closeup-scanned from the original.

The New Party was the creation of the quasi-Marxist Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) and the radical community organisation ACORN. The Communist Party splinter group Committees of Correspondence (CoC) was also involved.

I quote from Chicago DSA's New Ground of September/October 1995

The political entourage included Alderman Michael Chandler, William Delgado, chief of staff for State Rep Miguel del Valle, and spokespersons for State Sen. Alice Palmer, Sonya Sanchez, chief of staff for State Sen. Jesse Garcia, who is running for State Rep in Garcia's District; and Barack Obama, chief of staff for State Sen. Alice Palmer. Obama is running for Palmer's vacant seat...Although ACORN and SEIU Local 880 were the harbingers of the NP there was a strong presence of CoC and DSA (15% DSA)... Four political candidates were "there" seeking NP support."

Here is part of an undated New Party document probably from 1995. Scanned from a photocopy.

It lists approximately one hundred"community leaders, organizers, unionists, retirees, scholars, artists, parents, students, doctors, writers and other activists who are building the NP."

Those listed include;

Elaine Bernard-A Labour academic and prominent DSA member.

Noam Chomsky-Linguist and activist, member of both DSA and CoC.

Barbara Ehrenreich-Author, activist and DSA leader. Early this year Ehrenreich was one of the four founders of Progressives for Obama

Bill Fletcher-Former Maoist, a labour activist and leading DSA member. Early this year Fletcher was one of the four founders of Progressives for Obama

Maude Hurd-Longtime ACORN president. Awarded for her work by Boston DSA. ACORN is heavily involved in the Obama campaign.

Manning Marable-A founder of DSA and a leader of CoC. Regarded as a driving force within the New Party. Now an Obama supporter.

Frances Fox Piven-A senior DSA member. Regarded as the brains behind ACORN. Piven is now an endorser of the Progressives for Obama website.

Raphael Pizzaro-New York labour activist and former CPUSA member. An official of both CoC and DSA.

Gloria Steinem-Author and senior DSA member An Obama supporter and volunteer.

Cornel West-Academic and prominent DSA member. West now serves as an advisor to the Obama campaign.

Quentin Young-Chicago doctor, prominent DSA member. Quentin Young is a neighbour, friend and supporter of Barack Obama. he attended the famous 1995 meeting in the home of Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn where Barack Obama was introduced by Alice Palmer as the chosen successor to her Illinois State Senate seat.

Carl Davidson, former Chicago CoC National Committee member, New Party activist, associate of Barack Obama and friend of Bill Ayers, now serves as Progressives for Obama webmaster.

The originals of these documents are held in the Washington DC area. I personally viewed them when I visited Washington in May 2008.

If any journalist, media organisation or publisher would like to view the original documents they may email Trevor Loudon, to be considered-address is on the side bar under New Zeal Research Associates.

I urge my US readers to forward this post to any journalist you consider may have the courage or ability to use them to good effect.

Bloggers-feel free to copy the images posted above.



President Carter's involvement in foreign elections to avoid any and all tactics to distort results. Here is the list:

Elections Monitored by The Carter Center:
71 Elections in 28 Countries
(April 2008 figures)
Cherokee Nation
(July 1999) Liberia
(July 1997, October 2005)
China Elections
(March 1997, July 1997, March 1998, January 1999, September 1999, January 2000, August 2000, September 2001, December 2001, December 2002, June 2004, May 2005, May 2006) Mali
(April 2002)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
(July 2006) Mexico
(July 1992, August 1994, July 1997, July 2000)
Dominican Republic
(May 1990, June 1996, May 2000)
(December 1999, November 2003, December 2004)
East Timor
(August 1999, August 2001, April 2002, June 2007)
(April 2008)
(September 2007*, September 2008*)
(February 1990, October 1996, November 2000, November 2001, November 2006)
(May 2005)
(December 1998, January 1999, February 20, 1999, Feb. 27, 1999)
(November 1992) Palestinian Territories
(January 1996, January 2005, January 2006)
(November 2003*) Panama
(May 1989, May 1994)
(October 1992, March 2001, August 2006*)
(May 1993)
(December 1990)
(April 2000, June 2001)
(June 1999, July 2004) Sierra Leone
(May 2002)
(December 1997, October 2002)
(December 1998, July 2000, August 2004, December 2006*)
(December 2002) Zambia
(October 1991, December 2001)
*These missions were targeted or focused observations and did not result in statements on the overall administration of the electoral process.

