Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Construction In Israel Tied To Terrorism!!

I am currently in Israel. I noticed that the economy and the construction are booming all over. I was under the impression the country was seeing a boom in residential building because of the falling dollar and the booming euro. When one wants to know why things are happening, one has to ask the locals. My Israeli friends tell me the increase is due to the Islamic population boom in Europe, particularly France. There are tremendous amounts of French now living in Israel. The boom is taking place primarily in Modi'in and Maccabeem. The liberal attitude in Europe, particularly France, allows intimidation of the indiginous population to be terrorized. More tolerance and understanding rather than a strong hand continues to allow Islamic crime to flourish. Of course, its worse in the Jewish community. And they are usually the most liberal. Now they pay for this by moving to Israel. I am getting flashbacks of 1930's Europe.

Here are the pictures of the building taking place in Israel as a result. These I took on my trip to Israel june 2-18 2008.

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