Thursday, May 29, 2008

OPEC=Arab terrorist collaboration Answer=Western Civilization Collaboration

I propose an organization to counter the Islamic terror that is loosely connected. The terror cells work partly independently and partly under the guise of Islamic Revolution aka Khilafah. Whether one calls each individual group a different name or not really makes no difference. A group effort by the countries that fight this movement needs to be initiated immediately. Israel, India, Singapore, the United States and others that meet the challenge daily are the only "true allies" with which we can count on. I encourage readers of this blog to help collaborate the effort and read pages that already ring this message aloud.

The WEBSITE to see is......
THAT 2 U'S!! THE ARTICLE ON OPRAH IS A MUST READ! THE ARTICLE ABOUT THE TRAIN BOMB A FEW YEARS BACK IS A MUST! THE PBS SPECIAL ON IT WAS SO SLANTED I ALMOST called my local station to complain. I hope everyone tells the webmaster of the page I sent you there. We need are Hindu brothers to join the fight against terror..Israel, Kashmir, Sudan..Stop them in their tracks!

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