Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Welcome To United States of Venezula

The United States government was outraged about Hugo Chavez declaring state takeover of the country's oil infrastructure. My question to Bush is," why did our government commit the same act Hugo Chavez did?" Bush and Congress have taken over the banking industry. And we have done this before. During the Savings and Loan debacle. When frivalous earmarks pork up emergent bills and show borderline criminal activity of lobbyist interest in stealing tax payer monies, our credibility and prestigous leadership position becomes irrevocably damaged, leaving a picture of shame and corruption the odious tyrants and dictators can use for propaganda purposes.

Now we stand at the juncture of implementing the proposed policies of Obama provided he wins in 2 weeks. He is admittedly pro-big government and for redistributing of capital or "share the wealth." When you go to the polls to vote, ask yourself if hard work and getting ahead should be rewarded or punished? Ask yourself if this policy encourages hard work and reward or does it stop the motivation and innovation. Has it already done so?

Hugo Chavez Takes Over American Oil Companies
Chavez to Take Over Venezuela's 3rd Largest Bank

Hugo Chavez takes over major telecom and power companies in Venezuela — the consequences of an ignorant population

Hugo Chavez Takes Over American Oil Companies

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