Why has Carter been so involved in these elections? Fairness is the principle behind electing a candidate. If he has demonstrated such standards on world elections in the interests of fairness, when does he intend to scrutinize the fraud committed by ACORN. The election process needs to be overhauled (like the show). Already in Florida, early voters have been complaining about process. If I want the voters to participate properly, we need to make the process foolproof (dummy proof). And South Florida is the poster child for election fiascos. Let a third party organization conduct a study on how problems arose for voters across the country. This should include accusations of fraud and any other misconduct. Then, all issues could be addressed in time for the 2012 election.
I read the sample ballot dispensed in the local mail to all residents. The Amendments were written in jargon that only a trial lawyer could possibly decipher. Semantics and logic was my favorite class in high school. I have a college education and a ost graduate degree. I have a reasonably well orchestrated command of the English language. I found the manner in which the Amendments were written make them nearly impossible for anyone to understand. Anyone with less ability to make reasonably judgements may not be qualified to vote. I read about Democrats driving bus loads of citizens from wherever to the booths. Some of the people are homeless!! They do need a voice, but are they capable of honestly voting with any comprehension?! Sometimes underhandedness provokes people to do things. This type of behavior is really amoral, bordering on criminal. I think when Carter gets involved in past elections in a gesture of fairness, he is guilt laiden with silence when he fails to do so now.

From his webpage the Carter Center

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Where The Economy Is Headed--Credit Card Disaster

The last 2 pictures are directly related to the poor state of the economy. The restaurant has been replaced several times on only a few years. The other stores were all types. They changed multiple times, also. Now empty appears to be the only surefire resident.
Credit cards are predicted to be the next crash industry. When the housing first started it's downturn, most people were in denial about recessionary changes. Blinded by greed, the buying frenzy continued. With no short term answer for mortgages monthly expense, credit card advances were the temporary solution. With the mirage of the economy set to turn the corner back towards prosperity, higher interest rates accompanied cash advances. Fees piled on like a tackled football player. Now, no signs of a turnaround spell disaster for the home owner. With banks directly tied to credit cards, the second phase of economic depression appears to be rearing it's ugly head. Further, the taxpayer is virtually drowning with expenses. The government cannot borrow indefinately. Additionally, Obama's platform spells disaster for small business. Job loss is the only thing we know forthcoming. Finally, Biden and I both agree on an international crisis coming. With an inexperienced radical at the helm, permanent economic collapse of our economy is evident. China will own the US and Europe. The Russians are set to meet the US on a new low plateau cold war. Muslim radicals are waiting to jump on the West. What lies in wait for the next President is anybody's guess. I can only pray someone with experience is at the helm.

Five Guys Restaurant in Plaza-next several storefronts EMPTY

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Five Guys Restaurant in Plaza But.....

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In this next video a Muslim leader Daffy Qaddafi is not only saying Obama is a Muslim, but that Muslim leaders have financed his campaign!! Admitting this is a major news story. Can you imagine if any of these horrible people sent 1 nickel to Bush or McCain!! Take a look!

