Friday, June 13, 2008

Who Is Bridget Gabriel And Why Should You Already Know Her Name!?!

Bridget Gabriel

Quite possibly The most important Lebanese Christian alive today! She has a perspective of Mid East turmoil I hope none of us ever experience. Her bravery and smart approach to debunking myths of "The Religion Of Peace." Watch her at work and when you chin drops, wonder why you dont come to this page more often.


gto7 said...

I hope you guys consider joining the fastest growing grassroots organization that is fighting islamonazis who want to take over our homeland!

We need chapter leaders in every county of America. Go to and become a chapter leader!

Anonymous said...

Simply hilarious! sounds more like IslamObashing. And isn't only natural that a CHRISTIAN would take a stand? Hmmm sounds like a hidden agenda to me,

Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern:

I am only glad that you take time out of your own personal lives to keep people informed in what you are learning. It is truly amazing to me that some (most) do not see this. Our lives are very busy and filled to the top. To take the time to inform-God Bless You. Let you all know you are in the depths of our hearts with prayers to protect you and keep you safe to keep us also informed. Thank you from Christian lovers of Israel and Jerusalem and the Jewish people!!!

Anonymous said...
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