Thursday, May 15, 2008

Cover Up Of Weapons Of Mass Destruction In Iraq?

I find the average citizen, aka John Q Public, is keenly informed about the news world wide.  Yet the "intelligent" citizen mindlessly believes rhetoric spilled out by the left or right and believes whatever side their inclined to favor.  Putting the puzzle of the past events in perspective with the present day chaos and the picture is really neither left or right.  
     Iraq definitely had weapons of mass destruction.  DEFINITELY!  Proof!?!  In 1981, the Israeli intelligence gathered enough information on the Iraqi nuclear plant being built just outside Baghdad to warrant risking a suicide mission to destroy it.  Iraq would never take the time, money, or manpower including international condemnation by the UN to build such a facility without the capacity to run it.  Tension was high between Iran and Iraq.  Funds were needed to protect its border.  If Iraq was weeks away from running the French built plant, why would the material be anywhere except Iraq.  
     Where is the material now?  Iraq and Syria are run by the same political party.  Multiple vehicles were caught by surveillance satellites leaving Iraqi facilities prior to inspection on multiple occasions.  The material was sent to Syria until everything blew over.  And when Israel had information showing that Syria was about as far as Iraq was in completing their nuclear facility, again the initiative was taken to stop it.  Syria must have the material to run the plant or they never would have committed the funds for it.  
     The Iranians are next?  Well, they are at least openly admitting about their intentions to build the plant.  

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