Monday, June 16, 2008

BHO's Youth Vote Campaign


Ok, so I must admit, this video is fun, dramatic, sexy, and, therefore, pretty damn brilliant.

The democrats have done a much better job of galvanizing the internet vote. BHO has amassed record breaking amounts of money through the internet. This makes sense. Young people today live on the internet - at school, home, and at work. Plus, we all know how young democrats vote. They vote with their emotions, their sensitivities. And of course, hormones beget emotions. Clips like these that get to the heart of what it means to be a college kid today will no doubt have an impact.

Moreover, the democrats are using the internet to propagate these "cool" videos. Especially with sites like YouTube and Facebook, I wouldn't be surprised if this video gets 2 or 3 million hits the first month. Apparently, this is the first of twelve clips. One clip isn't very compelling (or at least I hope not), but 12 clips is a different story. In their entirety, these clips could have a serious impact on the youth vote. But if my assessment turns out to be true, college kids will not follow through on their excitement come November.

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