Monday, March 22, 2010

The Rebuilding Of The Hurva Synagogue In Jerusalem

While Israelis and Palestinians (I mean nomadic Arabs) argue over who has a right to Jerusalem as its capital, the Jews may have a compelling landmark. Their synagogue is standing and rebuilt in all its glory in the heart of the city. It's been there for 300 years. It's not a mosque! It has been destroyed by foreign conquerers of Arab descent every single time captured.

Wall Street Journal

"We permit believers of other faiths to conserve their places of worship. We proudly protect our heritage, while at the same time allowing others freedom of religion," Benjamin Netanyahu said. He added it brings a message of coexistence. It is too bad it falls on deaf ears.

How did the Arabs react when such a message was spoken to them of coexistence? The synagogue's reopening is a "declaration of war, a call for a "Day of Rage."
They refer to the area as "occupied" , which is a total lie. The structure has been in Jewish hands since the late 1600's.

Head of al-Quds international institution, "Dr" Ahmed Halabiya, warned the opening of the Hurva synagogue was part of an Israeli plan "to build a Jewish temple on al-Aqsa ruins." According to Wikipedia, the site has been in Jewish hands since 700 BCE!!

The site is not controversial. The site is glorious in its history and purpose. I plan on visiting this site in the near future when I return. If intolerance and violence is how the Muslims react whenever anything takes place in Jerusalem, the sooner it is completely in Jewish hands, the better. Ask yourself if you will disregard historical evidence, or buy the rhetoric your Left Wing educators and leaders falsely brainwash you with.

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