Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I went to see Liebermann when he came to my area locally in order to show his support for McCain (while running for President). He spoke about his undying loyalty towards supporting Israel. He went on to say that the Republicans have become the guardians for Israel and have properly recognized Israel's importance as an ally. He took the bold step to actually cross party lines based on principle, deciding to designate his party affiliation as "independent" rather than Dem or Rep.
Senator Liebermann has a nasty habit of speaking out for Israel and voting against Israel! That's right! He voted several years ago when a bill came up for sending approx $200 million to Israel. The purpose was to help boost the economy there because a terrorist attack during Passover. Only two Senators stopped the passing temporarily because the of the threat of philibuster. The threat was due to the fact that no provisions were made for the Palestinian economy. The argument was that the terror attack was more detramental to their livelihood and needed to be addressed additionally. The two senators were: Shmuck Schumer, a jew and Liebermann aka pruneface. These dumb Jews forced an earmark for $50 million to be granted to the Palestinians. First, they were the perpetrators of the attack. Second, how many Senators would have represented the Israeli situation had the shoe been on the other foot? None. These two Jews should NEVER be voted back into office.
In keeping with the tradition to constantly vote against Israel and America, both Schmuck Schumer and Liebermann voted for the Stimulus Bill. As per my prior post, the bill set aside money for Palestinian terrorists to immigrate to the US. I plan on keeping a record for these 2 Senators. I will make sure when they are up for reelection, the public is aware of their poor judgement.

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