Monday, August 31, 2009

2nd Annual International Jewish Bloggers Convention

I am excited to announce I have signed up to attend this incredible event today. The first convention took place last year which I had to miss because of timing constraints. The lineup looks terrific and the opportunity to mingle amongst fellow Jewish bloggers is too great to pass up a second time. If an award is given for the blogger who attends from the greatest distance, I will be in the running for first place! Defending Israel through social media is the session I am looking forward to the most. While I have been a longtime defender of Israel since this blog's inception, the opportunity to get information firsthand to further my effort is the most precious. The "Scottish Jew" is in constant contact with me, but his aloof nature leads me to believe he will not attend with me. I can't imagine what this convention will ingrain in my persona, but I hope it meets all my expectations. Would I miss this convention a second time knowing that the current affairs of world stage politics is so tumultuous? Don't be rucking fidiculous! (And if you see me there, say hello. Not doing it is ridiculous!)

Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Communism in the Classroom" Pass it On!


Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival is holding an important event in Washington DC August 20th.

“Back to School” Conference on “Communism in the Classroom” to be held August 20 at National Press Club. New disclosures about Barack Obama terror associate Bill Ayers.

America’s Survival, Inc. (ASI) is holding a news conference on Thursday to release the results of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests into the activities and foreign travel of University of Illinois Professor Bill Ayers, a former leader of the communist terrorist group, the Weather Underground. Bill Ayers and President Barack Obama were political associates and worked on educational issues together when Obama was an Illinois state senator.

In his best-selling book, Dreams from My Father, Obama said that when he went to college he picked Marxist professors and others as friends in order to avoid being perceived as a “sellout.”

“It is time to examine the influence of Marxist professors, not only on our president, but on students across the nation,” declared ASI President and veteran journalist Cliff Kincaid.

The University of Illinois has been embroiled in a scandal over hundreds of poorly qualified students getting admission through high level political and financial connections. The August 20 “Communism in the Classroom” conference will ask the questions: Who hired Bill Ayers and why?

For the first time, ASI will release and analyze the course descriptions or syllabi of Ayers’ “education” courses at the University of Illinois.

ASI will also report on a controversial trip Ayers made to Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela in 2006, to speak at a “World Educational Forum.”

The event will be held on August 20 at 12:30 p.m. in the First Amendment Lounge of the National Press Club (529 14th St., NW) in Washington, D.C.

Speakers include noted author and Professor Paul Kengor of Grove City College on “Anti-Anti-Communism in the Academy;” Professor Mary Grabar on what Ayers is “teaching” in the classroom and whether he got his job “the Chicago Way;” and America’s Survival President Cliff Kincaid on journalism “educator” Curtis MacDougall’s 319-page FBI file.

The “Communism in the Classroom” conference is free of charge and open to the press and the public. But reservations are requested at 443-964-8208 or

New Zeal

Anybody interested in the future of US education should be at this conference. I urge my friends in the US blogging community to circulate this notice as widely as possible.


Trevor Loudon


The position of First Lady is a distinguished one. The past position has been held by ladies who were dignified, respectful, classy, and well educated. The most memorable women that exemplified this were Ladybird Johnson, Eleanor Roosevelt, Jackie-O, and even Hillary. The image of this office is changing with each administration. The current First Lady has had quite a reputation to live up to and she fully intends to make her own legacy.
The legacy of First Lady Michelle Obama will be one not soon forgotten, I assure you. From her pick of dress for the Inaugural Ball to meeting the Queen, Americans can rest assure Michelle will smite all Western leaders, dress inappropriately, act disrespectfully, and present herself with a contemptuous attitude worthy of her illustrious background. From slapping the Queen
across her back, to doing the "bump" with African leaders, to her anti-white rhetorical ideology, to relaying the message of her revelation that she can finally be "proud of her country".
So, in the tradition of our great heritage, First Lady Obama partakes in a family outing to the grandiose American phenomenon known as the Grand Canyon. Michelle dressed down for the occasion to a questionable, if not objectionable, point. Her contempt for this nation and disrespect has been questioned multiple times. Who could have provided guidance on the dress code for her outing? Other past First Ladies should have been interviewed for their insight and opinion. Her advisors should have picked a more appropriate outfit and something less controversal. Her lack of "cover" is distasteful. Her simple dressing showed lack of class. And her skin exposure showed her misunderstanding of greenhouse gases affecting ozone levels. If she unerstood, she would have covered up with clothes and sunblock.
What was she appropriately dressed for? Well, she could have made a Nair commercial!

