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Jerusalem Pitches Goldstone Report as a Threat to U.S. Military and its Allies –

Jerusalem Pitches Goldstone Report as a Threat to U.S. Military and its Allies –

This report criticizes Israel for it's practices of engagement of terrorist cells in it's territories, which are Arab occupied Israel. This report was endorsed by well known Jew hater Hillary Clinton, the current Secretary of State( Secretary of Socialist States). While many argue her upcoming marriage of her homely looking daughter to a Jewish man may fuel perceptions to the contrary, this act really defines the liberal side of Jews willing to marry very ugly people.

In the report:

"As the report, sponsored by the United Nations, won a nonbinding vote of support in the U.N. General Assembly recently, pro-Israel figures were striving to marshal wider opposition to it by arguing that its potential targets range far beyond Israel.

This reasoning, which implies that America could be the next target for a Goldstone-like investigation, has been gaining traction in the United States and was recently endorsed by Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. Essentially, its advocates argue, countries such as the United States and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan, and even Russia, with military operations of its own, could be targeted as criminally culpable for civilian deaths under the legal standards used by Goldstone."

The report opens the book for applying the possible legal pretense to other countries fighting terror, like the US. Immediately it becomes obvious that this undermines any action taken by a government to enact justice and retaliate against an enemy without any collateral damage. The US would be found guilty for the work done in Iraq and Afghanistan. Absent is the notice of damnation against any group for their terrorist attacks. Where was the damnation by the UN for attacks against the US in Kenya and Tanzania, on the USS cole, etc. Where is the UN demand for action by the Human Rights Council and the threat of sanctions against any country harboring any of these groups.

Clinton loudly voiced her agreement to the UN and further opened her big fat mouth recently with regards to settlement construction in Jerusalem, the undivided capital of Israel. The Vice President, as typically standard procedure for the Democratic Party, first endorses all Israels right to exist and security. Next, the relentless criticism when Israel exercises her rights.

Another self hating Jew is Gary "Spareribs" Ackerman. This Democratic Congressman was quoted in the Forward Jewish newspaper about the report here.

"In Congress, New York Democrat Gary Ackerman, chairman of the House Subcommittee on the Middle East and South Asia, is one of those leading the new argument against the report. Ackerman stressed, in a February 25 Foreign Affairs Committee hearing with Clinton, “It’s not Israel that I raise the concern about.” He said he was worried about the implications of Goldstone’s report for the United States."

Israel received criticism when it took out a high ranking Hamas leader in Dubai. Even when one single person is killed , the call for international condemnation is echoed in the UN and elsewhere. How can any action take place when an individual precise killing receives equal condemnation as a full onslaught military maneuver.

see article here.

On "Spareribs" Ackerman, his own website has the following :

"Read an article on Congressman Ackerman's argument that the Goldstone Report is not just a threat to Israel, but also to the United States." He has yet to call for Biden or Hillary to retract their initial reactions nor has he denounced their reaction.

The fact is that Israel built at the time Biden was visiting because Israel is doing nothing wrong. Israel has the right to build anywhere within its borders. When she announced the beginning of construction, the fact that Biden was there had no bearing on the decision nor should it have. Waiting for Biden to leave, some say, would have been more appropriate because it impedes negotiations with Palestinian poiticians in regards to the Peace (war) Process. That is bullshit because waiting would imply guilt on Israel's behalf that building is wrong in Jerusalem.

The Prime Minister apologized, a la Obama style, for the controversy which arose. This returned the feeling of wrongdoing and guilt of Israel's act and should never have been allowed. Bibi had my admiration before this incident. Only time will provide an opportunity to him to salvage the respect of me and the Zionist Right which believe in Israeli sovereignty.

Oh, and why is Ackerman nicknamed spareribs? Because he was in a chinese restaurant years ago when a gun fight broke out. He was hiding under a table throughout the ordeal, still clinging to his lushious spareribs. He never skipped a beat when it came to eating, to the amazement of the Chinese Restaurant staff.

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