Saturday, June 28, 2008

FLEECED: by Dick Morris

Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's former confidante and political consultant and a Fox News contributor, has come out with a new book called FLEECED. A must read for those who are still on the fence about this November.

In the book, Morris points out the fact that mainstream media treats Obama as if he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Perhaps he is. But the reasons they give for why he might be are disturbing and exemplifies what animates the Democratic party today. Liberals don't really care about rational thought or substantive policies. They care about superficiality and identity politics. Liberals today, generally speaking, are shallow. Emotional. They care about his race, his background. They want to hear his heart-warming speeches. It makes them feel good inside. They love that he's inspirational, charismatic. They sit there like infant birds with their mouths open squawking for more demagoguery. Therefore, it's certainly understandable that mainstream media supplies the demand. It's a business after all.

Well, for those of you (liberal and conservative) who want facts, here's a handful straight out of FLEECED and Obama's (BHO) own website:

1. In effect, BHO would legislate a 60 percent tax bracket for upper-income Americans, killing all initiative and innovation. He’d raise the top bracket to 40 percent. He’d apply FICA taxes to all income, not just that under $100,000 as at present. So add 40 percent plus FICA’s 12.5 percent plus Medicare’s 2 percent plus state and local taxes averaging, after deduction, at 5-6 percent, and you have a 60 percent bracket.

BHO would double the capital gains tax, saddling the 50 percent of Americans who own stock with dramatically higher taxes.

BHO would double the dividend tax, hitting elderly coupon-clippers now retired and depending on fixed incomes.

BHO wants to cover 12 million illegal immigrants with federally subsidized health insurance, dramatically driving up costs and forcing federal rationing of healthcare. As in the U.K. and Canada, you will not be permitted certain medical procedures if the bureaucrats decide you are not worth it.

BHO proposes requiring Homeland Security operatives to notify terror suspects that they are under investigation within seven days of starting the investigation.

BHO says that unless they can establish that there is “probable cause to believe that a certain individual is linked to a specific terrorist group,” Homeland Security cannot seize his documents and search his business. The current standard is only that the search be “relevant” to a terror investigation.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kennedy v. Louisiana: Judicial Activism Part 3

Today, the U.S. Supreme Court published its 5 to 4 opinion in Kennedy v. Louisiana striking down Louisiana's law imposing the death penalty for Kennedy who was convicted by a jury for raping his 8 year old stepdaughter. More generally, it ruled that the 8th amendment to the U.S. Constitution prohibited the death penalty for crimes that do not end in death of the victim. Louisiana's law imposed the death penalty for those convicted of raping a victim 12 years old or younger. The national repercussion of this devastating opinion is to render the death penalty an option for the State to pursue solely for the most heinous murders, and for nothing else. Well, here's what happened in Kennedy case:

"Petitioner’s crime was one that cannot be recounted in these pages in a way sufficient to capture in full the hurt and horror inflicted on his victim or to convey the revulsion society, and the jury that represents it, sought to express by sentencing petitioner to death. At 9:18 a.m. on March 2, 1998, petitioner called 911 to report that his step-daughter, referred to here as L. H., had been raped.He told the 911 operator that L. H. had been in the garage while he readied his son for school. Upon hearing loud screaming, petitioner said, he ran outside and found L. the side yard. Two neighborhood boys, petitioner told the operator, had dragged L. H. from the garage to the yard, pushed her down, and raped her. Petitioner claimed he saw one of the boys riding away on a blue 10-speed bicycle.When police arrived at petitioner’s home between 9:20 and 9:30 a.m., they found L. H. on her bed, wearing a T-shirt and wrapped in a bloody blanket. She was bleeding profusely from the vaginal area. Petitioner told police he had carried her from the yard to the bathtub and then to the bed. Consistent with this explanation, police found a thin line of blood drops in the garage on the way to the house and then up the stairs. Once in the bedroom, petitioner had used a basin of water and a cloth to wipe blood from the victim. This later prevented medical personnel from collecting a reliable DNA sample. L. H. was transported to the Children’s Hospital. An expert in pediatric forensic medicine testified that L. H.’s injuries were the most severe he had seen from a sexual assault in his four years of practice. A laceration to the left wall of the vagina had separated her cervix from the back of her vagina, causing her rectum to protrude into the vaginal structure. Her entire perineum was torn from the posterior fourchette to the anus. The injuries required emergency surgery."

