Thursday, February 19, 2009


The Israelis got a lot of negative coverage during the Gaza uproar. While the Gaza terrorists initiated the attacks, the media downplayed the immediate rush to judgement by media critics. On the other hand, the intensely "documented" response was met brutally by the Palestinian and Arab propaganda machine. We had sources of questionable nature providing "evidence" of Israel response showing the ugly collateral damage side of war. Did the response receive the press it deserved? Let's take a look for the second time this year.....


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


The Stimulus Bill, which provides condoms to de-stimulate people's sex drive, is aimed at creating construction jobs for the masses. There is no guarantee the jobs will be generated solely for Americans. By explicit differentiation of terms, Americans should be delegated all jobs concerning any project the money is alloted to. Versus jobs created by American taxpayers going to illegal immigrants. The fine print refuses to express this properly due to the fact that the illegals are a constituency base for the Democrats.
The projects being considered for funds (approved?) are the rebuilding of roads and bridges, supertrains, and refurbishing of government buildings (wasn't a lavish office redo one of their gripes of the Congressional committee on this). A worthy cause considering the bridge collapse last year. But is there a better, more urgent idea that stops the bleeding of another problem. The building of the wall along the border for the entire length of the border. The wall could be built to create jobs in every state along the border. The wall would stop the illegal immigration problem. In addition, it will increase the number of applicants for immigrating into the US. That would create more jobs and tax fees for the government. All costs associated with illegals, like crime, overloading the health care system and educationally system would no longer be bleeding money.

A second asset would be the generation of a finite illegal immigration population. In other words, a manageable problem. The construction jobs that have been stolen (yes, stolen) by the illegal masses have been detrimental to the Black community. Why? Because the many jobs in construction were performed by the Black community. When the illegals replaced them with a much lower salary, they lost their jobs. The retribution to the Black community should be addressed by hiring the Black community to become border guards. Irony brings smiles to the wronged! If anyone can do the job with the gusto necessary, the community damaged the most is it.
If our representatives actually read the bill passed recently, they would realize the poor context written and the half-assed job done by the authors. The ideas were written with haste. Apparently, nobody felt compelled to review it and contribute refined plans. Finally, the lack of brilliance in its presentation shows through and through. If this is the best we can do, what would the worst possibly be? Do yourself a "I'm Just A Bill, I'm Only A Bill" by Schoolhouse Rock. For G-d sake, send the idiots in Congress a copy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I went to see Liebermann when he came to my area locally in order to show his support for McCain (while running for President). He spoke about his undying loyalty towards supporting Israel. He went on to say that the Republicans have become the guardians for Israel and have properly recognized Israel's importance as an ally. He took the bold step to actually cross party lines based on principle, deciding to designate his party affiliation as "independent" rather than Dem or Rep.
Senator Liebermann has a nasty habit of speaking out for Israel and voting against Israel! That's right! He voted several years ago when a bill came up for sending approx $200 million to Israel. The purpose was to help boost the economy there because a terrorist attack during Passover. Only two Senators stopped the passing temporarily because the of the threat of philibuster. The threat was due to the fact that no provisions were made for the Palestinian economy. The argument was that the terror attack was more detramental to their livelihood and needed to be addressed additionally. The two senators were: Shmuck Schumer, a jew and Liebermann aka pruneface. These dumb Jews forced an earmark for $50 million to be granted to the Palestinians. First, they were the perpetrators of the attack. Second, how many Senators would have represented the Israeli situation had the shoe been on the other foot? None. These two Jews should NEVER be voted back into office.
In keeping with the tradition to constantly vote against Israel and America, both Schmuck Schumer and Liebermann voted for the Stimulus Bill. As per my prior post, the bill set aside money for Palestinian terrorists to immigrate to the US. I plan on keeping a record for these 2 Senators. I will make sure when they are up for reelection, the public is aware of their poor judgement.

Monday, February 16, 2009


It's Valentine's Day weekend and the Islamic terror groug the Taliban have decided to celebrate in an unusual manner: Beheading! The religion that has brought us terror, threats, bombing, inequality for women, intolerance of others besides their own, Sharia Law, and all the other great things belonging to Islam, has now decided to remind us of the humanitarian attitude it takes towards its prisoners. The Taliban, who are arguably the closest real entity exemplifying Sharia Law, have beheaded their captive. The video of a Polish citizen being beheaded proves to the world the tactic preferred by the Taliban. Here is the United Press International article.
The outrage and shock from the Human Rights organizations is deafeningly......silent. The Islamic world's outrage over the Polish man's civil rights being violated are ..... silent?! Where is the proper react by everyone when a man is beheaded..on video?! The voices of the ACLU, the anti-war groups, etc. who screamed the prisoners at Gitmo were being tortured (TORTURED!!) are strangely silent now. This should make perfectly clear that an agenda is being forced upon society that deliberately picks and chooses when it in their best interest to sound the alarm.
What is the reaction on the biggest Muslim media organization? Well, the sound or inclination of their reporting appear to blame the Polish for not meeting the Taliban demands. No criticism about the violation of this man's civil rights. No mention of the violation of the Geneva Convention. No mention of the West's disgusted reaction. No quotations from officials.
Look at the article and decide for yourself.Here.
I hope and pray that the traditional media treats this immoral horror with the conviction it deserves. If the beheading simply passes with inaction, we can expect lots more to come. What can we expect from the enemies of the West? More death, terror, war, and instability. We can count on it! They are preparing everyday. Here is an article about how they are preparing right now to prove the point. Weapons cache found by Australia in Australia


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This site never ceases to amaze me. I get giddy sitting at my computer reading the articles. The fascinating breadth of writers and the intricate detail on everything happening is incredible. They are responsible for the Conservative 2.0 convention which I advise everyone to attend. The subject matter and guests are second to none. I intend to make arrangements to go next year and every year after that. I sincerely hope that the people responsible for this site approach the Fairness Doctrine with enough conviction to destroy any possibilty of its passing. I am listing this site and hope and prat that anybody with sound mind and heart support these people. Times like these call for people to stand up and create grassroot momentum and drum up support needed to return this country to where it belongs in the trsadition of the forefathers. I salute you and ...feeling really envious!



The Jews have done it again! Yep, congratulations! The Sheik Obama has allocated at least $20 million dollars towards resettling Palestinians (particularly Hamas) in the US with TAX PAYER MONEY! Wow, that will stimulate jobs galore. How? Security industry has just been given the proverbial shot in the arm with this concern. The President wanted to rush (no, not Limbaugh) the darn bill through in a covert cover up scam where money will be given to get this going. Brilliantly pointed out by pajamas media, the Bill was rushed because the Israeli election became the catalyst for this. If Netanyahu wins aka the Right Wing Party, then the money will go for "needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza."

This is an excerpt from the article and the entire article is found here Pajamas Media

2) Israel. If Netanyahu is elected in Israel, and if the Obama team feels that the key to historic “progress” in the Middle East
lies in rehabilitating Hamas, or in forcing 99.9% withdrawal from the West, or hinges on normalization with Iran, then
look for a fundamental recalibration of our relationship with Israel, as we lock horns with our traditional ally. I’ll leave it
at that. (Note well: one of Obama’s first acts was to allot $20 million for help in settling refugees from Gaza, apparently
(?) in the United States. That seems to be unwise, especially given the Palestinian clapping to news of 9/11 on the West
Bank. E.g.,
This passage is from both the article and the exact verbiage used in the bill:

By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 (the “Act”), as amended (22 U.S.C. 2601), I hereby determine, pursuant to section 2 (c) (1) of the Act, that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.

