Thursday, March 25, 2010

Possible Solution To Illegal Immigrant Cost

How come we tolerate this kind of travesty is being done to the US?

We need to consider not taxing the US Citizen. Where can the costs be accounted for? Any person from another country that comes here and costs our country dollars should be taken care of in a humane manner. Eventually, deported to their home country with the expenses billed to their country. If you commit crime here, you go to jail here until time served. Then, your country of origin will fit the costs.

Healthcare Reform is a mistake the way the new bill addresses it. Treat people in hospitals and doctors offices appropriately, then bill their home country. It's their citizen, they should be charged.

This can be applied to every service used here, like education. The US should extend legal immigration passage only to those never breaking the laws here of any kind. Cooperation between all countries should include sharing of information on background checks.


trey cruz said...

Mr "Ethnocentric Semite"; You offer up some very intriguing and even admirable ideas.
The one weak spot I can think of is that, historically, virtually every nation that has owed money to the US has defaulted. The one way aroud it is if we deposit the illegals in another nation, not their own.
If the illegal is a Frenchman, issue a temporary diplomatic visa, ship him to Monrovia, Liberia; and leave him there.
Why should we waste the money to warehouse these raggedy assed gypsies in our prisons?
Ship 'em out to the worst of third world nations and let the natives use 'em for machete practice.
The few that make it home will convince the rest that sneaking into the US is a real bad idea.

El Sid said...

Mr. Cruz, forgive me if I'm wrong, but I imagine you speaking your comment out loud in a pronounced Latino lisp. Sarcasm is a second language to me so I'm right there with you. Actually, Gypsies and Frenchmen can stay; it's the muslims and gay immigrants that gotta go.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

Mr Cruz:

I am disappointed in your lack of understanding when it comes to the responsibility of a nation to its citizens. The responsibility of any government is to its own people and the legal individuals within its borders. People who are within the sovereign borders illegally have broken the law. They should be treated humanely but the responsibility of that person is to his own country, not ours. When your borders aren't used for their purpose, then the extension of what you feel is our government's responsibility will go beyond it. We cannot provide monies for every citizen of the planet.

Also, the dilemma of countries defaulting is a different matter. Countries can address the UN and seek help from the IMF which we participate with funds already.

If governments around the world cannot provide an economic basis for a job creation, should they send all their unemployed here?

I wonder if China will allow the US to default on our financial responsibility. We can become a Third World country and put China in a position to forgive our debt.

"the worst of third world nations": Care to elaborate?

Psyched4Blog said...

Interesting perspective to the immigration problem; I enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

i am so very glad to be reading some heated, passionate views.......that are not liberal,passive in nature......
this gives me hope in the future of our country. please remember to vote and educate your friends and family to do the same.
and please keep blogging!!!!!

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