Now how a can person with a right mind say this does not deserve the death penalty? Is this not heinous enough? Our prisons are over-capacity. On average, it costs taxpayers more than $15,000 per prison per year. Anyway, forget the practical effects of this opinion. The legal reasoning is almost as breathtaking.

It is true that across our country there is trend toward banning the death penalty under the 8th amendment that outlaws cruel and unusual punishment. Specifically, there is solid case-law and precedence that unequivocally prohibits the death penalty for the rape of an adult woman. (Although, personally, I wouldn't mind killing these guys off too.) However, a minority of states have laws that allow the imposition of the death penalty for the rape of a minor, and in Louisiana's case, a minor 12 years old and younger.

The Court reasoned that because a majority of States have banned the death penalty for rapists of adult women, the death penalty for rapists of minor girls should also be banned under the 8th amendment. Ok, for any of you who know a little logic, clearly, this is logically fallacious. The Court takes a logical skip from rape of an adult women to the rape of a minor girl. The Court treats the two alike.

The Louisiana Supreme Court, before the case went to the U.S. Supreme Court, rightly took this dichotomy into consideration, and reasoned that the depravity of raping and brutally injuring an 8 year old girl was distinguishable from a rape of an adult woman. It further reasoned that although the law is well settled that the 8th amendment bans the death penalty for rapists of adult woman, there is no such well settled law concerning the rape of an 8 year old girl. Therefore, the Louisiana Supreme Court held, we affirm the death penalty for Kennedy.

More disastrously, this was another example of the Supreme Court trampling over States' rights. The Louisiana law clearly was a law passed by the Louisiana legislature. The Louisiana legislature represents the people of Louisiana. Therefore, the Supreme Court struck down the wishes of the people of Louisiana. Judicial usurpation of the Legislative branch at its finest. What happened to the separation of powers?

Ultimately, it was discovered that Kennedy had raped and brutalized his stepdaughter, and he was convicted by a jury of his peers. The prosecutor in this case had a memorable line during closing arguments. She implored, "Execute this man. Justice has a sword and this sword needs to swing today."

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Israel Training For ?.......And Where, Oh Where Has My Embassy Gone. Oh Where Oh Where Can It Be?

The Israeli military has been referencing to a possible attack on Iran. The weak position of the West and the questionable support for Israel's position on its security leave Israel with little choice in the matter. The most likely timeframe would be before an adminstration change takes place in the US. If Obama gets in the White House, the entire Middle East could be in for a chaotic future.


For security reasons I am not allowed to say where these maneuvers were taking place. I just hope Israel is prepared should anything ever happen.

For those who are curious about what the US Embassy looks like...,.

Israel Second Biggest Tech Powerhouse in the World!!

Israel has been referred to as the little silicone valley, after THE silicone valley. The United States is far ahead of the rest of the world in internet startups and innovation. But most people are unaware of the position Israel has on the world stage.
After the Russian exodus in the 1990's, all the scientist and engineers made Aliyah to Israel. Aliyah is when a Jew makes his or her "return" to Israel after being in the Diaspora. The Russians were cleaning floors and hotel rooms, cooking and other less taxing occupations because of their initail status after arriving. It was the only work available. With their higher education, the internet became an avenue to uplift their positions in society and apply their intellect. They were the catalyst in giving Israel the terrific position in tech today. Who is in Israel? Google, Yahoo, Agilent, and many many more. I will show a few pictures to show a small sample of what is going on. Consider the small population, the high taxes, the terrorism, and the limited resources and one can appreciate what has been accomplished.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Obama's Plan to Criminalize Terrorism

During a recent television interview with ABC News, Obama said the following:

"[I]t is my firm belief that we can track terrorists, we can crack down on threats against the United States, but we can do so within the constraints of our Constitution."

