Saturday, June 28, 2008

FLEECED: by Dick Morris

Dick Morris, Bill Clinton's former confidante and political consultant and a Fox News contributor, has come out with a new book called FLEECED. A must read for those who are still on the fence about this November.

In the book, Morris points out the fact that mainstream media treats Obama as if he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Perhaps he is. But the reasons they give for why he might be are disturbing and exemplifies what animates the Democratic party today. Liberals don't really care about rational thought or substantive policies. They care about superficiality and identity politics. Liberals today, generally speaking, are shallow. Emotional. They care about his race, his background. They want to hear his heart-warming speeches. It makes them feel good inside. They love that he's inspirational, charismatic. They sit there like infant birds with their mouths open squawking for more demagoguery. Therefore, it's certainly understandable that mainstream media supplies the demand. It's a business after all.

Well, for those of you (liberal and conservative) who want facts, here's a handful straight out of FLEECED and Obama's (BHO) own website:

1. In effect, BHO would legislate a 60 percent tax bracket for upper-income Americans, killing all initiative and innovation. He’d raise the top bracket to 40 percent. He’d apply FICA taxes to all income, not just that under $100,000 as at present. So add 40 percent plus FICA’s 12.5 percent plus Medicare’s 2 percent plus state and local taxes averaging, after deduction, at 5-6 percent, and you have a 60 percent bracket.

BHO would double the capital gains tax, saddling the 50 percent of Americans who own stock with dramatically higher taxes.

BHO would double the dividend tax, hitting elderly coupon-clippers now retired and depending on fixed incomes.

BHO wants to cover 12 million illegal immigrants with federally subsidized health insurance, dramatically driving up costs and forcing federal rationing of healthcare. As in the U.K. and Canada, you will not be permitted certain medical procedures if the bureaucrats decide you are not worth it.

BHO proposes requiring Homeland Security operatives to notify terror suspects that they are under investigation within seven days of starting the investigation.

BHO says that unless they can establish that there is “probable cause to believe that a certain individual is linked to a specific terrorist group,” Homeland Security cannot seize his documents and search his business. The current standard is only that the search be “relevant” to a terror investigation.


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