Furthermore, he says that Obama's position in ME conflict issues should approach the Iranian nuclear issue with a possible trade off. The trade-Israeli dismantling of the Dimona nuclear plant and the stoppage of Iranian aspiration of nuclear tech in exchange. This would leave Israel defenseless in an all out assault from the surrounding countries. The carrot on the stick to the Israelis initially would be Jerusalem as the recognized capital (temporarily). WOW!! The whole plan laid out in front of everyone. The stupid fucking Jews in this country would pass out from excitement. Every Left wing nut job would need Ritalin to control the shaking from the Ecstasy they would be feeling.
Qaddafi then explained the assassination of Kennedy as a tactic by Israeli undercover agents. This was used to suspend the inquiry by Kennedy's administration into the nuclear ability of the Israelis. The Obama solution has never been pursued. Why?

Apparently Obama is even convinced!




He is obviously only interested in calling hate speech when it is spoken by "the other side."

I hate the women on the view!! They are the worst kind of Left!! Someone please slap them!! AARRGGHH!
If someone said hate speech like Rush it would be THE ONLY THING on the media until he is forced to resign!!










I thank G-d everyday when I see others following the things I follow. I haven't the time to make a video, but this team did a job that deserves the applause of being posted. Congratulations and Commendations!

* WARNING UNCENSORED - Laura Ingraham and Daryl Patterson agree on William Ayres and Barack Hussein Obama Bill O'Reilly Factor No Spin Zone. Obama mus


If these registrations are reviewed and not allowed to vote due to fraudulence, then the integrity will be upheld and the vote won't be skewed in Obama's favor. I believe this is a ploy to disenfranchise or discourage McCain voters by FAKE momentum and expected overwhelming turnout. Dont give up. More people plan to vote Republican than we are lead to believe. Keep up the message and we will build the momentum necessary to defeat this horrible candidate. VOTE MCCAIN !!! NOT OBAMA!!


How irresponsible is the Liberal Media and the DNC in not properly vetting Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama Alwaleed bin Talal
Obama Ayers
Obama Barry Soetoro
Obama vs. Berg
Obama Bernie Sanders
Obama The New Black Panthers
Obama Chicago Annenberg Challenge
Obama Cloward-Piven Strategy
Obama Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)
Obama Donald Warden
Obama Emil Jones
Obama Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac
Obama Farrakhan
Obama Frank Marshall Davis
Obama Franklin Raines
Obama George Soros
Obama Jim Johnson
Obama Khalidi
Obama Khalid al-Mansour
Obama Malcom X
Obama Mohammed Hasan Chandoo
Obama Raila Odinga
Obama Rezko
Obama Saul Alinski
Obama Woods Fund
Obama Wright / Unity Trinity Church
Obama Donald Young


FIRST I WANNA THANK YOUTUBE RESIDENT BESTPOLITICALVIDEOS FOR THIS POST. I encourage everyone to go there and help him in any way possible. Spread the word and maybe we can pull this out after all.

Books: Along with my running mate, I voted against a bill that would have increased oversight of the banking and mortgage industries, especially Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That running mate I just mentioned? Well, he does not think I am qualified to be president, but hes since changed his mind. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Speaking of which: In a ten-year poll, I am the second-largest beneficiary of campaign contributions from the two largest corporate failures managed by Democratic CEOs (Fannie/Freddie). Pretty cool considering I have only been around about three years. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh...and those CEOs that took advantage of deregulation and the American taxpayer now advise me (..but I cant admit it anymore. Sorry!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that Americans should pay higher prices at the pumps because I plan on taxing heavily oil company profits to pay for my welfare programs (and my so-called tax cuts - which are not really cuts at all...heee heee!). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I plan on giving tax cuts to 95% of Americans, except that 40% of Americans already do not pay any significant income taxes. I am cutting taxes! Really! It is not Marxist income income redistribution! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe that govt is qualified to run a nationalized healthcare system. After all, look how well we handled the bailout! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- And nobody is questioning any of this cuz Barbara Walters thinks I am sexy, and America is full of relatively good people who love my smile. (Boy, I do have great smile if I do say so myself.) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHO AM I? (If you guess right, I will make sure my Truth Squads do not prosecute you for thinking freely! Good luck!) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERIOUSLY PEOPLE. IF YOU KNEW THIS ABOUT A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE UP-FRONT, WOULD YOU EVER VOTE FOR HIM OR HER? -------------------------------------------- How did Obama get this far?


