Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Presidente Carter Commits Treason Against The US and The West!?!

The former President has committed a vile crime: treason! That's right! He divulged information to the Arabic world about Israel's capacity to retaliate against the Arabs in an all out war. The classified information was publicly announced by Carter to clear the air on the question of Israel's nuclear capacity and why the other countries should be allowed (?) to do the same. The mutually assured destruction policy of the US and Russia from the Cold War era seems to be the standard for his influence in Peace negotiations in the Middle East.
The Arab countries routinely threaten to destroy Israel the instant they get their hands on a nuclear device. Israel has had weapons for years without using or threatening to use them. The Israelis only purpose having them is to ensure their own security. On the otherhand, the Arab countries have actually used chemical weapons before, like Iraq on the Kurds in the late 80s. Pakistan has had weapons for years but never using them, but the ominous situation in Kashmir never keeps it from the forefront of possibilities. Also, the small amount of land Israel has can easily be overrun by the Arab armies surrounding her. Israel cannot overrun any neighboring countries because the population of Israel is so small. The Arab armies have multiple times attacked Israel, showing no regard for its soverreignty. Meanwhile, Israel has not attempted to invade her neighbors preemptively without provocation. And most importantly, Carter displays little knowledge about the purpose of the nuclear arsenal Israel has by his treasonous outbursts. The reason Israel has nuclear weopons is to commit suicide on its own soil by blowing themselves up. This will take as many Arabs with them when they enter . Like in the Bible, like in Masada, the Jews would rather die honorably than to become sheep lead to slaughter as in the Holocaust.
It would be hypocritical for me to take sides in an election year. Yet, Bill O' Reily and I hate to allow spin doctors to take control. If a Republican had compromised Israel's security with such disregard, the papers would be ablaze with criticism. Carter will be praise in the Left Wing media for his unorthodox approach to the unresolved Peace Process. Carter never should have been privy to this kind of information. He fucked up policy negotiations with Iran 30 years ago and he still shows he has no conception of how the Middle East works today, either.

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