I blame the Republicans for this garbage. Bush made national security the primary issue and here the issue is not only compromised but officially dead. Stop the insanity. This issue alone could have been used to crush the administration. There is no compromise with the Left. All the stupid Republicans have to do is take their time reviewing the document now and come Monday tear it to shreds. Dont' let it go!! Push forward with criticizing the pork out of it. Go on all the traditional media outlets that are religious zealots of the Sheik and bring up the issues. It would be monumental in its damage on every level from lying, rushing, secrecy, the edxtent of the pork and on and on. Shmuck Shumer,( And I mean SHMUCK!), had the gaul (THE GAUL) to say the taxpayer doesn't want to know or care what the earmark pork is...!!%#@
Now let me see...I know what pork is and I am kosher so I don't like it. I know what earmarks are and I dont like them. I know what an ear is and I can't believe what I am hearing. Finally, I know a pig ear is something my dog chews on and she could chew on this bill if they would let her.
The Republicans better do something Monday. Otherwise, they are just as responsible for the bill. The three irresponsible Republicans that agreed to go along with the bill should be black listed immediately. Next time up, not supported by the party for reelection. The opportunity to allow the dems to take full responsibilty for this trash was diminished and allowed Dems to say it bipartisan. Unify and destroy. Divided voting compromises your position and your already in a minority situation. Letting this go and not pressing the matter is a mistake. Just because it passed doesn't mean public outcry can't change matters.
Jewish organizations are fair game for criticism. I find the stereotypical Liberal Jew is a supporter of this measure regardless of the consequences. They feel the Dems would never steer them wrong. Also, they would buy into any argument in support of it. They have a record of bending over backwards to appease those that hate them in a gesture to prove how understanding they are to others. Stupid? Extremely. They bought the ingenious argument that Barack Obama (aka the Sheik) is similar to Ba-ruch. Ba-ruch is the word in HEBREW for blessed. Barack is ARABIC for the same. But the Jews bought the point. Sheik Obama is the antithesis of everything Jews should hold dear. I am ashamed of these Jews. I am NOT a Jew for Jesus. I DO support the Christian groups and organizations because they are good people with beliefs that are rooted in our common Old Testament. Common ground is not hard to find. I belonged to an Orthodox synagogue. I find Orthodox Jews have common views with Christians and secular Jews baffling.
I know I have been an advocate for Act for America. Also, I have written several times about them. They deserve more praise then I have done, and for that I am sorry. They pressed the matter already to the Sheik Obama administration. They had signatures totaling at about 9000 in opposition to the possible misuse of funds to Hama immigration. I only hope my darling, Bridget Gabriel gets of FOX and educates the public. If Hamas is allowed here, G-d help us all.
ABsolutely Rucking Fidiculous!!

Oh, where, Oh, where has Ross Perot gone? Oh, where oh, where can he be?

These are momentos of the exciting but failed campaign of Ross Perot. The one time in my life when it looked as though a true grassroots movement would win the presidency. A positive message coupled with a business intellect could have made the US great..

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This site's author is quite an accomplished writer. She writes for Texas Magazine, Newsbusters, and the Houston Chronicle. Also, she writes about subject matter with a Conservative spirit in a wide variety of subjects. Her honest family values and common sense mentality appear to be rooted in life experience. She describes herself as formally Democrat but progressed to Republican. She has been actively blogging at since 2004. Worth more than a visit, I recommend her site for a regularly scheduled look.

Friday, February 13, 2009


The Islamic fundamentalist extremists that have America in their crosshairs have accomplished their goals. Delusions of grandeur over Islams rightful place ruling the world with Sharia Law under a Khilafah have perpetuated enemy governments and citizens alike to take action to fulfill this dream. The image of the destruction of the "Little Satan" (Israel) and the "Great Satan" (America) is believed to be paramount in the baby steps in this direction. Have they nearly achieved their goal? What can be used as a barometer to determine how close they are?
The destruction of the economy of America would be quite impressive. The destruction of the world economy would be unfathomable. An effort to strike fear into the citizenry, break down world economic power, and the destruction of an iconic symbol would accomplish everything in one felled swoop. Did the 911 Islamic terrorists bring all three to fruition? YES!
One, the terrorists have caused the populace to be deeply concerned about the stability and security of the future, even fearful. Everytime someone goes to the airport, one is reminded of the 911 incident. Everytime a plane crashes, the thought of terror being the cause is never far from anyone's mind. In countries routinely having attacks, India and Israel for example, the citizens are living daily with the threat.
Second, the destruction of any and all symbols representing anything besides Islam. The symbol which was 3000 years old representing Buddhism was blown up by the Taliban in Afghanistan. This made international news but resulted in little outcry by any of the usual groups that respond to such Barbary. The tactic to replace these type of symbols, permanently with Islamic ones, has been practiced for ages. A more renown example is the Dome of the Rock. It has taken the place of the Jewish and Christian symbols that have been there. The destruction of the World Trade Center was a tremendous venture. Its downfall struck terror into the hearts of all Americans. Was this the first attack on American soil? If it wasn't, why didn't we wake up? Did prior attacks create a numb attitude allowing this act to happen? The first attack on American soil was against the great leader of the Jewish Right Wing, Rabbi Kahane. Everyone downplayed the incident. Everyone was steadfast in covering up the attack, finding any excuse except the real reason(s). He was killed because he was feared, like all great leaders. He was attacked by a terrorist because homeland terror was never in the limelight in regards to Muslims like it is today. The attacker was considered mentally sick, not racist. Hate was never entertained as a motive! Has nearly 18 years since Kahane's murder past changed attitudes? No. The LAX attack by a Muslim against El Al airlines passengers was the exact same perception! So recognition of all attacks would be beneficial because the extent of the problem needs to be properly surveyed first. Until we do that, we are always at risk. Not acknowledging it also creates the numb reaction by the public, bordering on condoning it in a sense. Getting back to the Trade Center, it is the backbone to the US economic essence and prowess. It is a symbol of a Paganistic Western religion practiced by infidels . A capitalistic government which is in opposition to a Sharia led state. Also, it would cause the economy tremendous cost. The catalyst to bring monies not readily available for rebuilding into the fray. The money would not be available for anything else, either. This was the very tactic used by .......Ronald Reagan. That's right! Ronald Reagan, who I admire greatly, inadvertently gave the idea to the terrorists. RR(Ron Reagan) built up the military in the US to the point that the Russians couldn't meet us dollar for dollar. This overwhelmed the Russian economy and undermined its society to the point that the government failed. The almighty KGB and Communist Bear had an image of being an immense behemoth, virtually unstoppable. When I witnessed its downfall, I was utterly stunned! So, if I were told the Cold War would be over without a missile ever being shot, I never would have ever believed it. The same tactic used to bring the Communist Block down is obviously being conducted in a covert manner to us by the terrorists. The fall of the banks and other financial institutions arguably started when the employees working in the World Trade Center were killed in the attack. This started the collapse of the banking by compromising their staff overseeing financial transactions. Additionally, the other businesses which were attacked compromised their positions in their industries. The monies used by our local, state, and federal branches that were diverted in the aftermath, were earmarked for other priorities beforehand. This further bludgeoned the marketplace.
The ripple effect was vast amounts of "changes" in the society, in general, about how we conduct business and how much it would cost to adapt to stifle the new fearful situation. The money was spent on intelligence, security initiatives, military, restructuring and more. The public was willing to do anything. So, money was okayed for everything deemed necessary. Americans wanted to return to prosperity and business as usual ASAP. A housing boom and market rebound was distracting enough to allow the consumer to put things behind them. I find the US has a very short term memory. At this point, we were compromised financially to the point where if anything else went wrong, we were helpless to stop it if it required money thrown at it. Well, the market tanked. This led to a governmental change to the liberal theology of Sheik Obama now. The imminent failure of the stimulus bill will be realized in the coming months. The fall of capitalism as we know it is over. The world invested in the "market" with insatiable lust and greed. The Europeans like to blame the US for the worldwide financial crash solely, but other countries, like Dubai and others, simply had an irrational outlook to future growth, too. The world slump will motivate a "revolutionary" change and action, not unlike the riots starting up in France now. Further downturn will lead to more disgust and make the environment right for the change. The chaos will distract the West's attention and allow terrorists the opportunity for furthering their agenda, unlike any other time in history.
Recognizing the problem will allow prudent changes by responsible representatives. This will tangentially throw bad policy where it belongs. Slow and painful years upcoming will have to take its course. Eventually, capitalism will champion growth properly. The future could be economically stronger than ever before with the modernization of the 3rd world and restructuring of Western democracies. Let's hope we have the foresight to go in the right direction expeditiously.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Stimulus Bill means building a frisbee park and funding contraceptives!! That is not very stimulating. How many permanent high paying long term jobs can that produce? I could throw litter on the floor in my neighborhood and have the local sanitation company pay someone to pick it up. I could litter everyday and encourage everyone I know to litter. That would create multiple jobs, and I didn't spend any time or money in the process. No debate in XCongress was necessary.
Didn't Sheik Obama make campaign promises that helped get him elected people are started to forget about. Today, I focus on the promise to get off coal burning and oil. He promised to heftily tax the coal mining industry in order to encourage them to stop. And didn't he promise to fine any power companies that didn't stop utilizing coal and oil to generate power? This subject was criticized upon initially being said but has since been put on the back burner due to the economy and housing. The jobs associated with these industries are definitely in no financial condition to convert operations to alternative energy production. Therefore, Republicans were right all along.
While I believe it is possible to move towards alternatives, allowing the industry to move in a fiscally responsible manner is the only way to avoid the pitfalls now plaguing the financial industry and the housing. These are all fine examples of government interference causing havok unnecessarily. The word Czar used by the Sheik Obama's administration should be the indicator to warning the public that the government is over stepping its bounds. (EX. Autos!)
If the stimulus bill is supposed to create jobs in a failing economy, let's keep the jobs we have that aren't in jeopardy. When the economy reverts back to a plus side growth, the investment in new alternative energy tech will be produced by the private sector to achieve the goals we want in a fiscally responsible manner.


