Friday, May 16, 2008

Dumb College Kids

As the adage goes, 99% of liberals give the rest a bad name. Ok, so it's a little exaggerated. But you get my point. And I'm talking mostly about dumb college kids these days. Liberals. Yes, they're mostly liberal. Let's take a look at some recent examples that involved attacks on high profile speakers. Who knows how many attacks take place that aren't reported.

Oct 04, U of Arizona, dumb college kids run onto the stage and throw pies at Anne Coulter. They called themselves Al Pieda, not very funny. What's worse, they miss from like 2 yards away. Link.

Mar 05, Earlham College, a dumb college kid slams an ice cream pie in Bill Kristol's face. Link.

Mar 05, Western Michigan U, a dumb college kid douses Pat Buchanan with salad dressing. Link.

Apr 05, Butler U, several dumb college kids pie David Horowitz, who was speaking about academic freedom. Go figure. Link.

Sometime after Apr 05, Purdue U, a dumb college kid streaks and interrupts Horowitz speech. Link.

Nov 06, Ball State U, Horowitz pied again by a dumb college kids. Link.

Nov. 07, U of Florida, dumb college kids jump onto the stage in orange jumpsuits and black hoods and assaults former AG Alberto Gonzales. Link.

Apr 08, Brown U, a couple dumb college kids pie Thomas Friedman. Link.

What is the common thread to all this buffoonery? They are all liberal. What is wrong with college kids these days? Or have they always been like this? I guess the more appropriate question is what is wrong with liberals? Is Michael Savage right when he says liberalism is a mental disease? I pooh poohed the idea at first but now I'm beginning to wonder.

It seems this is a symptom of the me, myself, and I generation where people don't know how to engage in civil discussion. Who needs discussion when you can throw a pie? Without intellectual honesty and academic freedom, college kids are presented with a one-sided story. They build their beliefs and values upon this shaky structure. When they graduate and enter the real world, their fundamental belief structure is challenged. They know not what to do. They panic. It's like their whole outlook on life comes crumbling down.

I know this from personal experience. I was in a debate once regarding a panoply of issues with a Swarthmore graduate, bed-wetting liberal. The incident came after I had pretty much demolished her in the economic policy debate. (She bemoaned how the unemployment rate was 4.5%. Couldn't ask for a better opponent). I was making my foray about how studies suggest women are predisposed to be better caretakers of children. As evidence I presented a study that showed women who sleep in the same bed as their infant child will wake at the slightest brush-up with the child, as opposed to men, who, 7 out of 10 times, would roll right over and smother the child. My opponent was livid. She stood up, looked over at me as if she had enough, and screamed, "You are a f___ing pig! You are what is wrong with this country!" Fuming, she stormed out of the room.

Sometimes, I think liberals should forget about dialogue altogether and just be jolly tending to their rabbits.

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