Monday, February 9, 2009

Is Arik Sharon a War Criminal ?

During the 1st War in Lebanon I served as a combat soldier in the I.D.F., yet it seems to me the answer to this question is: "definitely yes". Let's look at the historical records, shall we: After the Council of Nicaea historian Edward Gibbon estimates that the Roman Catholic Church killed more Christians than the Roman Empire. Then we have the Crusades, most of which were spent looting and raping the Greek Orthodox in Byzantium than freeing Jerusalem from the infidels. Then in France we have the Albigencian crusade against a wayward sect of Catholics and the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre of the Huguenots. Following this we have the Inquisition (since every one in the world has heard the rock group Queen sing about: "Galileo, Galileo", at least twice, there is no need to elaborate). Then, of course, we have the "peaceful occupation" of Central and South America by the Conquistadors. In modern times we have the Roman Catholic Church's endorsement of both Franco and Mussolini and we have the agreements negotiated by Franz Von Papen which united the Catholic Youth groups in Germany with the Hitler Youth. This is how Pope Benedict became a member of the Hitler Youth until the war ended in 1945 when the Pope was 17 years old. That members of the Hitler Youth as young as age 14 were actively involved in the fighting is well documented by both the American and Russian armies (The Pope, of course, was a member of the "pacifist wing" of the Hitler Youth). And, finally, we have the Roman Catholic Ustashi in Croatia and its war against the Greek Orthodox Serbs. Therefore, in conclusion, in view of the historical record, Arik Sharon's claim that he "never imagined" that the Roman Catholic Maronites in Lebanon could carry a massacre is, quite simply: "Rucking Fidiculous".

The Scottish JEW aka "Man on the Street in Israel"


Anonymous said...

A Lebanese Phalangist who took part in the massacre told me "we did it, we have a lot of blame to carry, but the world blamed Sharon which was good for us, but very wrong"

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