Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Al Sharpton, Jackson, and The Dishonorable Louis F Take Notice: Israel Provides Haitians Best Care

The pathetic attitude of the Left Liberal Black leaders of this country have one common denominator. This is the unjustified and unending hatred for Jews. As Jews, we are obligated to help our fellow man despite their feelings toward us. Israel is consistently vilified in the UN as the worst offender on the planet for Human Rights. Of course, the total opposite is true.
Is this true for other nations? No. The constant barrage of condemnation by nation after nation for violations by Israel is relentless. Careful attention is taken by Israel when they retaliate for attacks against them. This practice is absent when terrorists attack them. No scrutiny is long lasting by the press towards the Islamic terror which would provide appropriate coverage and not biased coverage as per common practice now. The terrorists attack the US and the West with the intent to kill everyone possible, including children. The Peace Movement and Pink do nothing to attack such practices. War must be addressed on all sides to get to a negotiated peaceful ends. Let's see these groups fly to a Muslim country and protest. Or protest in front of a Mosque in this one? I thought not!
Is Israel helping this country because their citizens are white? No. They are overwhelmingly Black. Did Israel help because Haiti is a Christian country? No, every religion is represented and Judaism is a minority for sure. Would Israel not provide help for an Islamic country? While any Islamic country would never consider providing help to Israel ever, for any reason, Israel does not reciprocate such actions. Israel offered help to every nation after the Tsunami disaster. Out of spite, the Islamic nations refused any help from Israel. Instead, they decided to BLAME Israel, claiming they set off a nuclear device under water intentionally to cause the wave.
MSNBC aka MS-LSD has never been a neutral media when reporting on Israel, finally got a news story right.

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To the Jew haters and critics of Israeli policy and for the college students who wear free palestine shirts, watch this and go to hell!


Online Degrees said...

Its great! nice to read it!

trey cruz said...

Yup, the best care to anyone living outside of Gaza, particularly when there is favourable propaganda to be made.
They provide "care" to the Palestinians too; it's just a different kind of "care"

Mark @ Israel said...

The way other countries look at Israel is unfair when Israel only wants to help. They really do not know what they are saying and doing against Israel. Anyway, time will come when the truth about what is really Israel will come out and prevail.

UnapologeticEthnoCentricSemite said...

Well, the care Palestinians get is the same as the Israelis get. I have been in a hospital in Israel, so I have seen this first hand. Also, the Israelis don't have a separate insurance for Arab citizens. In all Islamic countries, citizens non Muslim are second class in every aspect of life. I guess Trey forgot after the tsunami a few years back, the Isrealis offered help to all the countries affected and only the Muslim countries turned it down. If you want to see health care by Muslim countries, checkout the site truthtube.tv and watch how they deal with headaches.