Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Politics of Religion

The hateful members of the radical Westboro Church of Topeka, Kansas, have been traveling the country and protesting at the funerals of our fallen soldiers. Yes, repulsive, disgusting. Julie Banderas, probably the hottest most intelligent latina anchorwoman in the world today, rips the church's spokesperson a new one. Oh it was beautiful. You can watch below.

After I watched it and listened to the offensive statements being made on behalf of the church, it was like deja vu. What was so familiar about all this hateful psycho-babble? And then it hit me. Of course, Jeremiah Wright! So I thought to myself:

WHAT IF John McCain was a member of Westboro Church for the past 20 years, was married there, had his children baptized there, and considered the pastor a "great friend." Well, undoubtedly he would not be a prominent Senator much less a Presidential candidate. But let's say for the sake of argument that he had a genius for conning people and was an inspiring teleprompter-reader and was able to clinch the party nomination despite his intimate connections to this church. Would you vote for him?

A right minded person couldn't possibly justify the things the Westboro Church stands for and the protesters at a soldier's funeral with signs reading God Hates You, Semper Fi Fags, and God Hates America, among others. What's the difference between God Hates America and God Damn America spoken by Jeremiah Wright at his church? Right, nothing. The only difference I can tell from the two church is that one is racist and hates America, the other is anti-gay and hates America. But yet it appears Obama is on his way to clinch the nomination of the Democratic party.

On a lighter note, Julie Banderas has now replaced CNBC's Maria Bartiromo as my favorite news anchorwoman. Hot!

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