Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Stimulus Bill, which provides condoms to de-stimulate people's sex drive, is aimed at creating construction jobs for the masses. There is no guarantee the jobs will be generated solely for Americans. By explicit differentiation of terms, Americans should be delegated all jobs concerning any project the money is alloted to. Versus jobs created by American taxpayers going to illegal immigrants. The fine print refuses to express this properly due to the fact that the illegals are a constituency base for the Democrats.
The projects being considered for funds (approved?) are the rebuilding of roads and bridges, supertrains, and refurbishing of government buildings (wasn't a lavish office redo one of their gripes of the Congressional committee on this). A worthy cause considering the bridge collapse last year. But is there a better, more urgent idea that stops the bleeding of another problem. The building of the wall along the border for the entire length of the border. The wall could be built to create jobs in every state along the border. The wall would stop the illegal immigration problem. In addition, it will increase the number of applicants for immigrating into the US. That would create more jobs and tax fees for the government. All costs associated with illegals, like crime, overloading the health care system and educationally system would no longer be bleeding money.

A second asset would be the generation of a finite illegal immigration population. In other words, a manageable problem. The construction jobs that have been stolen (yes, stolen) by the illegal masses have been detrimental to the Black community. Why? Because the many jobs in construction were performed by the Black community. When the illegals replaced them with a much lower salary, they lost their jobs. The retribution to the Black community should be addressed by hiring the Black community to become border guards. Irony brings smiles to the wronged! If anyone can do the job with the gusto necessary, the community damaged the most is it.
If our representatives actually read the bill passed recently, they would realize the poor context written and the half-assed job done by the authors. The ideas were written with haste. Apparently, nobody felt compelled to review it and contribute refined plans. Finally, the lack of brilliance in its presentation shows through and through. If this is the best we can do, what would the worst possibly be? Do yourself a "I'm Just A Bill, I'm Only A Bill" by Schoolhouse Rock. For G-d sake, send the idiots in Congress a copy!


missionrn14 said...

I like this article, please keep on's enlightening!
Thanks for your hard work and passion in keeping us informed.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

"Thanks for your support" said the pair for Bartles and James.

Anonymous said...

I would like to respectfully disagree with this article. First, the idea that the jobs created by the stimulus bill should go only to Americans is so obvious it need not ever be said. Second, illegal immigrants who are already in the country are as much a part of the economy as anyone else, and any benefit to them benefits us all. To try and pretend like they are not here is completely impractical. But even having said that, there is absolutely no aspect of the current stimulus package that is aimed at providing jobs for illegal immigrants, or helping the job markets in which they commonly work. Third, while the construction of a wall along our Mexican border would stimulate our economy, it would not prevent illegal immigration, as can be shown by enormous past increases in border patrol that have had little to no effect. It is not that the ideas in this article are bad, it is simply that they would not work; the general problem with conservative views.