The organization ACT FOR AMERICA is one of the best ways to get involved in fighting homegrown terrorism. Rather than sitting by and complaining to the mirror, friends, and simply feeling disgruntled, taking the initiative to pursue a movement that actually does something. Inaction breeds infestation. When someone shows exceptional accomplishment in furthering this organization against a powerful foe, recognition congers both motivation by others and enthusiasm. I posted the body of the article here along with the link for you to look at the list of links supplementing the article. Do yourself, the US and myself a tremendous service and surf to this site and sing their praises. Oh, and for fear of plagiarizing, please tell them you were sent from Rucking Fidiculous. I only show Kudos towards these people!!

Visit this site!! United Against Islamic Supremacism

And this site!! ACT FOR AMERICA!!

Catherine Martin Forges Ahead

by Gary H. Johnson, Jr.
Hillary Clinton has officially been sworn in to replace Condoleeza Rice as Secretary of State. And, now, Sharon Bulova has won Virginia’s Fairfax County Chair, left vacant by Gerry Connolly. The stage is set, and it will not be long before a public battle on behalf of America’s communities is waged by Virginia’s 10th District Representative Frank Wolf and ACT! For America’s Northern Virginia DC Metro Chapter Head Catherine Martin. Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! For America may be the strongest new political grassroots movement to hit the American national scene in the wake of 9/11. With a 50,000 strong membership and a steady influx of new recruits and volunteers, ACT! for America’s chapters span across the United States and beyond. I recently had a chance to sit down and discuss the street level activities of ACT! for America with the NoVa/DCMetro chapter head Catherine Martin, who has made it her life mission to “educate United States citizens as to the threat of radical Islam”. With a volunteer staff of 70 committed Virginia and DC activists, Catherine Martin understands full well that her chapter is in the vortex of a brewing storm.
“The question of the legality of the Islamic Saudi Academy’s curriculum in Fairfax County is not going away,” Catherine says matter of factly. “As a mother and as an American, I find it outrageous that the school teaches children to hate Americans, Christians and Jews. Brigitte Gabriel’s ACT! for America is supporting us all the way on this mission as we continue our fight against ISA’s jihadi indoctrination right in our very own backyards - as we bring the issue directly to the people of Virginia and across America. Representative Frank Wolf has been an ally and strong advocate for us at ACT! for America. When a coalition of groups here in Virginia demanded that the Islamic Saudi Academy be investigated for having anti-American and anti-Israel teachings in their textbooks, Congressman Wolf sent four letters to the State Department requesting an investigation of the school and its curriculum. Since our grievance has not yet been fully addressed and the election cycle has ran its course, we will immediately engage the new leadership on behalf of our communities. A fifth letter from Congressman Wolf is waiting at the State Department for the incoming Secretary of State.”

