Tuesday, May 27, 2008

How Will Oil Change The Current Election-Bush=Oil Rucking Fidiculous

The price of oil is starting to become a world wide problem. But the election is on the mind of the Arab world. They have one redeeming quality I admire, and I mean ONLY 1=patience!! They look at the US as the only frontier left to actively pursue in turning the planet against Israel. It took the last 50 years but the accomplishment of the Islamic Revolution is the fastest movement in modern history to conquer everything. The last stage is upon us and there are no signs of it slowing down. They saw the formation of the State of Israel. They felt compelled to destroy it but took the resilience of the Jewish people too lightly. Therefore, they were defeated time and time again. The Arab world needed a deliberate attempt, a well orchestrated plan to turn the tide by some other means than military strength. The movement would take radical thinking to push forward against Israel and win. But what was needed? And then....the fall of the Shah of Iran. Overtaking Iran would allow the Islamic revolution to gain muster with the masses by 1)strict Sharia law implementation, 2) by upstaging the US and embarassing us for the next few years with hostages. The backing of Afghan rebells by the US actually emboldened the Muslims by supplying them with training and weapons. This, in turn, allowed them to upstage the Russian superpower. In only a few short years they had accomplished total control over Iran, embarassing the 2 superpowers, and by manipulating the world with OPEC, and gaining power in the offices of the UN, the plan to take over the world was starting to take place.
Sure, small skirmishes were in the limelight from time to time, but the push to go nuclear was always the great equalizer. The next step would be to start a population boom which will allow them to take on the populace of the next "superpowers" of India and China. But how? The oil rich countries pleaded poverty in the UN and the TV world stage. Assistance from the civilized world subsidized the impoverished peoples while the monies from oil were used to support terrorism around the world. The small scale hard to trace movements of small multicell groups allowed the governments who backed this to plea ignorance to the issue.
Once populations were large enough to push out beyond the borders of the Muslim states, they infiltrated the closest obstacle=Europe. Like a parasite, the countries must be conquered from within in order to change their policies abroad. The military might can never be defeated on the battlefield, as learned thru the skirmishes over the years. If the armies were made up of their own, there would be no army to conquer. Europe is now under seige with militants quickly taking over the land, city by city. Now deemed Muslim lands, the next front is the land across the pond=the US
The terrorists home grown out of the radical hippie sixties movements together with the growing radical Left and Muslim communities in the US made stange bedfollows. Working in league with one another on separate agendas, synergistically, they
managed to manipulate the legal system (like the learned tactics used in Europe) and portray a legit looking liberal movement.
Now, the OPEC organization will besiege the US by raising oil prices (a tactic learned from the 70's) to the point that economically we will be at their mercy. Patiently waiting for a Muslim leader to emerge on the forefront of the Democratic ticket, it was only a matter of time before one would run for president. Louis Farrakan had shown that radical old thinking would never win over the general populace. An intelligent sounding person with charisma and charm would be able to express himself without violating Islamic tradition and still be able to win over the general populace. The US still believes it can police the world strictly thru military domination. This is not true because we did not learn from the 60's that long drawn out war turns peoples stomach and support will wither. So.....the price of oil is now used by OPEC to break support for the Republicans. Bush doesnt make money from oil prices set by OPEC!! OPEC makes the price! The price of oil is up creating a bitter atmosphere for the Right. The higher the price, the more support for Obama!!
So to the Left who say Bush is Oil I say Bullshit!

And once populations grow here, China and India are next.......and they are becoming addicted to oil at the fastest rate in history!

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