Then the discussion turned to Gitmo and the recent Supreme Court opinion in Boumediene v. Bush. Obama said, "What we know is that, in previous terrorist attacks -- for example, the first attack against the World Trade Center - we were able to arrest those responsible, put them on trial. They are currently in U.S. prisons, incapacitated."

This erroneous answer clearly demonstrates the naivete of a junior Senator. Osama bin Laden is still at large my friend. And the fact is, because we treated the 1993 WTC attack as simply a crime, as opposed to an act of war or a war crime, the individuals were treated as criminals, not enemy combatants/terrorists, as they should have been. Therefore, the individuals were adjudicated in our criminal justice system. What were the ramifications of this? Well, to start, the result was an incredibly slow trial process. All the federal rules of criminal procedure were effectuated. This meant that a vast amount of evidence was tossed due to the strictures of evidence procedure. This meant that those who were caught were not interrogated. This meant that those caught had no incentive to give any information voluntarily. Ultimately, this meant that we did not find out the true mastermind behind the attacks until after 4 years had passed.

We all know now that Osama bin Laden was the brainchild behind the 1993 (and 2001) WTC attacks. Thanks to the slow criminal proceedings, this critical fact was unknown to us until 1997, AFTER Clinton denied Sudan's offer to arrest bin Laden and extradite him to the U.S. rightly saying that we had no grounds to incarcerate him. Yes, you heard it right. Bin Laden at the time was not in hiding. He was openly living in Sudan. The Sudanese government always had an eye on him. President Bashir at the time offered to arrest and extradite him to the U.S. In exchange, we would lift our sanctions. You can read about the offer here.

Again, Clinton was right that we had no grounds to incarcerate him, since, in 1996, we had no idea that bin Laden was the brainchild of the 1993 attacks. But there is no doubt, if Clinton and his national security adviser had treated the 1993 WTC attacks as acts of war and treated those caught accordingly (NOT as criminals, but as foreign enemy combatants and terrorists), we would've found out much earlier about bin Laden, and, when Sudan offered him up on a silver platter, we certainly would've taken it. (But of course, Clinton was extremely preoccupied during this time so we can't really give him the benefit of the doubt that he would have taken bin Laden even if he knew.)

Immediately after Boumediene opinion was issued, Obama made it clear that suspected terrorists must be given the right of habeas corpus and the right to be tried in our civilian courts. This would be a fatal blow to our national security policy and would give a huge advantage to the terrorists caught on the battlefield. Our federal courts will be swamped, and most importantly, this opens the gates to a very slippery slope (as I discuss below). Well, as the adage goes, history is our greatest teacher. Apparently, Obama has not learned enough.


Okay, I am back. I have plenty of material to post. I have not had a chance to enter my pictures yet. I have pictures of the Autistic home I visit (the sign for the entrance), I have pictures from the area in Israel where the French are moving to and the construction that is following. I have pictures of the booming internet companies and start ups in Israel. And more! All will be revealed in the next few days. Stay tuned!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Young America's Foundation=New Site

If you are a student who is involved in combating liberal bias on campus, this page is the resource for your school. As we are all aware, Liberal guest speakers are a mandatory regular on college grounds as standard procedure. Getting the information from this page can set the wheels in motion to change that for the future. David Horowitz is THE man to look up on Youtube if you want to see it done by a professional. I admire him! I will post about him in the near future. He can also be seen on c-span from time to time. Check out the YAF so you can tell the Left your not gonna take it!

New Site People!!