When asked what this fifth letter was designed to accomplish, Martin notes that, “Hillary Clinton is replacing Condoleeza Rice in the State Department, so we now have a fresh opportunity to have our concerns heard at the State Department level. What most Virginia and DC residents are unaware of is the fact that when the original letters were issued by Congressman Wolf’s office, the State Department decided to bounce the request to the Fairfax County Supervisor, Gerry Connolly. Connolly refused to launch an investigation of the school and actually referred to ACT! for America and Representative Wolf as bigots for requesting the investigation of the Islamic Saudi Academy. Empty, racially charged, accusations from the likes of Connolly do not change the facts or the texts in question. So, we are now taking our reasoned concerns about ISA’s curriculum of hate to Hillary Clinton and are prepared, if necessary, to confront the Fairfax County Supervisor Chair, Sharon Bulova, should the new Secretary of State refuse to see the writing on the wall and attempt to evade the truth by passing the hot potato down the line. With allies like John Cosgrove over at United Action Committee, Jim and Andrea Lafferty with the Traditional Values Coalition, and Christine Brim at the Center for Security Policy rallying to defend American communities, the Islamic Saudi Academy will be forced to close its doors or submit to being subject to a transparent curriculum. ACT! For America’s battle with the ISA over its curriculum is only beginning.”
Last June 25th, Chuck Hagee noted in the Mount Vernon Gazette that “debate about the school’s curriculum was ignited in October 2007 when the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom issued a report calling for the school’s closure ‘until such time as the official Saudi textbooks used at the ISA are made available for comprehensive public examination in the United States.’” In addition to the USCIRF report, Hagee notes in a September 24th follow-up piece that “To buttress his request, Wolf included a recent report by the Heritage Foundation that stated ‘ISA is subject to the terms of the Foreign Missions Act’ and that it is within the State Department’s powers to declare ISA ‘a foreign mission of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.’” The article closes with Gerald Connolly remarking on the absence of Commission or State Department objection to the lease renewal to ISA or the textbook controversy in a public hearing on the matters before the Board.
When discussing the Hagee articles with Catherine Martin, I asked why nothing was mentioned of the Valedictorian of the ISA program, that was captured for attempting to assassinate President Bush. “The Islamic Saudi Academy is a private school under the umbrella of the Royal Saudi Academy and is but one of twenty Saudi funded schools in the United States.” Catherine continues, “With the mountains of evidence in the USCIRF findings and the August 2008 New English Review article Behind the Veil at the Saudi Academy by Jerry Gordon and Isabella Cruz, which relates the shocking accounts of former ISA faculty members, the implications of the assassination plot on our President would not bode well for the continued operation of all twenty of the U.S. Madrassas. But the fact of the matter is that if the Islamic Saudi Academy is revealed as a breeding ground for future terrorists against the United States and Israel then every state with a Royal Saudi Academy would voice their concern. What will it take to expose the school? What will it take to have the county refuse to renew their lease and shut them down here in Virginia? It certainly doesn’t matter to the school’s supporters (ala Gerry Connolly), that a past valedictorian was part of the nationally known paint-ball terror cell whose mission was to assassinate the President of the United States. Others who have attended the school have also supported jihad against the United States. These facts beg the question: since when is it okay for us to have a school for terrorists in the United States? The State Department has a duty to make a ruling on the ISA curriculum here in Fairfax, so that other state and county seats can properly meet the threat of radical Islam across America.”
Moving on from the ISA topic, in closing, I asked Catherine Martin what other projects were ramping up for the ACT! for America NoVa/DCMetro chapter for February. Without skipping a beat, Martin forges ahead, “For this month, the ACT! For America Northern Virginia/DC Chapter is working with the United American Committee on a major problem that is happening in our local college, George Mason University (GMU). We have discovered that GMU has taken money from the Islamic Supremacist organization IIIT to establish an Islamic Studies Chair for the school. This is the continuation of Islamist domination at GMU preceded by: the student meditation room being converted to a mosque; the installation of footbaths at the tax payer’s expense; a school treasurer using her GMU webpage to solicit donations for local madrassas; the school’s establishment of a Halal menu; and lastly, the forcing out of critical members of the staff. Our goal will be to reverse the process of Islamist influence at GMU. ACT! For America and the United American Committee will put significant pressure on GMU and elected officials this month. GMU’s acceptance of $1.5 million from IIIT will not be answered with silent assent. The ACT! For America NoVa/DC Chapter has also been invited to attend the screening of the Christian Action Network’s documentary, Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist Camps Around U.S. on February 11th at 7:30pm at the Landmark Theater in Washington DC (between 11th and E Street). The movie is about radical Islamic compounds that are currently operating around the United States under the direction of an international terrorist. We are supporting this movie and encourage everyone in the DC area to attend. Documentaries like this prove that Radical Islam is on the move in communities all over the United States.”
For more information on ACT! For America head over to Catherine Martin and her staff also post regular updates for the anti-jihad communities at

TIME's Middle East Blog: Profiles in Courage

Yes, yes, yes !!! I definitely agree with the comments of the Chinese reader: TIME is totally responsible for the water problems in China and NOT the Chinese government. My friend Tad Stoner was a member of Time's Hong Kong bureau 25 years ago. It was your responsibility Tad to tell Mao Tse Dung and the Gang of Four that their water policies were completely wrong. And please don't give us any wimpy excuses about a: "bamboo curtain". Haven't you ever heard of a parachute, Stoner ??? (Angilina Jolie had no problems getting into China in her Laura Mars movie). Obviously, what's needed in Time's Hong Kong bureau are men of courage like Time's Jerusalem correspondent: Tim Mc Girk (who I affectionately refer to as: "Tim the Jerk") and Time's Cairo correspondent: Scott Mac Leod. For example: when a rock crashed thru a car's windshield causing an Arab boy "skin abrasions" (his father sitting right next to him was totally unharmed) Time's Tim McGirk had the "strength of character" and the "morale fortitude" to compare this to the Rodney King beatings. And: while Egyptian border guards routinely shot Sudanese refugees in the back while they attempted to seek asylum in Israel, Time's Scott Mac Leod had the courage to ask: "When is Dennis Ross coming back?". Okay, okay, I know what you are all going to say: "that when someone even mentions criticizing Egypt's Hosni Mubarak, diarrhea begins to run down Scott Mac Leod's leg". Yet, that's beside the point !!! Egypt's newspapers and media routinely denounce the abuses of the Mubarak dictatorship. For Scott Mac Leod to add his voice to this chorus would simply be: "a mosquito on an elephant's ass". What I say is that Tim McGirk and Scott MacLeod are two lone reeds standing firm against the hurricane of support for Israel. If they were in Hong Kong they'd tell that communist regime a thing or two. In conclusion: Members of the Hong Kong bureau: shape up quick or you too may find yourselves living on some island in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Scottish Jew aka "Man on the Street in Israel"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The Sheik Obama administration ran a successful campaign to win the Presidency of the US. While many people in this country have longed for a minority president for some time, actually having it happen was no accident. Now that Sheik Obama is in, reevaluating how he won is with reviewing. Am I going to rehash the entire process? Not now. It will take quite an undertaking and I intend to do a superb job when the time is right.
Sheik Obama won the election with the mass effort of the organization of ACORN. The internet is riddled with video of this horrible organization. I posted many videos and articles about the organization. I copied the video because I believe as time passes, the organization will systematically and intentionally remove them. Even if hacking sites is necessary (checkout my friend at velvethammer). Therefore, the organization had conducted itself in a manner not only unprofessional, but bordering on terroristic tactics of intimidation and hazing the general public into outburst reminescent of cheerleaders on acid. But the purpose of my article isn't to recall this inane event. No, my beef is the US government is funding this crap. Funding for this organization needs to be addressed by the Republicans immediately. Justification for denying any futher funding could be rationally argued at the juncture because Pork Pork Pork spending seems to be in the media limelight. Argument could be further made by the disproportionate amount of support to the Left Democrats.
If the Democrats decide to pursue the un-Fairness Doctrine which will pass due to their overwhelming majority, then the Republicans need to remember the unfairness of the Acorn terrorist, the overwhelming support of the news media (traditional), and the unfair treatment of total time on any media. How do you think the Fairness Doctrine would be on "The View?"
The Republicans either need to get off their butts and make arguments about what has happened in this past election and tell the public how DISPROPORTIONATE the support for the poor policies being discussed now and prior to Sheik Obama or the third party people have an unprecedented opportunity to gain power into the coveted second place position in politics. KILL ACORN NOW!

