Thursday, March 11, 2010


The Conservative leagues and the Democratic Liberal Left are "in bed together?!" Yep. They are finally in agreement with what will take place and it doesn't seem to be resonating in the ears of Conservatives correctly. The Conservative Right has a position where the Democrats appear to be willing to commit Hari Kari and lose their seat in an effort to further their agenda of health care reform in a bill the likes of which have never been seen. The Liberal Left are attempting to look arguably golden because they appear to be willing to go to lengths never before seen by any politician to pass a bill which will help the most impoverished masses. A philanthropic hue is a hard front to wage political war against and not look cruel. So what is the reason or reasons?

The Tea Party people have been steadfast against the Left with many good measures taken with pamphlets and rallies all across the country. The radio Right, like Mark Levin, have taken the reins and run with a plethora of information and interviews which bring forth ideas the general public haven't the time to discern for themselves. I believe the reason(s) for political Hari Kari on the part of the Left is not being discussed at all. Why is that?

The reasons for this are two fold. Firstly, the seat in jeopardy being vacated by the Democrat who votes yes on the controversial Bill or Bills will need to be replaced. The Democrats strategy is to refill the position with another Democrat and the exiting politician will later be appointed to a consultant position for the incoming seat (his or her experience gives cause or legitimacy to the appointment).

The Democrats second reason is intertwined in the illegal immigration crisis. The Left will pass a vote between now and the coming election which will legalize the illegals in the country. This new electorate constituency will vote strictly Left salvaging the seats I discussed above. Also, this base will reelect the President for a second term. This will allow the Left to maintain a stranglehold for four more years.

I hope the Political Right takes seriously the next 9 months of legislation and vividly draw a picture and take action to diminish any possibility of this taking place. The legalization of the illegal populace will change the country into a prosocialistic majority indefinitely. America is following the same path Russia did in pursuing its own path down to destruction. The world never pictured the fall of Communism and the Russian Empire. The world never could have predicted that the West would also fall and all taking place within 20 years. Both superpowers! Let's stop and focus on not only what is taking place but include what the consequences are for the circumstances taking place acutely. Then the counter measures we take will have some bite.

Rucking Fidiculous!!

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Anonymous said...

Da Dums are willing to lose their seats because their ass has already been sold to Nazi Pillosi.