Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hypocrisy-Democrats vs Republicans When Racism is Afoot

The past 25 years have been a roller coaster ride when pertaining to the general public view on sentiment. I have seen shows come and go from Phil Donahue, boring by today's standard trash with Springer and Oprah. I have seen the Morton Downey Show with the podium "THE BIG MOUTH." A show way ahead of its time that could easily hold its own today. Race has been an issue which has transcended the history of the US since conception. Today we see Race being played out in the 2008 election and even sexism all by the same party. But how has the political landscape changed and has it really.
The Obama campaign has already prepared a speech for the unlikelihood that Clinton trumps him for the official nomination in the Primary. He will claim racism and the party will have to deal with the possibility of splitting the base constituents. If he gets the nomination, she can claim sexism, which will stir up the feminist base but not to the point of break up. And we all know that McCain is heading the Republicans but without Huckabee, he will get the votes with the voters holding their nose when they pick him on election day.
Taking the example of the past and present, which party tolerates racism and which rids itself of garbage like the KKK and the Black Panthers. Well, David Duke was a racist and a Republican. He was in the limelight putting his career at risk when this came out. Not by the voting base that got him to where he was, but by the party base. The party saw the public response to his past and rightfully took measures to finish his career quickly. The Republicans showed no tolerance towards white racism.
Liberals pride themselves on showing minority tolerance. Yet, does the party tolerate racists. Actually, the answer is a resounding, deafening YES! The party has so many racists in the forefront its impossible to see otherwise. Al Sharpton encouraged riots in NYC in Harlem. He called for the death of a jewish driver in Crown Heights when he accidently killed a black child. He called for retribution when white police were accused of multiple heinous crimes against T'wana Brawly. Later it was discovered she lied about everything! Another prominent leader was Louis Farrakhan. This Muslim black leader relentlessly called Jews names not heard since the time of the Nazis. He has a solid record of racist antisemitic remarks that have actually helped his notariety around the world. Finally, Jesse Jackson has said mainly painful remarks but the most famous was calling NYC a slang term for Jew.
The hypocrisy of the liberal tolerance towards bigotry and hatred in their party has been a travesty of justice to the groups insulted. The dismissal of any individual in the Republicans can be appreciated by any small amount of research done. When a liberal says he doesnt tolerate any intolerance, tell him thanks for being a Republican..

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