Monday, February 9, 2009


It appears the truth hurts. Painful in fact. At least to the poor pathetic individual who decided to hack my friends at velvethammer. Well, putting the hammer down on those individuals appears to be how 'hammer deals with it. The articles on the site are everything I want to post about but I just can't compete with the likes of velvethammer. Thor, the Thunder G-d carries a big hammer but this .....after reading this site, you'll be singing,"If I had a hammer, I'd hammer in...."


THIS IS AN ARTICLE THAT IS BEING SENT TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE ORGANIZATION ACT FOR AMERICA. It was started by the great Bridget Gabriel who is a truly remarkable person. She is an example of the kind of American that makes this country great. We need more people like her, who get involved and get motivated to actually DO SOMETHING and not just SAY SOMETHING. I have posted multiple articles and videos of hers. I own 2 of her books and find her inspirational and motivating.
Real clear politics is a great web site that has been around for years. Incredible writing and thought provoking research has made them a staple reading for the well-informed. This article from their site was recommended in an email I received. I hope everyone who sees it here visits both sites. If you are as touched as I am, get off your ass and join Act For America! Let's all make a difference.

February 07, 2009

Israel's Fateful Elections

By Caroline Glick

Tuesday's general elections will officially end the briefest and most nonchalant electoral season Israel has ever experienced. Regrettably, the importance of these elections is inversely proportional to their lack of intensity. These are the most fateful elections Israel has ever had. The events of the past week make this point clearly.

On Monday Iran successfully launched a domestically manufactured satellite on a ballistic missile called the Safir-2 space rocket. Since the launch, experts have noted that the Safir-2 can also be used to launch conventional and nonconventional warheads. The Safir-2 has an estimated range of 2,000-3,000 kilometers. And so the successful satellite launch showed that today Iran is capable of launching missiles not only against Israel, but against southern Europe as well.

Many Israeli leaders viewed Monday's launch as a "gotcha" moment. For years they have been saying that Iran's nuclear program is a threat to global security - not merely to Israel's. And Monday's launch demonstrated that they were right all along. Israel isn't the only country on Iran's target list.

Unfortunately for Israel, the international community couldn't care less. Its response to Teheran's latest provocation was to collectively shrug its shoulders.

On Wednesday emissaries of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany convened in Wiesbaden, Germany, to discuss their joint policies toward Iran in the aftermath of the satellite launch. Some Israelis argued that Iran's provocation forced these leaders' hands. Their reputations for toughness were on the line. They would have to do something.

Unfortunately for Israel, the emissaries of Russia, Britain, China, France, Germany and the US are more interested in convincing the mullahs that they are nice than in convincing them that they are tough.

Far from deciding to take concerted action against Iran, the great powers did nothing more than wish the Obama administration good luck as it moves to directly engage the mullahs. As their post-conference press release put it, the six governments' answer to Teheran's show of force was to "agree to consult on the next steps as the US administration undertakes its [Iranian] policy review."

As President Barak Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton have explained, the US is reviewing its policy toward Iran in the hopes of finding a way to directly engage the Iranian government. While they claim that the aim of these sought after direct negotiations will be to convince the mullahs to give up their nuclear weapons program, since taking office the new administration has sent out strong signals that preventing Iran from going nuclear has taken a backseat to simply holding negotiations with Teheran.

According to a report in Aviation News, last week the US Navy prevented Israel from seizing an Iranian weapons ship in the Red Sea suspected of carrying illicit munitions bound for either Gaza or Lebanon. A week and a half ago, the US Navy boarded the ship in the Gulf of Aden and carried out a cursory inspection. It demurred from seizing the ship, however, because, as Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, explained on January 27, the US believed it had no international legal right to seize the vessel.

In inspecting the ship the US was operating under UN Security Council Resolution 1747, which bars Iran from exporting arms. The US argued that it lacked authority to seize the ship because 1747 has no enforcement mechanism. Yet the fact of the matter is that if the US were truly interested in intercepting the ship and preventing the arms from arriving at their destination, the language of 1747 is vague enough to support such a seizure.

And that's the point. The US was uninterested in seizing the ship because it was uninterested in provoking a confrontation with Teheran, which it seeks to engage. It was not due to lack of legal authority that the US reportedly prevented the Israel Navy from seizing the ship in the Red Sea, but due to the administration's fervent wish to appease the mullahs.

Today the ship, which was sailing under a Cypriot flag, is docked in the Port of Limassol. Cypriot authorities have reportedly inspected the ship twice, have communicated their findings to the Security Council, and are still waiting for guidance on how to deal with the ship.

ALL OF this brings us back to next Tuesday's elections. With the US effectively giving up on confronting Iran, the entire burden for blocking Iran's quest for nuclear weapons falls on Israel's shoulders.

This means that the most important question that Israeli voters must ask ourselves between now and Tuesday is which leader and which party are most capable of achieving this vital goal?

All we need to do to answer this question is to check what our leaders have done in recent years to bring attention to the Iranian threat and to build coalitions to contend with it.

In late 2006, citing the Iranian nuclear menace, Israel Beiteinu leader Avigdor Lieberman joined the Olmert government where he received the tailor-made title of strategic affairs minister. At the time Lieberman joined the cabinet, the public outcry against the government for its failure to lead Israel to victory in the war with Iran's Lebanese proxy Hizbullah had reached a fever pitch. The smell of new elections was in the air as members of Knesset from all parties came under enormous public pressure to vote no confidence in the government.

By joining the government when he did, Lieberman single-handedly kept the Olmert government in power. Explaining his move, Lieberman claimed that the danger emanating from Iran's nuclear program was so great that Israel could not afford new elections.

But what did he accomplish by saving the government by taking that job? The short answer is nothing. Not only did his presence in the government make no impact on Israel's effectiveness in dealing with Iran, it prolonged the lifespan of a government that had no interest in forming a strategy for contending with Iran by two years.

In light of this fact, perhaps more than any other Israeli politician, Lieberman is to blame for the fact that Israel finds itself today with no allies in its hour of greatest peril. Had he allowed the people to elect more competent leaders in the fall of 2006, we might have been able to take advantage of the waning years of the Bush administration to convince the US to work with us against Iran.

Then there is Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. If Lieberman was the chief enabler of Israel's incompetent bungling of the Iranian threat, as Israel's chief diplomat, it is Livni - together with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert - who deserves the greatest condemnation for that bungling.

Throughout her tenure as foreign minister and still today as Kadima's candidate for prime minister, Livni claims that she supports using diplomacy to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. But in her three years as Israel's top diplomat, Livni never launched any diplomatic initiative aimed at achieving this goal. In fact, she has never even publicly criticized the European and American attempts to appease the mullahs.

Livni has remained silent for three years even though it has been clear for five years that the West's attempts to cut a deal with Teheran serve no purpose other than to provide the Iranians time to develop their nuclear arsenal. She has played along with the Americans and the Europeans and cheered them on as they passed toothless resolutions against Iran in the Security Council which - as the Iranian weapons ship docked in Cyprus shows - they never had the slightest intention of enforcing.