I came across a site with an extensive list of conservative blogs.Destroying the liberal thought process! That is the self described summary of a site that takes time to update on every current issue that effects the conservative today. With overwhelming content, its impossible to look for a short time if you intend to retain even a small amount of the info. I recommend you brush up on your knowledge on this site so you are properly armed to fend off the next brainwashed liberal. Sucker!! We win!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Israel Special Needs = Favorite Organization=BEIT URI

When I travel to Israel, I enjoy spending my time helping the staff take care of the children at this facility. I know all the children and enjoy every minute I am around them. Making them all happy makes the trip worthwhile. The facility is similar to a summer sleep away camp. The care is the best in the world. The children get every therapy imaginable! From music to swimming to horseback riding! The staff are top notch! The care and patience are unlike any a parent could possibly give alone. The meals are provided which include only nourishing, healthy minded calories. Health care is on location and ancillary services are provided primarily on site by being brought in. The school is in a building on the grounds. This is better for the children because exposure to too much stimulation outside the facility makes them upset. If possible, they are taught a trade as they get older in order to help them experience some degree of normalcy. A petting zoo is provided because animals and children always go well together. The facility is on about 3 acres. Multiple small building make up the grounds, with one designated to children. The residents are taken out on field trips to visit different places that enlighten their day. The facility is located in Afula. If anyone reading this has any questions, feel free to email me. If you would like to contact the facility, I am providing the link here. Look at the site and if you contact them, please let them know this page sent you. It would make me very grateful!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Boumedine v. Bush: Paying for Terrorists' Legal Rights

On June 12, 2008, the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its opinion on whether enemy combatants imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have the right to petition for writ of habeas corpus. Habeas corpus is a Latin phrase which literally means, "We command you to bring the body." In legal terms, it has been the historical constitutional right afforded to Americans accused of committing a crime to have his day in court. Indeed, a fundamental right critical in a democratic society.

So what did the U.S. Supreme Court say? In a 5 to 4 decision, the majority ruled that enemy combatants do have the right to a habeas corpus petition. In other words, enemy combatants now receive taxpayer funded federal public defenders and access to our civilian courts. Since the ruling, many legal scholars have opined on this highly political decision. Most have been very esoteric, difficult for the laymen to understand.

But here is an article by John Yoo published today in the Wall Street Journal. Yoo is a law professor at UC Berkeley Law School, co-authored the USA PATRIOT Act, authored the famous, or infamous, White House memo on torture, an emphatic defender of a strong executive branch during wartime, a brilliant legal mind, and, a proud Korean-American.

Yoo gives us a little historical context.

["In World War II, no civilian court reviewed the thousands of German prisoners housed in the U.S. Federal judges never heard cases from the Confederate prisoners of war held during the Civil War. In a trilogy of cases decided at the end of World War II, the Supreme Court agreed that the writ did not benefit enemy aliens held outside the U.S. In the months after the 9/11 attacks, we in the Justice Department relied on the Supreme Court's word when we evaluated Guantanamo Bay as a place to hold al Qaeda terrorists."]

I would distinguish further that the German prisoners captured on the battlefield in WWII were uniformed military soldiers of a sovereign nation, motivated by their loyalty to country. (Yes, it's certainly arguable whether the officers were loyal to a country or to an evil ideology, but, the point is, WWII involved conventional warfare with conventional armies.) Yet, as Yoo points out, they still were not given access to our courts. Moreover, most of these German prisoners were decent people (again, arguable) who shared many similarities with Americans. But still, no civilian court. Why? Because they were prisoners of war, enemy combatants.

Today's war on terror does not involve two sovereign nations going at it. No. Rather, it involves a tolerant freedom loving nation against thugs who in the name of a god strap bombs to themselves and obliterate and maim civilian men, women, and children. And here are 5 Supreme Court justices deciding to give these Islamo-Fascists access to taxpayer funded civilian courts and a public defender. I know, it's hard to believe.

This is obviously a dangerous slippery slope. Once we take a piece of our Constitution and give it to the terrorists, what will stop the Court from extending the entire document? Mark my word, soldiers will soon be required to read enemy combatants their Miranda rights, in Arabic! It won't stop there. The 4th amendment right to be free from unreasonable seizure. The 5th amendment right to not incriminate yourself. And the 14th amendment right to due process. You can be sure the terrorists will demand these rights. It's only a matter of time these rights too are extended to the captured terrorists.

