Saturday, March 20, 2010

When IT Passes...(Patriotism)

Doctors will be told where to live to spread out access to everyone. They will be forced to accept the government plan or get penalized. It will force doctors to do only covered procedures they approve. It will give no loophole for doctors to get sued because the government cannot be sued. Glenn Beck spoke about Walgreens and the soon capitalistic move to not accept medicaid due to losses on filling their prescriptions. If a chain that big cannot make prescriptions profitable, then it's hopeless.

If you readers feel these measures are in the best interests of the society as a whole, consider the extension of this policy. Your occupation will be necessary to certain communities in certain areas. The need will dictate the government to send you to an area not of your choosing for the betterment of society. Socialism sound good now.

Stop what your doing and go buy a copy of schoolhouse rock. The music and the cartoons are starting to look their age but the message is timeless. To the very young viewer, it may appear to be capitalistic propaganda. If you do think this, you have been thoroughly brainwashed washed to a point that your own liberty looks alien to you. Try to watch with an open mind.

School had a message for me when I attended. When I got up and recited the pledge, I felt proud. By the time I left high school, I noticed some questioning the purpose of reciting it every morning. I never questioned it before, feeling maybe I should. I stared at the flag in the front of class profoundly taking notice that it was always in the front of all my classes. My classes in American History and World History allowed me to make a clear decision with confidence. The symbols of this country are proudly displayed with pride knowing no other coutry in history ever had the society we have.

The world is growing smaller, more dangerous, and more subliminal in the path it may be destined to take. I own a flag which I proudly raise on the appropriate days. I long for Washington and Lincoln holidays. I own the Constitution, the ten commandments, the Bible and the Torah. I recently said the pledge at a meeting of the 9/12 group. I realized...I missed saying it. I really missed it!!

Why did I stop saying it? I starting thinking this administration made me long for these things more than ever before. I am going to do something starting tomorrow and, I AM GOING TO DO IT OUTSIDE IN FRONT OF MY NEIGHBORS:

I am saying the pledge everyday from this day forth! G-d Bless America! And I hope you do too.

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