Friday, June 13, 2008

Special Needs Citizens Get Help From The Sky- Israel Style

What the heck is with this Israel posting frenzy!? Well, I am in Israel right now. So I am concentrating on what is happening here. I have flown to Israel for many years and about three years ago the airline started something truly admirable. Special needs children and adults are our most defenseless and voiceless citizens. Their population is growing in the US everyday, bordering on epidemic numbers. What the is country doing to combat this problem is difficult to pinpoint. In America, money is given for research, treatments, and cures for many illnesses besides special needs, and the groups with the loudest voice get the funding. This problem of special needs should be much higher on the priority scale due of their numbers, but because the afflicted cannot raise their voice, they get marginal funding. Private funding helps but the problem pervails with no signs of abating.
I actually spend a LARGE portion of my time helping with children in Israel with these problems. The government provides incredibly good care and facilities. INCREDIBLY GOOD!!
Now all flights to and from Israel on El Al take 5 minutes out to ask for donations to the top organization, Akim, for providing all kinds of help to these citizens in Israel. They have been doing this for the last 3 years. After seeing this display of philanthropy, I can say as a traveler who has choices to make, I WILL ALWAYS MAKE MINE EL AL!! Their no pressure pitch to help provide relief for special needs is THE MODEL for other private industry to mimic. Then patrons can see which businesses express concern for the betterment of the common good over profits. These patrons will then be able to feel their patronage has a higher calling.

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