Scalia put it best, "The Nation will live to regret what the Court has done today. I dissent."

Monday, June 16, 2008

BHO's Youth Vote Campaign


Ok, so I must admit, this video is fun, dramatic, sexy, and, therefore, pretty damn brilliant.

The democrats have done a much better job of galvanizing the internet vote. BHO has amassed record breaking amounts of money through the internet. This makes sense. Young people today live on the internet - at school, home, and at work. Plus, we all know how young democrats vote. They vote with their emotions, their sensitivities. And of course, hormones beget emotions. Clips like these that get to the heart of what it means to be a college kid today will no doubt have an impact.

Moreover, the democrats are using the internet to propagate these "cool" videos. Especially with sites like YouTube and Facebook, I wouldn't be surprised if this video gets 2 or 3 million hits the first month. Apparently, this is the first of twelve clips. One clip isn't very compelling (or at least I hope not), but 12 clips is a different story. In their entirety, these clips could have a serious impact on the youth vote. But if my assessment turns out to be true, college kids will not follow through on their excitement come November.

Saturday, June 14, 2008


You Tube has slowed us down. Therefore, before any further posting I have decided to fix it.



Check 'em out, please!


Israel Trip Surprise! 15 Years in the Making! And President Carter!!

I had the pleasure of running into a long lost cousin of mine who I haven't seen in 15 years. I happened upon him accidentally 3 days ago in Tel Aviv. Reminiscing with him has given me the opportunity to hear about my family history. I have been enlightened into some family history involving........former President Jimmy Carter. I have the inside scoop on some little known facts I intend to reveal in the next week or two. I dislike Jimmy Carter and what he stands for now. The fact that he is making news again, particularly in Israel, has made this information just that much more interesting. Plus, I have been given a perspective from an Israeli point of view, namely my cousin. Understand, he is a bit of a hippie, in his mid-50s, liberal jewish minded, and living in Israel for almost 30 years. He made Aliyah at that time, which is when a Jew moves "back" to Israel permanently from the Diaspora. I missed seeing him far too long and I think he has missed connecting to the family back in the US. I hope his perspective on the homefront in Israel will give this Blog a greater more complete message to the world masses. Him being Left and me being Right makes the posts I write ever more challenging for me. Stay tuned and please keep reading!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Special Needs Citizens Get Help From The Sky- Israel Style

What the heck is with this Israel posting frenzy!? Well, I am in Israel right now. So I am concentrating on what is happening here. I have flown to Israel for many years and about three years ago the airline started something truly admirable. Special needs children and adults are our most defenseless and voiceless citizens. Their population is growing in the US everyday, bordering on epidemic numbers. What the is country doing to combat this problem is difficult to pinpoint. In America, money is given for research, treatments, and cures for many illnesses besides special needs, and the groups with the loudest voice get the funding. This problem of special needs should be much higher on the priority scale due of their numbers, but because the afflicted cannot raise their voice, they get marginal funding. Private funding helps but the problem pervails with no signs of abating.
I actually spend a LARGE portion of my time helping with children in Israel with these problems. The government provides incredibly good care and facilities. INCREDIBLY GOOD!!
Now all flights to and from Israel on El Al take 5 minutes out to ask for donations to the top organization, Akim, for providing all kinds of help to these citizens in Israel. They have been doing this for the last 3 years. After seeing this display of philanthropy, I can say as a traveler who has choices to make, I WILL ALWAYS MAKE MINE EL AL!! Their no pressure pitch to help provide relief for special needs is THE MODEL for other private industry to mimic. Then patrons can see which businesses express concern for the betterment of the common good over profits. These patrons will then be able to feel their patronage has a higher calling.

Who Is Bridget Gabriel And Why Should You Already Know Her Name!?!

