Saturday, June 7, 2008

BHO's Homeland Defense Policy

BHO remains enigmatic. We simply do not know enough about him, what he believes in, his values, his loyalties, and most importantly, his vision for America. He speaks platitudes, and reads the tele-prompter brilliantly. But I still can't articulate the substance of Obama.

As a conservative, I believe the maintenance of a robust, top of the line military force is absolutely critical, and is one of the few legit roles of the government. In other words, I want my tax money going to a beastly military force. But according to the video clip below, I certainly get a glimpse of BHO's vision for our military and defense spending, particularly Reagan's modus operandi: the Strategic Defense Initiative or SDI. A main component of SDI is the space missile defense system. BHO's position on this vital program is very troubling.

He totally lost me. He talks on and on about cutting our defense systems, but he ends the segment by assuring us that his sole priority for defense spending is to protect the American people. He also shortsightedly states that he'll kill the program because it is unproven. One reason why we have a missile defense system is for deterrence. In realpolitik terms, it's called mutually assured destruction. Arguing that the program does not work because it is unproven misses the point entirely.

Secondly, BHO forgets history. SDI is a proven success. In 1982, at the summit in Reykjavik, Iceland, President Reagan refused to surrender SDI in return for short term arms-control concessions from USSR Premier Mikhail Gorbachev. To the anger and consternation of liberals (and conservatives alike), President Reagan walked out of the summit. Senator Ted "Chappaquiddick-killer" Kennedy decried, "That grand and historic opportunity was there in Iceland, but it has been sacrificed, at least for the moment, on the uncertain altar of SDI." Premier Gorbachev, years later, identified this bold act by Reagan as the beginning of the end for Soviet Communism.

BHO not only shows his youth but a dangerous vision for our defense policy. He basically wants to castrate our country.

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