She could have played a dancer for a P. Diddy remake of "Baby Got Back!"

In fact, she was prepared for everything except showing the virtue of her position. She has time to make ammends before her husband "Sheik Obama" is finally voted out or impeached. I trust she will continue on her personal crusade to denigrate America, though. Oh, and for those who feel she did nothing wrong the way she dressed.....I think if Michelle can continue to dress in this manner, I would like to offer a suggestion on dressing for Sheik Obama:

Is this appropriate for the President Sheik Obama!?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2nd Amendment and the Bible

I engaged a debate on a social networking site a few days ago about self defense and the Bible. A well-intentioned liberal suggested that the Bible prohibits self defense and the use of lethal force. As support, she cited Matthew 5:38-39:

"You have heard that it was said, An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. But I say to you, Do not resist the evil man who injures you; but if anyone strikes you on the right jaw or cheek, turn to him the other one too."

I responded:

You can't quote Scripture to support any argument because you can't quote Scripture to support the argument that the Bible somehow prohibits or even frowns down upon lethal self defense. It appears the issue is whether self-defense is Biblically permitted. I argue that it is not just permitted, it is encouraged. First
off, we must ask why the right cheek was specified? Because the verse refers to what we today call a "bitch slap," where one strikes another using the back of their right hand (of course, this assumes correctly that most were right-handed). Back then, a bitch slap was used not so much with the intent to inflict bodily injury but to shame, insult. We must also remember that Jesus was correcting the pharisees who were teaching, erroneously, that the revengent notion of "eye for an eye" applied not only to gov't's punishment of wrongdoing, but also to personal revenge. It was personal revenge against insult, shame, etc., that Jesus prohibited.

This is a far cry from self defense, obviously, and you don't need Scripture to point out this fact. Logically speaking, if my life is threatened and I don't defend myself, then I probably won't be around to turn the other cheek. So interpreting the verse to mean we shouldn't defend ourselves doesn't make sense. Again Matthew 5 does not allude to ascenario requiring self defense, but to something much more benign. Moreover, Biblical support abounds. Exodus 22 can be cited for the proposition that we can use lethal force against an intruder. In 1 Sam. 13, we're told that a nation that doesn't bear arms invites attack and plunder. In Nehemiah 4, God instructs the Israelites to bear arms (swords) to defend and protect. Luke 22 (supra) stands for essentially the same proposition. And lastly (but not limited to), 1 Tim. 5 instructs us to take care and provide for our families. Obviously, this implies both protecting oneself (the bread winner) and his/her family (for whom he/she provides).

American Confucius

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Last Delta Two Rocket

Here is a picture showing the last rocket ever to blast off from NASA. I didn't expect it until I saw Fox News. I could not get my video camera in time. If you wanted to know what WW 3 would look like, it looks eerily similar to this, I imagine.

Posted by ShoZu

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I have been following the health care debate for the last year daily. Hours and hours spent watching different groups sprout up and give context to their agenda. Who are the groups and what are they saying? I have extensively read their articles, their activity, and looked up their staff. This issue has become the number one topic of conversation for everyone, regardless of age. The arguments are persuasive and profound. Conclusion? Many talk about the issues knowing full well that they are lying. For example, the American Medical Assoc. cannot possibly account for their position in support of the bill yet the members overtly oppose it. It is easy to understand the stand taken by the AMA when you reason for what purpose it serves. I have 2 names I use on this blog: 1) unapologeticethnocentricsemite and 2) grappledoctor. The grappledoctor name is a reference to mixed martial arts for which I will not comment further for now. The doctor reference is because I am in the medical field. As a doctor, I have the "inside" view most fail to recognize. As a citizen of this country, I am personally concerned. Finally, as the father of a child with a genetic disorder, I have experienced hardship unlike most have ever seen. The doctor side has seen patients both wealthy and poor. Patients perceptions of medical issues have changed over the years and I have witnessed the brainwashing of the public at large in believing medical care should be free. Is this the proper view knowing full well what it takes to be in the health care industry? I will be writing a plethora of articles over the next 3 weeks explaining the issues that have already been addressed in ways not yet viewed. I will be informing readers of this blog of issues not a single page on the internet has had the chutzpah to explore. And finally, I will be leaving for Israel in the next few weeks giving myself time to fully write the details others fail to write. I hope for feedback with dialogue from readers to express thoughts openly and honestly with the opportunity to indulge townhall meetings with intellectual conversation. We, the people, will decide the future path! Not Democrats or Republicans! When we remind the politicians of this, they will respond in kind. A Call to Arms!!