Obama supports Reparation(slavery compensation)
Obama tied with:
-ACORN's 13-state voter fraud
-Fannie Mae scandal
-voted 97% w/Nancy Pelosi. Part of Pelosi's 'ethical'congress was passing 855 bills behind closed doors w/o votes or debates
-fraud deals w/Rezko, hasnT repudiated terrorist friend AYERS
-racist hatemongering friends like Wright, & Farrahkan
-endorsed by those that HATE America
-had Harvard education paid 4 by muslim Saudi Billionaire
-speaks arabic, both dads R muslim, Obama is 2!


I can't even comment.....Oy Gavolt!


Who is going to advise us how to handle the challenge of the banks? The Democrats who stole the money are now going to steal taxpayer money by now being in charge of even more......SMART!!


How can the Democrats clean up the Republican mess?! Certainly, iit is apparent that they are responsible since Bush is President. Democrats only recently took control of the Congress. After all, Barney (Benedict Arnold) Frank was part of the solution because he did such a terrific job with the bailout bill. He was congratulated on his good work on TV by Speaker Pelosi and other Democrat cohorts and the US owes them a debt of gratitude for the way they have protected the public. I took pictures and posted them showing the result of the economic disaster perpetrated by the Republicans and now they are going to lose the White House also. And deservedly so. Or is it.............

Notice Rep. Meeks says,"I am pissed off!" A true Congressional class act. What professionalism and such an exemplary display we can all be proud of. I would be very proud to have voted for such a well spoken representative. SHMUCK.

Democrat Lacy Cray displays his disgust for Republican calls for regulation as "lynching" which has racist connotations.

The Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight director has to answer to Meeks and his expression is absolutely priceless!! Please watch closely at the 3:12 mark. Its a keeper!

Rep Chris Shays inadvertently blurts out that people are being paid off and he is afraid to find out how accurate his accusation is...3:40

Barney Benedict Arney Franks displays his tight oversight as a committee "Ranking Member" on the Financial Services Committee. He shows his dedication and displays his expertise in understanding what entails his position on the committee. Thank G-d he was there. 4:45


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1. Obama
2. Marx (Not Groucho)
3. Stalin
4. (Chairman) Mao Tse Tung(Not The Deli Type)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


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This is a picture of a plaza on a main strip out west in Palm Beach County. This is a newly constructed plaza which had several different store types. This plaza is empty. It is in a high traffic location with people entering into its lot to go to the Publix supermarket.


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This is a picture of another vacancy storefront. This is the same fascia covering given to a storefront when construction is being conducted for a new establishment. They haven't been replenishing anything that has been going out. Borrowing money to open a business would be great. Having customers who have the ability to spend money at the establishment would be priceless....


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This is a vacancy in the Wellington Florida mall. One of approximately 12 currently. All of them were filled and had plenty of traffic running thru the mall on a weekly basis. Each store was different in its type and each failed. More are advertising going out of business sales. The mall will be given that odd feeling something isnt right when the holidays get a little closer. I took photos of the other store fronts. They are cleverly disguised as though something is coming in its place soon. But its a trojan horse for the troubling scenario taking place across America. Why won't the government stop waisting our money on stupid pork projects and lobbying friends. If Obama has generated a record in funds for his campaign then he owes a lot of people a lot of favors. Strange, how did the Democrats raise substantially more capital than the Republicans if the democrats are only out to help the poor. In a bad economy no less....Makes ya wonder....


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This is a picture of a new residential building going up in Miami Beach. It is in no way the only building going up. There are at least 10 projects similar in size and price. All of them are large monuments, empty on nearly every floor. The entire coast of South Florida is littered with projects like this. The circumstances are the same...empty. In this picture, the smaller attractive building in front is also nearly brand new with commercial bottom floor and residential on up. Nearly every unit empty. Will this change-NO. Only worse.