As for Defense Minister Ehud Barak, as a member of the Olmert government, his main personal failure has been his inability to convince the Pentagon to approve Israel's requests to purchase refueling jets and bunker buster bomb kits, and to permit Israeli jets to fly over Iraqi airspace. To achieve these aims, Barak could have turned to Israel's friends in the US military and in Congress. But he did no such thing. And now, moving into the Obama administration, Israel finds itself with fewer and fewer allies in Washington's security community.

For the past several years, only one political leader in Israel has had the foresight and wisdom to both understand the dangers of Iran's nuclear program and to understand the basis for an Israeli diplomatic approach to contending with the threat that can serve the country's purposes regardless of whether or not at the end of the day, Israel is compelled to act alone.

In 2006, Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu took it upon himself to engage the American people in a discussion of the danger Iran poses not only to Israel but to the world as a whole. In late 2006, he began meeting with key US governors and state politicians to convince them to divest their state employees' pension funds from companies that do business with Iran. This initiative and complementary efforts by the Washington-based Center for Security Policy convinced dozens of state legislatures to pass laws divesting their pension funds from companies that do business with Iran.

Netanyahu also strongly backed the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs' initiative to indict Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as an international war criminal for inciting genocide. Both the divestment campaign and the campaign against Ahmadinejad have been Israel's most successful public diplomacy efforts in contending with Iran. More than anything done by the government, these initiatives made Americans aware of the Iranian nuclear threat and so forced the issue onto the agendas of all the presidential candidates.

Instead of supporting Netanyahu's efforts, Livni, Barak and Lieberman have disparaged them or ignored them.

Because he is the only leader who has done anything significant to fight Iran's nuclear program, Netanyahu is the only national leader who has the international credibility to be believed when he says - as he did this week - that Israel will not allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons. Likud under Netanyahu is the only party that has consistently drawn the connection between Iran, its Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Afghan terror proxies, its Syrian client state and its nuclear weapons program, and made fighting this axis the guiding principle of its national security strategy.

GIVEN THE US-led international community's decision not to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons, it is clear that in the coming months Israel will need to do two things. It will need to put the nations of the world on notice that they cannot expect us to stand by idly as they welcome Iran into the nuclear club. And Israel will need to prepare plans to strike Iran's nuclear installations without America's support.

More than ever before, Israel requires leaders who understand the gravity of the hour and are capable of acting swiftly and wisely to safeguard our country from destruction. Only Netanyahu and Likud have a credible track record on this subject.

For the sake of our country, our nation and our posterity, it is our responsibility to consider this fact when we enter the voting booths on Tuesday.

Is Arik Sharon a War Criminal ?

During the 1st War in Lebanon I served as a combat soldier in the I.D.F., yet it seems to me the answer to this question is: "definitely yes". Let's look at the historical records, shall we: After the Council of Nicaea historian Edward Gibbon estimates that the Roman Catholic Church killed more Christians than the Roman Empire. Then we have the Crusades, most of which were spent looting and raping the Greek Orthodox in Byzantium than freeing Jerusalem from the infidels. Then in France we have the Albigencian crusade against a wayward sect of Catholics and the Saint Bartholomew's Day Massacre of the Huguenots. Following this we have the Inquisition (since every one in the world has heard the rock group Queen sing about: "Galileo, Galileo", at least twice, there is no need to elaborate). Then, of course, we have the "peaceful occupation" of Central and South America by the Conquistadors. In modern times we have the Roman Catholic Church's endorsement of both Franco and Mussolini and we have the agreements negotiated by Franz Von Papen which united the Catholic Youth groups in Germany with the Hitler Youth. This is how Pope Benedict became a member of the Hitler Youth until the war ended in 1945 when the Pope was 17 years old. That members of the Hitler Youth as young as age 14 were actively involved in the fighting is well documented by both the American and Russian armies (The Pope, of course, was a member of the "pacifist wing" of the Hitler Youth). And, finally, we have the Roman Catholic Ustashi in Croatia and its war against the Greek Orthodox Serbs. Therefore, in conclusion, in view of the historical record, Arik Sharon's claim that he "never imagined" that the Roman Catholic Maronites in Lebanon could carry a massacre is, quite simply: "Rucking Fidiculous".

The Scottish JEW aka "Man on the Street in Israel"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Commentary for Time Magazine: A True Story

Since Time Magazine's Cairo correspondent: Scott MacLeod is reticent to write a blog about Egypt I thought I might as well do so. As we all know, Israel is a fascist state consisting of 1st class citizens (i.e. The Jews) and 2nd class citizens (i.e. The 1.2 million Arabs with Israeli citizenship). Now, even though they are 2nd class citizens, none the less, they are not afraid to describe members of the fascist government as: liars, thieves, murderers, Nazis or whatever and they do this both publically and privately on a regular basis. In fact, one might say they believe it is their right to voice such criticisms. One day a group of these 2nd class citizens decided to visit the free and democratic state of Egypt and travel around the country on a guided bus tour. Unfortunately, one of the travelers, (we'll just call him: "Mohammed the 2nd class citizen") decided that he had the right to criticize the free and democratic state of Egypt in a similar fashion to which he was used to criticizing the fascist Israeli state. A few days into the trip, two very nice and very polite Egyptian police officers boarded the bus and asked: "Excuse us, but: Is Mohammed the 2nd class citizen here?" Mohammed the 2nd class citizen then got off the bus with the two very nice and very polite police officers and the bus continued on its tour of Egypt. The other second class citizens thought that maybe Mohammed the 2nd class citizen had had a death or crisis in his family and flew back to Israel ahead of them, however, when they returned home Mohammed the 2nd class citizen was nowhere to be found and the Egyptian Embassy in Tel Aviv could provide no information. Fortuitously for Mohammed the 2nd class citizen, although Israel is a fascist state, many of the 2nd class citizens are allowed to become police officers. So after weeks of not receiving any information what so ever from the free and democratic government of Egypt, some 2nd class police officers asked some 1st class police officers if they could speak to some mem bers of the fascist state's foreign ministry. To cut a long story short, (i.e. we will not discuss what happened to Mohammed the 2nd class citizen while he was a guest of the two very nice and very polite police officers of the free and democratic state of Egypt) Mohammed the 2nd class citizen was finally "found" and returned home where, till this day, he continues to live happily and continues criticizing the fascist Israeli government and describing its members as: liars, thieves, murderers, Nazis or whatever...

