Thursday, October 29, 2009

Alleged Burglars Attempt Crime In Black Face

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In Iowa, two white suspects were pulled over by local police after their car matched the description of a caller reporting a crime in progress. The suspects, Mat McNelly, 23, and Joey Miller, 20, were found in their car wearing Sharpie permanent marker on their face. The suspects were arrested and posted bail. Their lawyer has no comment so far. I suggest Sharpie compensate the bail posted by the suspects for the free advertising provided. Also, the Al Jolson Family Trust and Estate should see an increase in revenue for the increased interest in old time Black Face performers.

I have several suggestions for future would-be burglars that want to conceal their faces:
1) egg on their face
2) if the perpetrators are black, white-out their complexion (opposite of these idiots)
3) ski masks
4) dress up in drag with foundation, lipstick, and rouge
5) the eyeglasses with a fake nose and mustache
6) a Presidents face rubber mask (Bush or Obama recommended)
7) panty hose
8) shoe polish

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Secret Message Hidden Within The Movie Saw VI

I had a date this past weekend with a girlfriend. When we decided to see the new movie Saw VI, we anticipated it was going to be similar in concept to the past movies. The Saw franchise has produced a series that is reminiscent to the Friday the 13th run and the Nightmare on Elm Street run. The difference between the prior Saw flicks wasn't much until I paid particular attention to this latest rendition.
I noticed the Saw VI movie coincidentally came out when the Health Care Reform Bill is at its most heated controversy. The Saw movies have always put the characters into perplexing situations which gives "the edge" that draws the cult viewership. The main character here works for an insurance company, a health insurance company. The message is repeated frequently that the company decides who dies because the policies sold to patients is never honored. The insurance company is defined as greedy, trying to find loopholes in critically ill people's policies in order to deny coverage, and constantly investigating patients for preconditions in order to deny coverage. The moviegoer is given the feeling that the CEO of the insurance company is the evil person and is finally getting his just dessert.
That is not the only hidden message in the movie! Nope, it is the one I feel must be addressed first. The other hidden message is the one of forgiveness. Is forgiveness a politically correct message? No, it is not. But the deliberate portrayal of torture and death distributed to the guilty in the movie can be seen as a subliminal message against capital punishment. The victim is put through difficult decisions when he or she is given the opportunity to punish someone that has very grievously wronged them. They feel the rush of retribution because they can enact revenge upon the perpetrator. Yet, the degree of torture the perpetrator is subjected to creates guilt in the executioner and a new feeling of wanting to forgive the person is felt. The hidden message? When a horrible crime is committed, the need for leniency should be considered. This is against capital punishment for the most indescribable crimes.
I encourage everyone to miss this movie. The movie hides the message to the untrained eye and subliminally trains the viewer. The message shouted out to me which caused me to fade out of the movie instead of being drawn in. The next Saw movie I plan to miss. My girlfriend likes the "tug at your heart" feel good movies and I intend to watch one with her. Maybe if saw VII is about evil government officials who decide who gets medical treatment or not, I will catch it. But I doubt it!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Soldier's Angels

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This is a picture of the handout that was distributed to the visitors at the Blogger Convention in Las Vegas. To learn more about this organization and help, contact them at Thank you and G-d Bless!

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At the bloggers convention, the most compelling vendor/exhibitor was the Soldier's Angels. The display was run by two volunteers who were both military people. They were not in the best location at the show but still created enough fanfare to be noticed by the attendees. The US Military sponsored the show and had their own exhibit adjacent to this organization. I thanked the people at the exhibits for their service to the country. They never hear it enough so if the opportunity presents itself, I suggest you do the same. The organization originated from a mother of a soldier. The soldier (son) "expressed concern that some soldiers did not receive any mail or support from home." The mother began to work on a writing campaign online creating a community of caring individuals.
The organization care created packages for different purposes. They consist of simple gestures such as a letter of support and appreciation to materials for the wounded and Vets to support for the families of the soldiers. Their efforts have merited them all kinds of recognition including the US Army Civilian Award for Service in 2006 and the Microsoft USO Effort Award of 2007.
This organization is a non for profit 501(c)(3).

Friday, October 16, 2009

The Convention Begins

The convention begins with the founder of Technorati. here is the entrance to the exhibitors area.

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Blog World Expo 2009

I am attending the Blog World Expo 2009 in an attempt to make this site incredible. I have been working behind the scenes trying to incorporate podcasting in both audio and video into the site. I have neglected to post in the usual number of articles since it has been very time consuming. I am readying my pics from the Jewish Bloggers Convention in Jerusalem I attended about a month ago. I purchased photoshop finally! And I am already working on a small group of regulars I can interview for opinion insight from various fields. I have an insurance expert with an extensive history and understanding of what is taking place in the Health Care Reform Act debate. I have an immigration lawyer who has many years of practice. He has had experience with immigrants from multiple countries and how the laws have changed. I, myself, am a doctor currently practicing. The debate over the Health Care Reform is riddled with conjecture and fallacies that many have never addressed. I am hoping to make my post today the next big step on Rucking fidiculous and hope that this convention and the last I attended, will bring more
profound debate to the forefront. So hang in there. I am going to flood the land with information in the next 48 hours. I hope to meet fellow bloggers at this weekend event. If you see my site name on my name tag, please introduce yourself to me. See you!
Unapologetic Ethnocentric Semite