Bridget Gabriel

Quite possibly The most important Lebanese Christian alive today! She has a perspective of Mid East turmoil I hope none of us ever experience. Her bravery and smart approach to debunking myths of "The Religion Of Peace." Watch her at work and when you chin drops, wonder why you dont come to this page more often.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Construction In Israel Tied To Terrorism!!

I am currently in Israel. I noticed that the economy and the construction are booming all over. I was under the impression the country was seeing a boom in residential building because of the falling dollar and the booming euro. When one wants to know why things are happening, one has to ask the locals. My Israeli friends tell me the increase is due to the Islamic population boom in Europe, particularly France. There are tremendous amounts of French now living in Israel. The boom is taking place primarily in Modi'in and Maccabeem. The liberal attitude in Europe, particularly France, allows intimidation of the indiginous population to be terrorized. More tolerance and understanding rather than a strong hand continues to allow Islamic crime to flourish. Of course, its worse in the Jewish community. And they are usually the most liberal. Now they pay for this by moving to Israel. I am getting flashbacks of 1930's Europe.

Here are the pictures of the building taking place in Israel as a result. These I took on my trip to Israel june 2-18 2008.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Alan Keyes Is The ANSWER!! Make Him VP or President But Get Him Elected!!!!!


Where Is The Ridicule !?!


When Vice President Quayle had read the card at a school spelling contest incorrectly he was ridiculed by the press. How much? RELENTLESS!! He will be remembered for nothing else. That's how much. Obama stated he believes the United States has 57 states. Where is the sneering? Where is the relentless press and Saturday Night Live satire? Where is David Letterman? Here is a shining example of the Left inequality in media coverage. But, in the defense of the Left, where the HELL is the Right!?! How come this isn't played over and over and over on Hannity? Where is Savage? Sure, they mentioned it. I believe unless the Right media is willing to fight fire with fire, no amount of fear lay in waiting for missteps by the Left. They never would have treated McCain with "kid gloves." I suggest the Republicans bring Quayle out of the limelight of shame and position him to embaress Obama at the soonest opportunity. I still believe Keyes holds the keys to winning the election in 2008. Quayle, this Jew is going to be liberal towards your spelling blunder and forgive you by offering this article. Good luck to you!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

BHO's Homeland Defense Policy

BHO remains enigmatic. We simply do not know enough about him, what he believes in, his values, his loyalties, and most importantly, his vision for America. He speaks platitudes, and reads the tele-prompter brilliantly. But I still can't articulate the substance of Obama.

As a conservative, I believe the maintenance of a robust, top of the line military force is absolutely critical, and is one of the few legit roles of the government. In other words, I want my tax money going to a beastly military force. But according to the video clip below, I certainly get a glimpse of BHO's vision for our military and defense spending, particularly Reagan's modus operandi: the Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI. A main component of SDI is the space missile defense system. BHO's position on this vital program is very troubling.

He totally lost me. He talks on and on about cutting our defense systems, but he ends the segment by assuring us that his sole priority for defense spending is to protect the American people. He also shortsightedly states that he'll kill the program because it is unproven. One reason why we have a missile defense system is for deterrence. In realpolitik terms, it's called mutually assured destruction. Arguing that the program does not work because it is unproven misses the point entirely.

Secondly, BHO forgets history. SDI is a proven success. In 1982, at the summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, President Reagan refused to surrender SDI in return for short term arms-control concessions from USSR Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. To the anger and consternation of liberals (and conservatives alike), President Reagan walked out of the summit. Senator Ted "Chappaquiddick-killer" Kennedy decried, "That grand and historic opportunity was there in Iceland, but it has been sacrificed, at least for the moment, on the uncertain altar of SDI." Premier Gorbachev, years later, identified this bold act by Reagan as the beginning of the end for Soviet Communism.

BHO not only shows his youth but a dangerous vision for our defense policy. He basically wants to castrate our country.

