Friday, May 16, 2008

Jewish Task Force=Jewish. Pissed. Just Plain Chutzpah!

I have been an avid follower, supporter, and virtually infatuated with the pervasive style of Chaim Ben Pesach.  He is the current front man for the JDL of old.  When it had virtue!  When it was viewed with respect!  The group was well known in the 70's and 80's due to the no holds bar rantings of Rabbi Meir Kahane. THE....Meir  Kahane!  The Rabbi that debated the liberal establishment until they cried mercy.  And when he came to my area to speak, everybody, and I mean everybody, went to see his lecture.  His charismatic persona grabbed your attention (and the media's) and made the jews in the audience feel emboldened and proud like never before.  The whinning self insulting, self pity images created by the likes of Woody Allen, Jerry Lewis, and Barbara Streisand were left behind.  I did not see him that day.  But I have a collection of articles on him that would make any obscessed fanatic proud.  My very good collegue gave me Kahane's first book SIGNED by Kahane himself.  I will cherish it and forever be indebted to him for this gift.  The web page is currently geared up solely for the purpose of destroying Obama's campaign.  I wish them good luck and offer any help from the writers on this page.  We are available for the asking.  When the page goes back to its original format, the unique writing style of the group and their incredible plethora of information available nowhere else but there can be enjoyed again.  

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