Thursday, March 25, 2010

This Is Senator Johnson of Texas Day! Here He Exposes His CoAuthored Fix To Democrats Secret Deals

Congressman Sam Johnson coauthors last-minute amendments in an effort to rid the Democrats’ healthcare bill of its most destructive provisions

Washington, Mar 21 -

Thousands of Americans traveled to Washington, DC this weekend to express frustration with the Democrats’ government-takeover of healthcare that spends over $2 trillion, raises taxes by $569 billion, cuts Medicare by more than $500 billion and increases health insurance premiums. Unfortunately, the Democrats seem content to ram their bill through Congress during a special Sunday session against the will of the American people.
In a last minute effort to try to strip the legislation of its most shameful and destructive provisions, Congressman Johnson backed several amendments in the Rules Committee. Democrats thwarted any improvements to the bill.
Below is a list of the amendments Congressman Johnson coauthored for the Rules Committee:

Protecting the sanctity of life
An amendment to prohibit abortions from being included in the “essential benefits package.” Taxpayer-funded abortion is NOT healthcare.
Protecting the American Taxpayer

2. An amendment requiring individuals seeking taxpayer subsidized health coverage provide photo identification. This provision would ensure that taxpayer dollars do not go to health coverage for illegal immigrants.

3. An amendment that strikes the provision that exempts illegal immigrants from paying the new fine levied on any individual who doesn’t have government-approved health coverage.

Eliminating Shady Deals and Backroom Bargains

4. An amendment to remove the provision which provides $300 million in extra funds to Louisiana’s Medicaid program, a sweetheart deal dubbed the “Louisiana Purchase.”

5. An amendment to remove the provision which provides $100 million in funds for a healthcare facility that would aid only those residing in Connecticut. A provision inserted in the Senate health reform bill at the request of Democrat Senator Chris Dodd.

6. An amendment to remove the “Fargo Freebie” which generously provides higher Medicare payments to hospitals and doctors in “frontier counties,” specifically to benefit North Dakota. A provision inserted in the Senate health reform bill at the request of Democrat Senators Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan.

7. An amendment that would strike the provision that threatens the livelihood of these award-winning healthcare facilities in Texas and all across the country.

Physician owned hospitals employ 23,000 people on a $1billon dollar payroll and pay nearly $250 million in annual taxes—in Texas alone. But the Democrats want to eliminate these types of hospitals even though they provide top-notch care more efficiently and effectively than many of their competitors.

8. An amendment that would allow States to opt out of provisions of the bill that mandate insurance coverage or mandate employer-provided insurance coverage, and well as any other provisions that interfere with the ability of patients to privately contract with medical providers and insurers under the laws of the State.

States like Idaho and Virginia have already passed State laws that declare “Thanks, but no thanks” to government-controlled healthcare.


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