Saturday, June 7, 2008

IRAQ=Part II(Part 1=May first post)

When looking at a map of thw world, one sees the Middle East puzzle of country borders. The war waged in Iraq and Afghanistan were waged in order to deal with terrorism. In this article, Focus is placed on Osama bin Laden. In order to deal with him, the US cannot capture him because I believe he is no longer in Afghanistan, but in Iran. Iraq was a stepping stone to the ending of Al Qaida. With troops and the amount of time lapsed looking throughout Afghanistan and Pakistan, its obvious he has moved to Iran. The country has too many holy sites for Islam which, if invaded, could be damaged causing a backlash and outrage. Therefore, the next option is containment. By bordering Iran on 2 sides, Iraq and Pakistan, and Iraq,containment is achieved. Also, deterence is achieved by maintaining troops presence ready for small ground operations and the use of pinpoint accuracy bombing. The biggest fear now is if Iran develops nuclear weapons, Bin Laden may very well get his hands on them. Then when he uses them on us, they deny it was state sponsored!! Pray for an Israeli strike!

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