Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Israel Special Needs = Favorite Organization=BEIT URI

When I travel to Israel, I enjoy spending my time helping the staff take care of the children at this facility. I know all the children and enjoy every minute I am around them. Making them all happy makes the trip worthwhile. The facility is similar to a summer sleep away camp. The care is the best in the world. The children get every therapy imaginable! From music to swimming to horseback riding! The staff are top notch! The care and patience are unlike any a parent could possibly give alone. The meals are provided which include only nourishing, healthy minded calories. Health care is on location and ancillary services are provided primarily on site by being brought in. The school is in a building on the grounds. This is better for the children because exposure to too much stimulation outside the facility makes them upset. If possible, they are taught a trade as they get older in order to help them experience some degree of normalcy. A petting zoo is provided because animals and children always go well together. The facility is on about 3 acres. Multiple small building make up the grounds, with one designated to children. The residents are taken out on field trips to visit different places that enlighten their day. The facility is located in Afula. If anyone reading this has any questions, feel free to email me. If you would like to contact the facility, I am providing the link here. Look at the site and if you contact them, please let them know this page sent you. It would make me very grateful!!

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