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Notice the glass can be seen thru but still retains the name of the Thomasville furniture chain. If the Congress passes a bill to give banks money to lend to businesses, how is it going to help the purchaser of the goods. The consumer needs the help, the banks will ultimately get it. I can see that the Congress disperses money for the lobby friends but the mainstreet folk get creamed. I intend to take a stand and make no major purchases until a hard line Conservative gets the reigns. Obama will only help line the pockets of his terrorist friends and socialist cohorts.


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This is the first of 2 pictures showing a popular furniture store near a large mall in a moderately affluent area. The store is also part of a large chain which is in most of Florida. I am showing this picture of the well maintained plaza it is or was in. The storefronts next to it are also empty and so are multiple storefronts in the same plaza. Nothing has stayed for very long except for a few stores of varying types. 50% of the plaza has been troubled and very few have attempted to replace what has gone out.

Continued in next picture.......


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This is a recent cover a magazine I believe most people in the US are familiar with. When I look at the cover, the wording has been especially chosen for purposes of Obama's campaign. I do not believe he wrote this or that his staff participated in any of its fabrication. But the agenda is plainly seen and it justifies the conception of the liberal bias media force feeding the impressionable generation that is the base for its readership. Maybe AARP should be notified to contact McCain? Whew!! I just got a whiff of this bull..



I caught this meeting held Oct 10-11 which was broadcast on C-span. It featured a number of distinguished guests. I watched for almost the entire meeting since it was so interesting. I hope to be at a meeting someday. I recommend the Henry Cain speech mostly. I am not sure if they will be able to keep the name based on the real possibility that Obama is likely to win the election.
I will copy some information for the site for you to read and learn their purpose.

"Americans for Prosperity (AFP) and Americans for Prosperity Foundation (AFP Foundation) are committed to educating citizens about economic policy and mobilizing those citizens as advocates in the public policy process. AFP is an organization of grassroots leaders who engage citizens in the name of limited government and free markets on the local, state and federal levels. The grassroots members of AFP advocate for public policies that champion the principles of entrepreneurship and fiscal and regulatory restraint.

AFP Foundation is committed to educating citizens about economic policy and a return of the federal government to its Constitutional limits. AFP Foundation’s educational programs and analyses help policymakers, the media and individual citizens understand why policies that promote the American enterprise system are the best method to ensuring prosperity for all Americans. To that end, AFP and AFP Foundation supports:

Cutting taxes and government spending in order to halt the encroachment of government in the economic lives of citizens by fighting proposed tax increases and pointing out evidence of waste, fraud, and abuse.
Tax and Expenditure Limitations to promote fiscal responsibility.
Removing unnecessary barriers to entrepreneurship and opportunity by sparking citizen involvement in the regulatory process early on in order to reduce red tape.
Restoring fairness to our judicial system.
Americans for Prosperity and Americans for Prosperity Foundation are two separate entities with their own governing boards. Each is a national organization based in Washington, DC, with staff on the ground in state chapters across the nation.

AFP and AFP Foundation’s network of organized and influential citizen leaders in a growing number of states throughout the country is working to change the nation one state at a time.

AFP mobilizes citizens to effectively make their voices heard in public policy issue campaigns.
AFP educates citizens about where their elected officials stand on our issues.
AFP and AFP Foundation combine "best-in-class" capabilities built once at the national level with local knowledge from our state staff and on-the-ground armies to create economies of scale that win.
AFP and AFP Foundation leverage our comparative advantages with those of other groups by building coalitions of local, state, and national organizations fighting for a common cause.
Through its Grassroots Training Schools, AFP Foundation has recruited and educated thousands of citizens on how to promote greater economic prosperity."

I hope their inspiration motivates the movers and the shakers to help get this country on the right path.