Saturday, June 7, 2008

McCain Vice Presidential Candidate=ALAN KEYES???!! YEAH!!!

The next president of the United States needs to be sensitive to all the diverse groups located through the land. The Democratic Party likes to play the race card with McCain regarding Barak Obama. And when they expectedly(not unexpectedly, I mean expectedly) annouce the addition of Hillary Clinton, they will have the sexist issue to badger the McCain, too. Well, the obvious pathway to combat the race issue is Alan Keyes. He is uniquely qualified for this position versus his prior aspirations of higher political office because of the time. He is ..BLACK! Therefore, the race card becomes a none issue. Noone believes sexism is an issue because Hillary is about as aggressive as most Tazmanian Devils, let alone other men. He is intelligent, speaks properly(exquisitely!), conservative, and has debated on issues in public on TV, and has been in the mainstream for many years. He went up against Obama for the Senator position in Illinois. He is still active on the internet and has the support of many ultra conservatives. This gives McCain more credibility with the far Right. A proper comparison between Keyes and Obama really shows the difference......
While Obama supporters were organizing movements like the Weathermen, Keyes was in the US Foreign Service. Both went to Harvard, Obama studied law and was an excellent student. Keyes got his Ph D on Constitutional Theory where he realized his belief of strict interpretation and implementation of the Constitution!( Wow!!) Keyes had 10 years at Cornell, studied abroad and became "aware" of his "extrordinary appreciation of academic opportunity." Lets see someone in the Hip Hop industry rap about that for a change!! In other words, he is overqualified for overhauling or (for the affirmative action crowd) "pimping up" the educational system! Obama's liberal perspective and fervent communist, anarchist, and militant Black Theology background (as well as muslim background) over qualify him for further dilution of and/or removal of Constitutional rights. Obama has written books which express his position on why the black community is the such disarray and how white society is responsible for it. And the real audacity is his.... and how if not elected, then nothing has ever changed since 1865(Emancipation Proclamation) or 1960's(Civil Rights Movement). Keyes covers subjects in his books about morality, reasons why Black America is in dire straits today(not giving reasons 40-plus years old pre Civil Rights) and the realistic approach for positive change in those same Black communities. Obama is pro choice, period. Circumstances do not matter. Keyes is pro life and circumstances don't matter. On Israel, Obama is pro-israel in front of AIPAC... otherwise he says to everyone else, divide Israel and its territories into 2 states, give the Golan to Syria, and further concessions compromising her(Israel's) existence and security disguised in the Trojan Horse of peace with her neighbors. (Trojan can also imply how he intends to screw Israel.) Keyes is pro-Israel! So much, in fact, he was given the Award in Journalistic Excellence by Israel!! And pro-Palestinian groups, working with the gay lobby, managed to remove him from CNN. Obama's experience is service in the Senate for 1 term. For better sit down for this.......
1)Assistant Secretary of State for International Organizations - dealt with terrorism, human rights
2)Served on National Security Council
3)Ambassador to UN Economic and Social Council in the UN General Assembly
4)State Dept. Policy Planning Staff
5) Vice Consul at US Consulate General in Bombay, India
6)US Foreign Service
7)Roman Catholic who admires morality for all peoples and admires The Holy Father
His philosophy of life experience and self determination is expressed in this out of context quote--"..excesses of hope must be expiated by pains and expectations improperly indulged must end in disappointment," Whew!! Take a deep breath!! That should be in 2 places: 1) a minted coin 2) in a plaque in front of every welfare office
8)Chairman or Founder of the following: Black America's Political Action Committee, Declaration Foundation, Renew America
9) President of Citizens Against Government Waste
10)Founder of National Taxpayers Action Day
11) Syndicated radio showthroughout the 1990s
12)Served as Interim President of Alabama A & M University
13)speaks French, Spanish, Russian, Ancient Greek
14) Important Admirers: Obama=Rev. Wright, Jesse Jackson, and that stupid white Rev whatever his name is
Keyes=Ronald Reagan!! 'Nuff Said!!
After 20 years, Obama finally disavowed himself from his "church", denies his Islamic background being his foundation for his beliefs, has admiration for Islamic tradition even though he went to a Catholic school for sometime, and has relationships uncomfortable to me, with Black Supremists and Black Theology.
Obama is legalizing illegals, higher taxes, and bigger government.
Keyes has ideas so brilliantly expressed I find him so much more charismatic I cant repeat all his ideas and do him justice.

But I love this view to show he is different from Bush on terrorism : "the battle against Hezbollah threatens to expose the hollow reality of the Bush Administrations conduct of the war against terrorism! WWwwowww!!

Ronald Reagan has been an admirer of his. I hope the attention of this article gets other Conservatives to pass on the word so we can get the country moving in the right direction..and when I say right I mean RIght!


Anonymous said...

Alan Keyes is a JESUIT, pure and simple, he openly Advocates Abolishment of the 14th Amendment which gives Blacks the Right to Vote.

Alan Keys is a pawn and a member of the Jesuit High Priests Council. This man is an Abomination to God and Christ Jesus will bestow HIS judgement upon him when every knee is bowing and every tongue is confessing that Jesus is the Christ, The One True King and Son of God.

Alan Keyes is a puppet and figurehead so that the Jesuits can look like they are politically correct.

Anonymous said...

I have pasted the mission of the Jesuits below:

"The Jesuits, by their very calling, by the very essence of their institution, are bound to seek, by every means, right or wrong, the destruction of Protestantism. This is the condition of their existence, the duty they must fulfill, or cease to be Jesuits." [Footprints of the Jesuits, R. W. Thompson, 1894]

Read and research throughout your history and you will find that the Jesuits have been ousted in nearly every government that they have entered because they are diabolical and absolutist, they are also Aethist and they work against the True Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I also wrote the other comment as anonymous.