Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Eric "Jackass" Massa Pulls Back On Democratic Gangster Tactics


Last night Glenn Beck decided to host his show with the flamboyant former Sen Eric "Jackass" Massa. Massa, disgruntled and a little disoriented, has been firing off his mouth about the threatening tactics of the Democratic elite. He pointed out how Rham ( aka Rommel) Emmanuel has been cornering him in the shower, apparently bringing new meaning to the word manhandle. The reference to "pointing his finger at me" may have been a metaphor for pointing something else when one looks at the "sense of humor" this fool showed on the Glenn Beck Show last night.

The next peculiar behavior displayed by this "jackass" is the gay question. Larry King had him as a guest. He never answered the question definitively except for " I answered that question 3 times already." He admitted to groping another male which a straight man would never ever do. I am getting flashbacks of Blogavich when I hear him say he is not going away.

I never realized that tickling another man was capable of stopping someone. Maybe it should be taught to FBI and Police as a nonviolent riot control tactic. And Sen Jackass Massa, blackbelt of the tickle martial arts form, should have used this technique in the shower when he was cornered by Rham.

Tickling? Behavior worthy of a Senator!?! RUCKING FIDICULOUS

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