Sunday, March 21, 2010

House Kills Liberty And Freedom: Yes They Can

The passage of this Bill is the death of the American Dream. May G-d and our forefathers forgive us.

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The Republicans are interviewed on TV stating they voted against the Bill because we can't afford it, because the Bill is Unconstitutional, and because the American people didn't want it. The Dems say Republicans will be remembered by Americans that they didn't want all Americans covered and didn't care about them.

Really? Where was the transparency promised by the President if he had no fear that Americans weren't going to support it?

No lobby will infect the Bill? Tell that to SEIU and their special cadillac exception. All I saw is secrecy.

No Secret Deals??!!

Oh, this is how Bills are passed and run.

The Republicans didn't vote in a partisan manner: They listened to the people and REPRESENTED THEM!! Looks at the polls.


The Dems say that the Republicans voted against The People, they didn't want coverage for all Americans. That the citizens wanted this Bill. I DON'T THINK SO.....

Not in Augusta, MA

Not in St Paul, MN

Not according to this rally in DC

Not in IN

Or these people

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