Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama Learns Frank Sinatra-Style Popularity Tactics From 1940s Updated For 2008

Frank Sinatra was a tremendous star during the 1940s. His popularity was helped by radio primarily. When TV became the main choice for entertainment, he needed new tactics to become the media sensation of television. Women were told to scream and shout and act excited in the front of crowds at appearances to see Sinatra. His popularity exploded!
Now circa 2008, the newest Presidential campaign needed a shot in the arm to overtake other hopefuls and drive them early on to submit. This would help Obama supporters to retain the cash flow for the final fight against the Clinton juggernaught. By cherry picking people from the crowds and placing them behind Obama AND in the face of the home viewer, this excitement manipulates impressionable people in a revamped Sinatra-esque move. I could use a good Sinatra tune to soothe my aggravation right now.

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