Saturday, March 20, 2010

Center for American Progress: Communists extraordinaire

I just looked at the site for this organization. Every article written and every video is a flurry of typical socialist issues with which the Democratic party has embraced. The distorted disgusting message in this video is crazy:

Robert Kennedy also stated,"Dont ask what your country can do, but what can u do for your country." In this quote in the video, he is not taking about the socialistic aspect and action. The quote is about American Justice and Can-do attitude. American human rights abuses fills the minds of young viewers that we are guilty of such things when watching this crap.

The abuses flashing by are of Guantanamo Bay Abu Ghraib where the prisoners are guilty of far heinous crimes, where Halal meat
is given to them for religious purposes, where legal council is given after they shot at soldiers and may be responsible in part for American deaths. Time has shown we cater to our prisoners while they kill by decapitation or execution shot to the head in their culture. We use interrogation methods like water boarding for information to protect the right to live for others they wish to harm, torture and kill.

Our standing has fallen from grace? So what? We lead the world in a different direction towards democracy. They are on the cusp of embracing Socialism. When they come around, they will admire this country like never before.

In the coutries we are currently involved in, we try to maintain societal order which painfully requires a strong hand. Our soldiers are trained like no other to respect cultures we inhabit to the utmost. If someone is suspect, a tough stance must be understandably taken. If the cameras decide to show pictures in a dark light and in a disingenuous manner, then the abuses here are not the soldiers of the US but the cameraman themselves and the storyteller making the byline.

The video ended with a quote from Jimmy Carter. He is the most outspoken hater of Jews today. Embracing this hatred, he has
no place on the world stage. He never speaks of Palestinian rockets killing children in Israel. He has yet to speak of equal respect on both sides of the conflict in Israel.

Ignoring this video and looking at the next agenda that is raising its ugly head is immigration reform. If you look online, it has become the number one topic on search engines simply because the health care bill is won tomorrow. For talking points against the Liberal Left, look at this site as an indication of what direction the social fabric is taking next...and freaking fight it!

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