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I have added a new link I have been aware of for sometime. The author of the web page I met before and he gave me a booklet that was given out to Likud Party supporters. The web link provides indepth information on what is happening in Israel and how the Right get the word out. When left to the traditinal newspapers, all provide a Left spin which is not to be found in these pages.I am posting the description from their page as they present it. I apologize in advance if it is copyright material.

The non - profit organization "Gamla shall not fall again", was founded in December 1994, during the hunger strike of the members of the Golan Citizens Committee, which took place close to the remains of the ancient capital of the Golan - Gamla. (see below)

Goals of the organization: to teach the importance of the Golan, Judea, Samaria and the Gaza strip, for the survival of the Israeli nation in the Land of Israel.

Since its foundation and today "Gamla Shall Not Fall Again" is in the forefront of the battle for the land of Israel, organizes activities, participates in demonstrations, and publishes articles, posters and stickers for that cause. Most of its activities are coordinated and joined with other grassroots organizations of the national camp.

The organization functions as an "Ideological watchdog", not fearing to confront even the National camp governments or parties.

Since the war started with the Palestinians (in Sept. 2000), we are doing our outmost to support the settlements.

The organization has a powerful website with tens of thousands visitors. A weekly talk show on Arutz 7 by two of its leaders:

Adv. Elyakim Haetzni on Monday 11am.
Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem on Tuesday 10am.


[late] Lt.Colonel Shlomo Baum
Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem
Adv. Elyakim Haetzni

We have now thousands of followers and supporters all over Israel and abroad.

The organizations' executives are all volunteers. However the cost of activities and production of explanatory materials is high. Any contribution to these efforts is welcomed.

Leading committee members:

Colonel (ret.) Moshe Leshem, president. Lives in Givon HaHadasha
Adv. Elyakim Haetzni - lives in Kiryat Arba
Colonel (ret.) Gadi Dor - lives in Kibutz Sede Elyahu
Haim Ganiram - lives in Ramat Magshimim, Golan
Edi Lehavi - lives in Kinneret
Elisheva Ginsborg, secretary. Lives in Alon Shvot

Office address: Harehavim 3, Talpiot, Jerusalem
Tel: 972-2- 6792343
Fax: 972-2-6792157

Contributions can be sent to the above address

Gamla and Jeruslem

Gamla was established in the year 81 BCE, by the Hashmonai king Alexander Yanai. Gamla was the capital of the Jewish Golan for approximately 150 years.

The city was built on a steep slope of a mountain that had the shape of a camel (in Hebrew - "Gamal") and so the city derived its name. In 66 CE, during the revolt against the Roman empire, Gamla joined the revolt and fought bravely in two battles and a siege which lasted one month.

The fighters at Gamla, outnumbered, defended their city and were forced to retreat to the citadel on top of the cliff. 4000 Jewish fighter were killed in the battle and another 5000 were killed jumping from the cliff. Only two women survived. Josephus Flavious described the events in great detail in his book "the war of the Jews against the Romans".

In the archeological excavations a few unique bronze coins were found on which is written in ancient Hebrew "to the redemption of Jerusalem". This finding of the coins, proves the strong ties between the two cities, and the strong belief and motivation of the Gamla defenders who truly believed that their battle is part of the battle for the defense of the Holy City, Jerusalem, and that their battle may save Jerusalem.

In 67 CE Gamla fell.

In 1967 in the "Six Day War" the Golan Heights were liberated. As then, also today - with one difference - Gamla Shall Not Fall Again!

Abba Eban the Ultra-Left wing activist called the 1967 borders Aushwitz lines. In England, the school system just announced that teaching about "The Holocaust" is racist against Muslims!?! A soldier in Iraq used a Koran as target practice and nearly started a riot. The US Army had a ceremony officially apologizing for the incident but "The Holocaust" is racist against Muslims!?! Support Gamla! NOW!

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