The Scottish Jew aka "Man on the street in Israel"

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Turkey's Prime Minister Erdogan recently said: just because someone criticizes Israel does not mean they are anti semitic. Does this then mean that Time Magazine's Tim McGirk is not an anti-semite? I don't think so.... Tim has come to Israel from Iraq, a place where Sunnis and Shiites slaughter each other in the tens of thousands, where acid is thrown into the faces of children, where so many Palestinians have been threatened and attacked by Arabs that they call it: The Second Negba (catastrophe). Tim knows all this, yet he implies Isr aelis are: "devils" because they use phosphorus flares in their night operations. Rape is so common among Middle Eastern armies that it is almost considered "a tradition" (for example: the Turks raped Lawrence of Arabia), yet, while no Israeli has ever even been accused of rape in the last 60 years, Tim McGirk is horrified because a soldier wrote on some wall in Gaza: "you have nice underwear". Hamas has repeatedly declared 1) It wants to destroy Israel and will not give up terrorism 2) It will never recognize the Jewish State 3) It will not abide by previous agreements, yet, in the title of his article on George Mitchell, Tim asks: "Will Israel listen?". Egyptian border guards regularly shoot Sudanese refugees in the back only 100 meters from the freedom provided by the Israeli border, yet Tim McGirk doesn't even mention these events. Likewise, one week ago, Hamas shot over 150 Gazan men and women in the legs "to set an example to the P.L.O.", yet Tim does not feel the need to comment (obviously, these things aren't as news worthy as a woman's underwear). Time Magazine is anti Israel, Tim McGirk is an anti semite. The "time" has come to make a change: transfer Tim to Mecca or Rome.



Sheik Obama plans on fear mongering the stupid masses into pressing their elected legislators in blindly passing this bill. Apparently, it passed last night. I didn't get the opportunity to see the detail yet.
The rhetoric about the stimulation vs the spending was flying about the Congressional debate for the past several weeks with little convincing. The new Democratic position was losing support and was puzzled over public reaction. They speculated why from attention deficit disorder to disillusionment to simply not caring are some theories. Maybe a little explaining is in order.
When someone is losing money, their attitude becomes frugal towards normal spending patterns. When things become dire, spending ceases. Now suppose one is in sustantial debt. One doesn't borrow further to fall farther. Furthermore, if one was to go ahead and borrow a large amount of money, they wouldn't deliberately spend it immediately thinking it will quickly get them out of debt.
So the established geniuses of the current administration, both Republican and Democrat have done precisely what I described. Borrowing the largest sums in history to spend it the fastest in history in order to stimulate the economy...or permanently put the US in the poor house the fastest in history. Rucking Fidiculous!!

This is a stimulus package!!!



You didn't know we have been dumping tons of toxic garbage in Guantanamo Bay for years without any concern for the environment. Yes, the Islamic terrorist garbage, which is the most toxic substance on the planet, has been getting dumped there for years. Like nuclear waste, anywhere it goes should it be moved will contaminate everything it comes in contact with if not properly stored. The Liberal Conspiracy (Hey, don't forget Hillary calls us the Right Wing Conspiracy) has been so adamant about closing down the site, there must be a higher calling or ulterior motive to the purpose. Strictly speculating, what is it?
First, the ACLU has fired 10% of its staff due to the economic situation. Do I need to elaborate here?
Second, the Left Wing base has an agenda against cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners. The water boarding policy used by the Bush administration to extract intelligence is believed to be "torture." The policy has been accused of being against the Geneva Convention, argued to be making us no better than or equivalent to the behavior terrorists have exercised with their prisoners. The information has little value because of the manner in which it has been obtained.
Third, the base has been used for military exercises which has had an impact on the environment locally. The Environmentalist Agenda closing the facility for this purpose overrides any other purpose. The issue here is lead in the firearms materials, the poor record the military has had about how it treats the environment while using a site and the policy not to clean up a site after leaving. I believe once closed, the next lawsuit will be against the government to clean the area up at the cost of the taxpayer who has never ending pockets.
Fourth, the Islamic constituency in the US is a major contributor to the Democratic Party. The party owes every constituency after winning the election. Suing the government for a policy deemed racist because all residents are Islamic will be seeked by certain organizations I shall keep nameless. As a side note, I admit I wholeheartedly believe Sheik Obama is a Muslim. Further, this will be argued to be a Civil Rights matter. Furher, oops, I mean further, getting Islamic terrorists sympathy will add to the Palestinian plight and help feelings of maltreatment to gain support for Sharia implementation. When foot baths are need to be added to every bathroom across the country for the remote possibility a Muslim may visit said area, this will be cited as past wrongful treatment. Equating this past treatment to "white only" or "black only" water fountains here is no coincidence. Also, clearing the name of Islam in the public domain removes the Scarlet Letter it has been blemished with throughout this terror war.
Fifth, getting released into the US prison system will allow endless amounts of logistical litigation. The filing of appeals will be endless. This will cost taxpayers gobs of cash and constipate the system to the point no laxative could possibly liquid plumber.
Sixth, access to unprecedented amounts of legal representation once on US soil. The judicial system will have to furnish all the rights of the average citizen has. They are NOT citizens but prisoners of war. They are not candidates for these rights in our civil courts.
Seven, the Islamic terror message has been spread like a plague through Europe in its penal system. This is the avenue where the message festers. The test run in Europe has been successful and the same route will be used here.
Eight, the Jews of this country love to show solidarity with those that hate them. Mark my words: The Jews will be tripping over themselves to help represent the same Islamic terrorists that can't wait to help destroy Israel.
Nine, the argument has been made that the act of closing the base would restore our reputation around the world.
Ten, the designation of enemy combatant will be extinguished. That status will be gone. The politically correct terminology of misunderstood peaceful religious advocate freedom fighter will do.
Eleven, the disgust and discontent for the military in general has been well documented by certain groups sympathetic to the prisoners.
Twelve, insight into the government policy of information gathering will be obtained through bringing them to trial. The government will have to divulge how they obtained classified information. This will open access to a slew of techniques of intelligence gathering that will now be open to scrutiny. Telecommunications companies forking over citizens records like cell phone calls will be open to criticism. Companies like Google will be able to refuse cooperating with the government with records involving suspects. Getting prisoners off if the military refuses to use classified intelligence will be much easier.
The disillusionment perceived to be felt by the persecuted Islamic populations around the world have blossomed into the ritual of suicide bombings. If a people have nothing to feel hopeful about they resort to this tactic. The suicide bombings are a result of the West's treatment of Islamic people wronged. Israel, India, and others have created this environment. To prevent suicide bombers, they need to have some hope for the future. No longer is suicide necessary. If one participates in mass bombing populations, they can now feel secure knowing they will be treated kindly by their capturers.
Any lawyer who gets the opportunity to represent the detainees (HINT:this is another politically correct and preferred designation) will be credited with "getting them off." This will elevate them to "O J Simpson lawyer representation reputation status." What an honor!! This infamous title is on the lips and memory of those lucky enough to witness the trial of OJ trail forevermore.
Fourteen, closing the base would facilitate the label of wrongdoing by the Bush administration. This would help litigate charges against the Bush administration which the Left has been masturbating over since Bush left office. It would continue to tarnish Bush's reputation and legacy.
Fifteen, the ultimate goal has always been to release the detainees completely. This would prove how liberal the US generally is. The Left constituency against capital punishment and the belief in rehabilitation of all felons in the US penal system is a widely held goal. How do I make such a claim? In the Left Wing organization called the Center for American Progress, the goal is made clear is the article "How to close guantanamo." In phase 3 of the proposed 5 phase plan, it states the following agenda:
"Phase Three: Create a resettlement and rehabilitation program in partnership with allied countries and international organizations to find homes for detainees that can’t be returned to their home countries and to smooth the re-integration of detainees into society. This program should be based on similar programs currently used by the U.S. military in Iraq and the Saudi Arabian government to assist in the transition of militants from detention to release." Here
It clearly states a resettlement and reintegration program. Rucking fidiculous if you think these people are candidates for this.

