Wednesday, October 22, 2008


In this next video a Muslim leader Daffy Qaddafi is not only saying Obama is a Muslim, but that Muslim leaders have financed his campaign!! Admitting this is a major news story. Can you imagine if any of these horrible people sent 1 nickel to Bush or McCain!! Take a look!

Furthermore, he says that Obama's position in ME conflict issues should approach the Iranian nuclear issue with a possible trade off. The trade-Israeli dismantling of the Dimona nuclear plant and the stoppage of Iranian aspiration of nuclear tech in exchange. This would leave Israel defenseless in an all out assault from the surrounding countries. The carrot on the stick to the Israelis initially would be Jerusalem as the recognized capital (temporarily). WOW!! The whole plan laid out in front of everyone. The stupid fucking Jews in this country would pass out from excitement. Every Left wing nut job would need Ritalin to control the shaking from the Ecstasy they would be feeling.
Qaddafi then explained the assassination of Kennedy as a tactic by Israeli undercover agents. This was used to suspend the inquiry by Kennedy's administration into the nuclear ability of the Israelis. The Obama solution has never been pursued. Why?

Apparently Obama is even convinced!

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