Wednesday, May 21, 2008

"Moonbats Hatin' John Yoo"

So apparently during Boalt Hall's graduation ceremonies couple days ago (click here for some hilarious pictures), a diverse group of moonbats came out to screech and holler at John Yoo, an American of Korean descent, law professor at Boalt (Berkeley Law School), and most importantly, one of the original authors of the USA PATRIOT Act. Oh, and he also wrote the famous, or infamous (to the moonbats), torture memos.

You gotta love the diversity though: communists, socialists, and hippies young and old. Now, if I was a typical Berkeley liberal (priesthood status in the temple of Moonbats), I would use the race card and play victim. I'd bitch about how all these freaks that showed up for the protest were racist and anti-Korean! But now that'd be silly. I'm actually really proud of this guy. I mean, from the number of protesters that I see in the pictures, he's obviously a very inspiring person. He even has a website devoted solely to him ( Now that's an honor.

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