Obama Learns Frank Sinatra-Style Popularity Tactics From 1940s Updated For 2008

Frank Sinatra was a tremendous star during the 1940s. His popularity was helped by radio primarily. When TV became the main choice for entertainment, he needed new tactics to become the media sensation of television. Women were told to scream and shout and act excited in the front of crowds at appearances to see Sinatra. His popularity exploded!
Now circa 2008, the newest Presidential campaign needed a shot in the arm to overtake other hopefuls and drive them early on to submit. This would help Obama supporters to retain the cash flow for the final fight against the Clinton juggernaught. By cherry picking people from the crowds and placing them behind Obama AND in the face of the home viewer, this excitement manipulates impressionable people in a revamped Sinatra-esque move. I could use a good Sinatra tune to soothe my aggravation right now.

IRAQ=Part II(Part 1=May first post)

When looking at a map of thw world, one sees the Middle East puzzle of country borders. The war waged in Iraq and Afghanistan were waged in order to deal with terrorism. In this article, Focus is placed on Osama bin Laden. In order to deal with him, the US cannot capture him because I believe he is no longer in Afghanistan, but in Iran. Iraq was a stepping stone to the ending of Al Qaida. With troops and the amount of time lapsed looking throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, its obvious he has moved to Iran. The country has too many holy sites for Islam which, if invaded, could be damaged causing a backlash and outrage. Therefore, the next option is containment. By bordering Iran on 2 sides, Iraq and Pakistan, and Iraq,containment is achieved. Also, deterence is achieved by maintaining troops presence ready for small ground operations and the use of pinpoint accuracy bombing. The biggest fear now is if Iran develops nuclear weapons, Bin Laden may very well get his hands on them. Then when he uses them on us, they deny it was state sponsored!! Pray for an Israeli strike!

McCain Vice Presidential Candidate=ALAN KEYES???!! YEAH!!!

The next president of the United States needs to be sensitive to all the diverse groups located through the land. The Democratic Party likes to play the race card with McCain regarding Barak Obama. And when they expectedly(not unexpectedly, I mean expectedly) annouce the addition of Hillary Clinton, they will have the sexist issue to badger the McCain, too. Well, the obvious pathway to combat the race issue is Alan Keyes. He is uniquely qualified for this position versus his prior aspirations of higher political office because of the time. He is ..BLACK! Therefore, the race card becomes a none issue. Noone believes sexism is an issue because Hillary is about as aggressive as most Tazmanian Devils, let alone other men. He is intelligent, speaks properly(exquisitely!), conservative, and has debated on issues in public on TV, and has been in the mainstream for many years. He went up against Obama for the Senator position in Illinois. He is still active on the internet and has the support of many ultra conservatives. This gives McCain more credibility with the far Right. A proper comparison between Keyes and Obama really shows the difference......
While Obama supporters were organizing movements like the Weathermen, Keyes was in the US Foreign Service. Both went to Harvard, Obama studied law and was an excellent student. Keyes got his Ph D on Constitutional Theory where he realized his belief of strict interpretation and implementation of the Constitution!( Wow!!) Keyes had 10 years at Cornell, studied abroad and became "aware" of his "extrordinary appreciation of academic opportunity." Lets see someone in the Hip Hop industry rap about that for a change!! In other words, he is overqualified for overhauling or (for the affirmative action crowd) "pimping up" the educational system! Obama's liberal perspective and fervent communist, anarchist, and militant Black Theology background (as well as muslim background) over qualify him for further dilution of and/or removal of Constitutional rights. Obama has written books which express his position on why the black community is the such disarray and how white society is responsible for it. And the real audacity is his.... and how if not elected, then nothing has ever changed since 1865(Emancipation Proclamation) or 1960's(Civil Rights Movement). Keyes covers subjects in his books about morality, reasons why Black America is in dire straits today(not giving reasons 40-plus years old pre Civil Rights) and the realistic approach for positive change in those same Black communities. Obama is pro choice, period. Circumstances do not matter. Keyes is pro life and circumstances don't matter. On Israel, Obama is pro-israel in front of AIPAC... otherwise he says to everyone else, divide Israel and its territories into 2 states, give the Golan to Syria, and further concessions compromising her(Israel's) existence and security disguised in the Trojan Horse of peace with her neighbors. (Trojan can also imply how he intends to screw Israel.) Keyes is pro-Israel! So much, in fact, he was given the Award in Journalistic Excellence by Israel!! And pro-Palestinian groups, working with the gay lobby, managed to remove him from CNN. Obama's experience is service in the Senate for 1 term. For better sit down for this.......
1)Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations - dealt with terrorism, human rights
2)Served on National Security Council
3)Ambassador to UN Economic and Social Council in the UN General Assembly
4)State Dept. Policy Planning Staff
5) Vice Consul at US Consulate General in Bombay, India
6)US Foreign Service
7)Roman Catholic who admires morality for all peoples and admires The Holy Father
His philosophy of life experience and self determination is expressed in this out of context quote--"..excesses of hope must be expiated by pains and expectations improperly indulged must end in disappointment," Whew!! Take a deep breath!! That should be in 2 places: 1) a minted coin 2) in a plaque in front of every welfare office
8)Chairman or Founder of the following: Black America's Political Action Committee, Declaration Foundation, Renew America
9) President of Citizens Against Government Waste
10)Founder of National Taxpayers Action Day
11) Syndicated radio showthroughout the 1990s
12)Served as Interim President of Alabama A & M University
13)speaks French, Spanish, Russian, Ancient Greek
14) Important Admirers: Obama=Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, and that stupid white Rev whatever his name is
Keyes=Ronald Reagan!! 'Nuff Said!!
After 20 years, Obama finally disavowed himself from his "church", denies his Islamic background being his foundation for his beliefs, has admiration for Islamic tradition even though he went to a Catholic school for sometime, and has relationships uncomfortable to me, with Black Supremists and Black Theology.
Obama is legalizing illegals, higher taxes, and bigger government.
Keyes has ideas so brilliantly expressed I find him so much more charismatic I cant repeat all his ideas and do him justice.