Anybody waterboarded for intelligence gathering will have their information thrown out of court. This will prevent this tactic from ever being used again. Another strike against the military by the Left. How can they say they support the military and are pro-military.
The calls of alleged abusive treatment have been the cause of hunger strikes and suicides. The Halal food which is provided to the detainees is never mentioned by the same sources who report the alleged abuses. They never call the abuses "alleged."
According to Wiki,
"The term is widely used to designate food seen as permissible according to Islamic law. It is estimated that 70% of
Muslims worldwide follow Halal food standards"
In other words, they are being catered to with their own culinary concerns. What torture. Oh, the shame! The ping pong tables
are obviously a calling for hunger strikes and suicide. The paddles are probably used or the balls are probably too soft to use. I wonder if the Chinese would feel the same way if detained in such a manner. (World champs in the sport)
The prisoners have a medical care system better than our own veterans have. Should the murderers of Americans get good medical care or the protectors of Americans get good medical care? Should the care be equal? I believe the veterans of this country should go on a hunger strike!! They have advocates and legal representation. They have organizations regularly visiting to review the conditions there. The international Red Cross has been watching the facility. Having everyone in the base tried or released in a quick manner is reckless and unsafe. Yet, like the economic stimulus bill, quick knee jerk policy passage and practice without scutiny seems to be the operation of choice for Sheik Obama.
Where is the media criticism of Islamic extremism? Is the Geneva Convention being upheld by the terrorists? Or are the prisoners being beheaded? The Sheik Obama campaign should be rewritten from "Change you can believe in" to "Change you can behead in." Then being used for propaganda purposes such as recruitment...further terror..incitement..torture!
Where is the UN condemnation!! Where is the Islamic world condemnation of such tactics? Nonexistent!! Israel is equated with Nazis!! Do you see the undeniable brainwashing and one sidedness.
If the purpose of bringing the prisoners to justice, why did Sheik Obama stop all legal action being conducted now on Jan 22 by executive order? Here

Thursday, February 5, 2009


A country who has a history of being a third party independent negotiator for talks between Israel and its neighbors should be reconsidered. Egypt has given refuge to another Nazi criminal. When the Arab World regularly defies convention by holding Holocaust denial conventions, regularly prints Nazi-like literature, and routinely compares Israel to Nazis, where is the justice when it clearly hides real Nazis from trial.
School books, newspapers and the general perception in the Arab world is the Holocaust never even happened. The Nazis had regimens of Arab trained soldiers who actively participated in the War and the murder. The knowledge is swept under the rug instead of confirmed. Credibility of real war crimes performed by these people hiding in the Arab world would finally destroy the Islamic World's propaganda of false claims.
Is it a war crime harboring these criminals? Should the UN condemn any country who has hidden Nazis? Hell yes.
No country should be involved in Middle East negotiation that provided safe harbor to former Nazi murderers. Egypt should be condemned in the UN for allowing tunnels from their country into Palestinian areas. Further, an invesigation should be launch into what activities Heim was taking part in inside Egypt.
Finally, where is the liberal Left criticism of such acts? Why is this heinous act going to be swept under the rug in a few days? Who is responsible for hiding this person? And why wasn't his activity during the war acknowledged by the Arab World and taught in the schools about the horror the Nazis performed on the Jews? The UN should demand proper teaching of its horror. The Muslim protests in Europe saying it is anti-Islamic to learn about the Holocaust in school and had it removed from the curriculum should be no longer taken seriously. How offensive can they possibly make themselves?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


It Is obvious to everyone that job losses are affecting every industry and that no one is truly spared the anxiety that everyone is susceptible. Well, nobody likes to think about the negative aspects of this societal upheaval. Maybe, just maybe....something good, some sort of silver lining is also taking place.
I think employees appreciate their jobs for the first time in nearly half a century. The right's of workers was an admirable goal since thee onset of the industrial revolution. Fat Cats, Big Wigs, or any other metaphor for "the man" have had a poor history of how they treated their employees. As the last century closed, worker's had turned the tables on the employers on some issues. Issues had been troubling the labor market for years from maternity leave, to women in the workplace, equal pay, gay rights, child care, wages, bonuses, stock options, and prejudice, harassment, and more still. While these are all worthy issues, the general workforce has started coming to the realization that it's good just to have a job! That has started the phenomenon of better customer service. I can't walk into a supermarket without employees asking me if I need help, saying hello, or just going that extra step.
I find my own employees are doing their work better, more diligently, and with more enthusiasm than in the past several years.
I thank my employees because I want them to know I notice a good job and not just when an issue arises to the contrary.
Also, I noticed during the last holiday season that many people were foregoing expensive gifts for simply spending time with family and friends. Many spoke to me about the holiday being the most enjoyable in years. The most valuable gift for the people we care about became the time we spend together. Yes, a little corny sounding. Yet, it is this sentimental event that deserves the recognition it deserves.
Many of the articles written here have a somber tone to them. I feel sometimes a positive article needs to be written in some attempt to try to give a glimmer of hope. I think the future will be brighter for all of us. It's always darkest before the dawn. Let's hope the near future brings good things to all of us and when the clouds clear, we are all better for it!


All legitimate speculation shows the prospects of bankruptcy looming over the US economy because the worldwide downturn has resulted in a recession with no borders. Iceland has become the first casualty. It has the dubious honor of government failure under this pressure. The domino effect has now been started with the finger push of depression. The next domino is anybody's guess but Mexico and England are neck and neck. Most experts feel with the passage of the "un-stimulus" bill tying up monies in our own economy, the US will be helpless to stifle this catastrophe at our southern border. The failure of the Mexican economy will cause the ripple effect here leading to us becoming the following domino.
What would happen to the citizenry here if the US declares bankruptcy? What has not been felt in a generation, a recession/depression will create a new environment the likes of which have never been seen. What could I be looking at? Well, the bankruptcy would cause food stamps no longer being printed and dispensed to a needy populace. The government services and projects will be halted both locally and nationally. Buildings will not have the money to operate leading to a new type of red tape. Immigration will stop. Social security checks will no longer be honored. Medicare checks to doctors, hospitals, clinics, and other health related individuals will not be paid leading to a collapse in the entire health care industry. How will the military operate? Frightening indeed!
If the un-stimulus bill passes, it will be the biggest pile of pork in history. Rewriting the bill with bipartisan participation is not necessarily the answer. Only if the Republicans make their ploy to refine the bill strictly limited to cutting the pork and no ancillary bullshit, it could be the shot in the arm the economy needs. The Republicans stand a chance in calling out Sheik Obama's administration's no change anthem and show their diligence in getting real reform accomplished. Then, this opportunity for their party will lead to the public's disgust with the Democrats and a landslide in the next elections.
On the other hand, both parties have a history of creating pork bills with little merit, this is an UNPRECEDENTED opportunity for the Independent parties to establish themselves as credible forerunners for future elections. The necessity to have a "watchdog" party in the eye's of the public has never been at a more important time. This is a historic time calling for a historic leader. Let's hope someone from any party show responsible, respectable leadership with honorable traits that fulfill the prestigious position of the US Presidency!