But I love this view to show he is different from Bush on terrorism : "the battle against Hezbollah threatens to expose the hollow reality of the Bush Administrations conduct of the war against terrorism! WWwwowww!!

Ronald Reagan has been an admirer of his. I hope the attention of this article gets other Conservatives to pass on the word so we can get the country moving in the right direction..and when I say right I mean RIght!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Politics of Religion

The hateful members of the radical Westboro Church of Topeka, Kansas, have been traveling the country and protesting at the funerals of our fallen soldiers. Yes, repulsive, disgusting. Julie Banderas, probably the hottest most intelligent latina anchorwoman in the world today, rips the church's spokesperson a new one. Oh it was beautiful. You can watch below.

After I watched it and listened to the offensive statements being made on behalf of the church, it was like deja vu. What was so familiar about all this hateful psycho-babble? And then it hit me. Of course, Jeremiah Wright! So I thought to myself:

WHAT IF John McCain was a member of Westboro Church for the past 20 years, was married there, had his children baptized there, and considered the pastor a "great friend." Well, undoubtedly he would not be a prominent Senator much less a Presidential candidate. But let's say for the sake of argument that he had a genius for conning people and was an inspiring teleprompter-reader and was able to clinch the party nomination despite his intimate connections to this church. Would you vote for him?

A right minded person couldn't possibly justify the things the Westboro Church stands for and the protesters at a soldier's funeral with signs reading God Hates You, Semper Fi Fags, and God Hates America, among others. What's the difference between God Hates America and God Damn America spoken by Jeremiah Wright at his church? Right, nothing. The only difference I can tell from the two church is that one is racist and hates America, the other is anti-gay and hates America. But yet it appears Obama is on his way to clinch the nomination of the Democratic party.

On a lighter note, Julie Banderas has now replaced CNBC's Maria Bartiromo as my favorite news anchorwoman. Hot!